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Vidéo magazine américain.
Editors: Jared Harrelson (1), Barry Page (, Todd Seligman (7.8)
Cameras: Barry Page(, Shawn Burnham (1.2), Aaron Cooke (3), Jimmy Levan (4), Todd Seligman (7.8), Nathan Strieby (6.7), Dave Mavro (7.8), Walter Pieringer(7), Cotton(8)
www.videoxsports.com: Transit was born out of a deep, burning passion to ride a bmx bike. This passion has evolved into a desire to display others riding their bikes and is being fueled by technology and the enormous surge of talent by the riders. By fusing riding and video with editiorial content, this video magazine can be viewed in a series of 6 bi-monthly issues each year. Viewers enjoy interesting perspectives delivered by riders as they creatively express their thoughts on their bikes. Transit is by riders, for riders.
Random: Strieby Compound; Terrain: Indiana, New Jersey, and New York.
Competition: CFB-Raleigh, North Carolina may 2000
X-Trials-Louisville apr00, Kentucky and Nashville june 2000, Tennessee
UPG Roots Jam-Orlando, Florida
CFB Finals-Woodward, Pennsylvania july 2000
NBL National-Evansville Indiana
Step by step: Flatland Moves by Shawn Burnham
Uprising: Logan Collins
Terrain: Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee
Cover: Stephen Cerra, Cameron Birdwell, Lance Mosley, Mat Hoffman
Random: Seth Kimbrough and Corey Martinez ;
Terrain: Mission Valley YMCA, Front Yard Trials, and 615 Trails ;
Competition: NBL Grand National, King of Dirt (Ponoma), Vans' Triple Crown, and AFL in Ohio ;
and more.
James Ayres, www.bmxonline: It doesn't have the quality filming or editing that Props does, and some of the music and interviews tend to run a little long, but you can always hit the fast forward button on the parts you're not into. The thing that I liked about this video was that it had a lot of variety. Besides watching Seth Kimbrough (Hoffman) and Corey Martinez (Standard) kill it on ramp and street, you get to watch contest footage from the Panasonic King of Dirt contest in Pomona, California, plus some good race coverage from both the NBL Grands in Louisville, Kentucky and the Vans Triple Crown finals in Wrightwood, California. I'm not saying it's all spectacular footage, but it's entertaining, and it will give you an idea of how the event was. 2
Cover: Corey Martinez
Random: Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Georgia ;
Competition: Invert and 2 Hip-Meet the Street ;
Step-By-Step: Bar Spins with Seth Kimbrough ;
Perspectives: Jimmy Levan.
Cover: Jimmy Levan
In this issue, Random features Chris Duncan and Stephen Murray ;
Terrain section features Florida and California ;
The Competition section features NBL - Ohio, ABA - Tennessee, and CFB - Florida ;
News and Product are featured in the Propaganda Section.
Cover: Stephen Murray
Terrain:Florida, Kentucky
Random:Mark Gonzalez
Roadtrip:Butcher Kowalski, Troy McMurray, Jimmy Levan
Competition:CFB Kona, UGP Roots, DK Dirt Circuit Florida
Step-By-Step:Lance Mosley
Cover: Butcher Kowalski, Troy McMurray, Jimmy Levan
Blowin up (Adam Strieby Flipwhip in Motion)

UCI worlds and the Vans triple crown as well as the CFB finals with additional footage from Florida and Indiana.

Florida, Indiana

SUPRA X (Redline Cycles)
Cover: Ben Snowden
Road trip: Sombra Style
Perspectives: Mike Ardelean
Random: DMC
Competition: Vans Triple Crown Finals, Gravity Games
Terrain: Houston, Vegas

Riders: Mike Ardelean, Ratboy, Adam Strieby, Stephen Murray, Ryan Nyquist, Todd Walkowiak, TJ Lavin, Whitesnake, Chris Duncan, Chad Kagy, Rob Nolli, Tom Haugen, Jamie Bestwick, Dennis McCoy, Chris Doyle, Mike Aitken, Dave Taylor, Mark Gonzalez, Smoker Dave, Colin Mackay...
Joey Cobbs, Ride BMX US august 2002: The guys at Transit are progressing with each video they put out. This is the newest issue, entitled number 'Lucky 7', and it's a good change of pace from the last issue. The filming quality is a whole lot cleaner than before. There are a few questionable filming techniques due to low light situations, but nothing horrible. The editing in this video is also nice and clean, and there are no real cheesy things going on. However, I've noticed that the guys at Transit are developing a pattern: with each new issue they drop something bad from their last one, but they always seem to pick up something else. The last issue had too many contests, so this issue features a road trip, contests, an interview, and a acene report. But in this issue, I noticed that every SO often they use footage that has previously been used in other videos. That aside, this video is detinitely worth watching, and the way things have been going, the next issue will be even better. transit 7 ardelean
Cover: Mike Ardelean
Issue 8 covers the Roots Jam, Merrit Island and has interviews with Ben Snowden, Joey Cobbs and Mike Parenti. 8
Cover: Mike Parenti