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1979 DOB.
March 3rd, 1979.
early years Ryan Nyquist: I was 11 years old when I started riding. My parents bought me a Boss. I started riding because it was fun and because of the freedom of being able to go anywhere fast. One of my friends told me about a jumping spot, Calabasas. We didn't have cars, we had to ride our bikes like ton miles to ride and then ride back. Then all my friends started skating when that skating fad came in, me and Chris Butthead were the only ones that were left riding.

Ryan Nyquist, bmxunion.blogspot.com, november 2008: I started riding because I liked the freedom it gave me. Even before tricks and riding dirt or ramps came about for me, I enjoyed being able to ride around town with my friends and just be on my own. Exploring, feeling independent, and having fun.
ryan nyquist 1982
1992 RIDE ON.
Ryan Nyquist: I remember seeing Chad Harrington's section in Ride On and being blown away. He got me really excited about trying nothings and nothing variations. There are still tricks that he did that I wish I had tried when I was more flexible, like bar hops to saran wraps. I made trick lists throughout the years, and that one was always on them but never got scratched off. There are definitely pluses and minuses to being goofy-footed, but I've learned that if you ignore what people say you can and can't do, or what you are or aren't supposed to do, and just set your mind to learning what you want, that you will find a way to make it work.
1994 RYAN AND FRIEND 1994.
gierk, www.youtube.com, march 2009: I meet Ryan Nyquist and his friend Chris in 1994 while at Calabasas Park in San Jose. His riding style surpassed any other rider I've seen out there at the park. A park I've been riding at since 1987. I saw a lot of riders come and go, and maybe one here or there impressed me. But when I was there in either 1993 or I'm pretty sure 1994 I saw two guys getting higher than anyone else and doing tricks no one else was doing. I introduced myself and asked if I could videotape them. They said yes and this is pretty much what I shot that day.
ryan nyquist 1994

1995 San Jose skatepark.

Ryan Nyquist: My first sponsor was The Jiffy Market of Los Gatos.

Ryan Nyquist: I think the age I really started to progress was around 16 or 17 and it was mainly with 360 varriations and getting comfortable with those. That was probably the biggest learning curve.
Sheep Hills Enduro Contest in 1996.

5th place stuntmen street @ 1996 BS round 2, LA. A new kid named Ryan Nyquist showed up at the 1996 Seal Beach BS contest, turned pro and started turning a lot of heads.
Ryan Nyquist: The first day of school back, seeing me on ESPN was all I heard. "Dude, I was flipping through the channels and I saw Ryan Nyquist on there, what's up with that?". They were stoked. I then told them I got hooked up with Airwalk and they were all like, "Can you get me shoes?" That's all they were really wanting.

Ryan is ponsored by Bontrager.
Ryan: They're just a bunch of totally cool guys, they just wanted to get into BMX, and they saw me and Butthead in the Sick videos and wanted to hook us up, and ever since then everything's been going the right way. They've been getting ideas from us, and just totally putting the bikes together the way they should be, real strong and sturdy.

New Bontrager freestyle professional Ryan Nyquist pulls of a no-footed can can over the box jump at the Destination Extreme contest in Seal Beach, California on the cover of BMX Business News premiere issue.

4th place stuntmen street @ 1996 BS round 3, Chicago.
Truckdrivers, bus-drivers over the long box, truck driver to opposite busdriver, the list goes on and on.

First photos in Ride BMX US august september 1996.

Ryan: I was on the Los Gatos soccer team. A lot of people were giving me crap about that.

Sponsored by Bontrager bikes, Airwalk, Primo, Jinx, Solid bikes, EP, and Jiffy Market.

Interview in Ride BMX US #25 december 1996.
ryan nyquist bmx business news premiere issue

ryan nyquist

ryan nyquist bmx 1996
1997 Ryan Nyquist: I got sponsored by Haro in 1997. Todd Lyons was leaving the team to ride for Huffy, and recommended me as a replacement for him. I was getting a lot of coverage at the time as a new guy who was doing fairly well at the contests, and they decided to pick me up.

