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2000 Robbie Morales left T1 and teamed up with S&Ms Chris Moeller to form the Fit Bike Co in november 2000. In the company's short life, they have already been able to put together an all stars team consisting of Nate Hanson, Mike Aitken and Brian Foster.
Chris Moeller, www.thecomeupboard.com, january 2009: Fit Bike Co. and S&M Bikes are the same company. Robbie is the driving force behind everything that is Fit, but S&M provides the back-end business operation, staff and money. It doesn't get any more rider owned and operated than S&M/Fit.

Robbie Morales: It's called Fit Bike Company, but the FBM guys think it's F-it. I didn't try to fight that one. The name ... I never even knew I was this creative. It just hit me one day, and I also drew the logo (...) I was drawing arrows in and then noticed there were arrows going out too. I'm really a horrible artist so I had Jay at S&M clean it up.

Robbie Morales: To make a long story a short, it had been two years since I got my frame from T1, the Progression. It took two years to get 50 of them, and it was really putting a stress on Taj Mihelich and Joe Rich because they werehaving to dedicate so much time trying to research manufactures. There was no tension, but it was just a losing battle; we could never get it right. So basically, Chris Moeller approached me one day out of the blue and said: Hey, I have the capabilities to make frames and get them done in a timely fashion and super-high quality. Obviously the light bulb went on in my head. I checked with Taj and Joe and they thought it would be a great opportunity for me to do, so I'm going to go for it.
2005 Robo, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: I've got about six, seven guys on salary, you know and then there's another five I help with money while I can and product. The main guys are Mike Aitken, Van Homan, Edwin Delarosa, Brian Foster, Chase Hawk, Justin Inman. I'm pretty much more of a team manager role now, you know brand manager type guy. I still ride, I still film. I think one of the reasons why some of the guys respect me a bit is, I wouldn't get the craziest stuff done but I could still ride with those guys and organize all the trips and all the product and stuff like that. We've definitely kept it tight.
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Brian Tunney, www.expn.com, december 2010: For a brief time, Fit Bike Co. team rider Van Homan didn't have a signature frame with Fit. During that time, I can recall asking Van if he was bummed about his signature frame not being offered by Fit, and he replied that it was part of being on a team and supporting the younger riders that were coming up. I was psyched on that answer. Then, the Fit team went through some unexpected changes, and Fit decided that it was about time to offer an updated version of Van's signature frame. That time is now. Enter the VH3. The Fit Bike Co. VH3 is an American made frame, built of butted true temper Supertherm tubing. The frame is available in three top tube sizes (20.5", 20.75" 21") and features a 13.65" rear end. Head tube angle is 74.5, while the seat tube is 71 degrees. Features of the frame include a Mid B/B, integrated headset, integrated seat clamp, thread-on brake mounts, removable Gyro tabs, and colors of limited edition gold or translucent grey. Final weights of the frame are 4.7 lbs (20.5"), 4.8 lbs (20.75") and 4.9 lbs (21"). The VH3 is also available with limited edition gold Fit Blade forks and Fit High bars. "This bike has the right balance of weight and strength. It's under five pounds but can still take a beating. I like to ride everything so I wanted a frame that handled just as well on a rail as it did on a high speed concrete park line. I think people are finally realizing they want a bike and not a glorified scooter," says Homan about the latest version of his frame. But it's not just Van that is psyched on his frame from the Fit Bike Co. camp. "The VH3 is the best, I can't really explain it. When I rode it for the first time, it felt perfect, and it looks good. With Van's name on it, it's obviously made for bosses," added Fit rider Jackson Ratima. And if that's not enough of an endorsement, brand new Fit team rider Shawn Mcintosh is also VH3 mounted now as well.
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www.bmxunion.com, october 2013: This revamped and updated version of Mike Aitken’s previous signature frame is made from Supertherm tubing right here in the U.S.A and features a 75.25-degree head tube angle, 71-degree seat tube angle, 9" stand over height, 11.65" bottom bracket height and a 13.35" -13.875" chainstay length. You can find gussets on the top and down tubes, a butted top tube, tapered seat and chainstays, single bend chainstays for extra clearance, a butted seat tube, removable brake mounts and an integrated seat post clamp. The Motomike will be available with top tube lengths of 20.75", 21" and 21.25" with color options of translucent gold and translucent smoke black and a weight of 4.87 lbs!
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