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1972 DOB: january 22, 1972.
early years Robbie, www.defgrip.com, march 2006: I started when I was 13 so I had a regular set up. Diamond Back silver streak, chrome with blue anodized parts, it was trick.

Robbie, www.defgrip.com, march 2006: Growing up in Long Island was good for the trails and tight knit scene we had goin. It was pretty competitive but really fun ,everything was real new. We were making it up as we went. Having NYC so close helped us with culture and be more open to the streets. Living in LA or even worse Orange County is prety crazy. Everything is within a 1/2 hour, beaches, mountains, city its all here...
1990 Race: 3rd place 18ans et plus experts @ IBMXF worlds 1990 in France
1991 Robbie is on the cover of GO august 1991
Robbie Morales. Factory sponsored by Auburn. He's a native NewYorker, but now lives in Moreno Valley, California with teammate Todd Corbitt, Greg Hill, and Eric Minozzi. "It seems that the difference between all of us in the house is TC. and Greg are into going to the gym and just being more physically fit for racing, whereas Eric and I work on technique more. We have more fun when we're practicing jumping. It makes it more enjoyable for us."
"Bob" is down when it comes to rolling jumps, manuals, and after entering the La Jolla '91 Meet The Street contests. He's a college boy. He has bad luck driving to contests and races. His outgoing personality lends itself to rapid-fire humor and compelling conversations. His sponsors like him because he's fast, a flamboyant jumper, and a willing spokesman for their products. His friends like him because wherever Robbie is, that's where the party is. He's the guy most likely to get up on a table at a party and do Russian kick-steps with a lampshade on his head... and hers E Team. That's the funny thing.

Eric Minozzi and Robbie Morales are on the cover of BMX Plus! december 1991.

bmx plus
1992 November 1992, Robbie is riding for Webco (Nico Does company)
1993 Interview in Tracks january 1993 about Webco.
1994 Standard Fat ones video.

Interview in Props #5 november 1994.
1995 AA pro.

DK co-sponsored.
BMX Plus! february 1996: Robbie Morales has left Univega and is now on DK.

Summer 1996, DK president Bill Danishek informed Robbie Morales he was no longer going to be their AA Pro.

1996 X-GAMES.
Robbie Morales who got bucked, overshot the set, crashed, and broke his collarbone. His crash made all of ESPN's highlight shows.

Robbie is on the cover of Ride BMX US #25 december 1996.
robbie morales ride bmx us 12 1996
1997 Standard Trail Boss.
Robbie Morales, Ride BMX US june 1997: The Trail Boss was basically my idea. I worked together with Rick Moliterno on it. It's basically an STA front end, super beefy, super strong, with the rear end of a Motocross with straight gauge tubing and thicker dropouts, if you want to run a peg. The whole idea was for once to specifically build a bike just for the trails. It's lighter than an STA, and a little heavier than a Motocross. It's just right for dirt jumping. It'll come with a 20" top tube and a 21" top tube, so for short people it'll fit them.
1998 Standard Domination video.

Robbie Morales, june 2010: This was an amazing time, learning business with friends and being part of a true DIY company. Things were hard but I loved it and have a tattoo to remember the times, shouts to Joe Rich and Taj.
1999 FISE Palavas, France, april 1999.
2000 Ride BMX US Basics video.

Robbie Morales, toboggan on the cover of Ride BMX UK june 2000. Photo by Mark Losey.

November 2000. Robbie Morales left T1 and has teamed up with S&Ms Chris Moeller to form the Fit Bike Co.
Robbie, www.defgrip.com, march 2006: It was hard, getting frames made was a clusterfuck... The Progression frame which was my bike was in demand we could never keep up... Things were fine with Taj and Joe,they were more relaxed than me. I was anxiuos to get the frames out to meet the demand. Basically Chris Moeller approached me with a opportunity. I asked Taj and Joe, they gave me their blessing and FIT Bike Co. was started in 2000...

robbie morales bmx tobogGan 06 2000
2001 Rides for DC shoeco.

Small interview in
Ride BMX UK #52 april 2001.

Poster and interview in
Ride BMX US september 2001.
2004 PRIMO.
www.fatbmx.com: Robbie Morales has decided to leave his component sponsor Primo to focus more heavily on expanding Fit's component line. After 8 years on Primo the split was amicable and everyone is still friends. Look for Fit to be expanding further into parts land. They've already got cranks, aluminum seat posts, grips and sprockets but you can expect more in the near future.

Robbie is on the cover of Vice magazine.

Robbie, www.defgrip.com, march 2006: Sandy Carson and Brian Tunney know Patrick Odell the editor, they wanted a shot of a BMXer jumping something big, the rest is history.
2009 CULT.
Robbie Morales split up with FIT/S&M and is forming his own company. He's taking FIT riders Dakota Roche, Chase DeHart, Trey Jones and Chase Hawk with him to a new brand rumoured to be called: CULT.
2011 Robbie Morales, www.cultcrew.com, july 2011: GOODFEELIN at the ETNIES TF, DAK hooked the filming...Such a simple place and always a fun session...Shouts to Nathan, Povah, DAK and GOODFEELIN...