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Marque: FLY.
Country: Espagne.
Founded by David Quesada in 2000
Distributors: France: BMX Groupement,
US: Cycle System,
UK: IMG (Carlo Griggs)
2000 David Quesada, Dig november 2001: I had a distribution company for years but we always wanted to do our own things.

Cadre street/dirt/rampes Estampida
Cadre de flat Micromachine déssiné par Viky Gomez
2002 Now available in the united states (System Cycle Supply)

Ride BMX US october 2002: Fly took the popular aluminum inner sleeve and chromoly outer sleeve peg design a step further by drilling holes in the aluminum sleeve. This brings the weight down to just over seven ounces each.

FLY team
Jorge Viky Gomez .... - march 2003

Phil Dolan UK team, 2001 - november 2002.

Sam Foakes UK team, june 2001 - ....

Jesus Fuentes

Carlo Griggs UK team

Ian Handscomb UK team

Ryan Biz Jordan US team 2002

Sergio Layos

Javier Ortega

Brandon PundaiUS team 2002

Alvaro Santalucia

Eduardo Terreros