5th place street @ 1997 BS round 3, July 1997, New York.
Roni, Ride BMX US october 1997: Fifth place went to the only guy at the contest with a green goatee, Ryan Nyquist. Ryan spun the hell of his handlebars during jumps, over hips, with the bars backwards... He'd be lost without his gyro. Ryan also did his crazy no-handed nosedive thing, which was cool.

Interview in Ride BMX US #29 august september 1997.

Ryan Nyquist, bmxunion.blogspot.com, november 2008: I started to go to college for Mechanical Engineering in 1997/1998 but stopped to ride and compete.
ryan nyquist
1998 Ryan Nyquist is moving in with Dave Mirra in North Carolina.
Ryan Nyquist: The San Jose Ramp Club was awesome, and I can truly say that I learned most of my skills that I have today from riding there. NorCal will always be where my roots are, but there comes a point in your life where you need to move on, and for me that was moving east to see what was out there.

Fox Expendable Youth video.
Backflip double barspin.

2nd place dirt, 4th place street, and 4th place doubles vert @ 1998 X-Games San Diego, California.
On dirt, a lot of people figured there was no way Brian Foster would win the contest since Ryan Nyquist was pulling multiple truckdrivers and barspin flips at will. But Brian had something else planned.
Brian Foster hit the jump on the far left side and did the biggest, slowest rotating 360 of all time while transfering to the backside of the jump about 15 feet away.
On street, Ryan Nyquist put in a really solid run spinning his bars during 360s (1-to-1-to-1 truckdriver), flips (double barspin backflip) and transfers and genuinely using the whole course with completely smooth style.
On doubles vert, Josh Heino got into a peg stall and then dropped in with Ryan Nyquist standing on his rear pegs.

Interview in Ride BMX UK #38 december 1998. Ryan Nyquist is the name on the lips of most (...) Not only is he multi-talented but the fact that Ryan's such a nice bloke has made him super-popular.
Signature bike from Haro.
Ryan: I had 100-percent input on the stickers, the colors,... I'm really psyched on how it came out.

2nd place stuntmen street and 4th place stuntmen vert @ X-Trials, BS 1999 round 1, april 22-25, 1999, Louisville, KY.
Last year, Ryan Nyquist was struggling to hit seven feet on vert. This year, he was doing 10 feet airs and pulled his first 540 full barspin.

1999 X-GAMES.
Ryan: I made the finals -the top ten- in every event which was one of my goals.

Ryan Nyquist at the X-Games on the cover of BMX Plus! october 1999.

Poster and interview in Ride BMX US november 1999.

Ryan Nyquist throws a barspin to no hander into a backflip at the KOD finals (Huntington Beach, CA).
ryan nyquist bmx plus! 10 99
Interview in Ride BMX US #49 june 2000.

2nd place stuntmen dirt and 2nd place stuntmen street @ CFB 2000 round 3 and finals, july 6-9, 2000, Woodward, PA.

Fox Expendable Youth 2 video.

NORA cup #1 dirt jumper and BMX Plus! Dirt Jumper Of The Year.
Unlookback on the cover of Ride BMX US march 2001.

FISE 2001.
1st place pro dirt and 5th place pro street @ 2001 FISE, 10 au 16 avril 2001, Palavas, France.

Adidas Nyquist shoe.

Ryan Nyquist suicide no-hander during the Mirra tour on the cover of BMX Plus! october 2001.

Miracle boy and Nyquist video.
ryan nyquist ride bmx us 03 2001

ryan nyquist

ryan nyquist bmx plus 10 2001
2002 WORLDS 2002.
Ryan pulled a 360-flip over a spine for the first time.
Ryan Nyquist: It took me three tries to land the 360 flip on the spine clean, and it was at the Worlds in Germany.
Ryan Nyquist: Actually my name (according to my father) is from German and Finnish descendants. I did make some great Swedish friends at the Worlds in Cologne, Germany.

1st place dirt and 4th place street @ third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series, October 3-6, 2002, Oceanside, CA.
Ryan Nyquist took the win and $7,500 with solid tricks including a lookback 720 in his final run, the run that got thrown out! With his first place finish in Dirt, Nyquist is crowned the 2002 Vans Triple Crown of BMX Champion and pocketing more than $20,000 and a Ford Ranger FX4 in the process.
Rocket suicide no-hander on the cover of Transworld BMX august 2003.
ryan nyquist transworld bmx
Interview in Ride BMX US #92 january 2004.

