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1995 Trek acquires Bontrager.
1996 Ryan Nyquist is sponsored by Bontrager.
Ryan: They're just a bunch of totally cool guys, they just wanted to get into BMX, and they saw me and Butthead in the Sick videos and wanted to hook us up, and ever since then everything's been going the right way. They've been getting ideas from us, and just totally putting the bikes together the way they should be, real strong and sturdy.

Ride BMX UK october 1996:
BONTRAGER, a MTB company, is now making BMX bikes. Their bikes are tricker than the average bike, as they have apparently spent two years developing the range with the NorCal riders testing the prototypes. There will also be a Bontrager jumping bike, which although is lighter than other jumping bikes, claims to hold up to the task.
Bontrager team
Ryan Nyquist