1st place dirt and 1st place park @ Vans Triple Crown Stop #2, June 27, 2004, Denver, CO.

Nothing can on the cover of BMX Plus! august 2004.

2nd place park and 8th place dirt @ 2004 X-Games, august 4th-8th, 2004, Los Angeles, CA.
On Saturday, Nyquist edged Stephen Murray (Newcastle, ENG) to remain unbeaten in Vans Triple Crown Series Dirt competitions. In winning his 11th straight VTCS contest over the last three years, Nyquist used back-to-back 720s to seal the win by just a 94.83 to 94.17 margin in an average of the riders' best two runs.

11th place dirt and 2nd place street @ Vans Triple Crown Stop #3, September 26, 2004, Huntington Beach,CA.
This was the first Vans Triple Crown ever that Ryan Nyquist did not win dirt. He crashed on two of his runs and finished down in 11th.

Ride BMX Drop the hammer video.
quicrete, www.bmx-test.com, november 2004: I guess I expected Ryan's part to be mostly old contest footage and Hucking Spins, I was wrong. There is no contest footage and there is very little dirt. It's mostly park, and not just box jumps. Ryan proves in his part why he is on top of the rankings in pretty much all he does, with his huge flairs, barspins, 720 barspins, He even rides street in this part, including double pegging a quadruple kinked rail! Yes, Ryan Nyquist does do handrails. This part brings me newfound respect for Ryan and the determination, hard work, and straight up balls he displays. 8.5/10 for Ryan.
ryan nyquist bmx plus 08 2004

Drop the Hammer.
2005 2005 MASTERS.
1st place pro street, 1st place pro spine, 2nd place pro vert and 8th place pro dirt @ 2005 Masters,Youthpark, Cologne, Germany, June 23-26, 2005.
2006 Ryan Nyquist's Haro bike check in Ride BMX UK april 2006.

2nd place dirt @
2006 X-Games, august 3rd-6th, 2004, Los Angeles, CA.
www.expn.com: Ryan Nyquist (Greenville, NC), winner of more BMX Dirt medals than any athlete in X Games history, added to his total with a silver-medal win on Thursday. Nyquist's medal run included a 720 bar spin and a backflip double barspin. "It feels good. I had a chance to do a great run," said Nyquist. "I'm happy with second. In past years I was in eighth and 10th, so it feels good to be on the podium." A crash during park practice messed up his knee and prevented him from competing in Park.

Ryan Nyquist Silver Run BMX Dirt X-Games 12.
Ryan Nyquist, bmxunion.blogspot.com, november 2008: I'm most proud of my part in End Search. Josh Harrington asked me to be apart of the project and I couldn't resist. That was the second time he asked me to be a part of a video project, the first being in Against The Grain. He was really great about letting me take control of my part and letting me put my own little touches into my section to really make it my own. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I was nominated for Video Part of the Year at NORA Cup for it too. That was amazing for me because it was something that I never thought would happen in a million years.
CharlieCrumlish, thecomeupbmx.net, may 2012: This is what happens when a dude so iced out with X-Games medals he can’t get out of bed decides to put work in on a full video section. I remember when this DVD came out, my friend described Nyquist’s section as “Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX but real life”. The first time I watched it I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 720 double bar, double truck off a truck, straight double bar off a huge drop, possibly the first barspin flair, the 540 suicide double bar on a 35 foot quarter pipe, the video game tricks were nonstop. One clip that always stood out to me is the double peg up the sub box ramp to bar into the quarter below. Nyquist made it look super easy, too easy. Veteran shit. Moves like this are what have kept him on the Haro pro team and the BMXFU flow team for a long time.

BMX Plus! magazine crowned him dirt jumper of the year in 2008.

End search.
The first ever Warriors Of Wood contest put on by Ryan Nyquist went on may 31st, 2009 in San Jose, California.
2010 VERT.
Ryan Nyquist signed up for Dew Tour Vert this year, making his come back to the big ramp after 9 years.
Ryan Nyquist, january 2014: Osiris has decided not to renew my contract for 2014. I'm bummed, but I'm also thankful that I have front brakes, so I won't have to do foot jam nose picks barefoot.