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1981 DOB: March 7, 1981.
Birthplace: España.
early years Bike since 5 years old. Flatland since 1997.
In 1999, Viki won the world championships in Master class in Spain.
2000 JNCO.
Viki Gomez, vikigomez.elpolvorin.net, october 2007: Here you have a video of the begining of myself as profesional Flatland rider. It's an ad that I did for the american clothing company JNCO. Rigth after filming this my life will change for ever, cause I went to Florida (USA) for the first contest as pro. I got 7th place and I was qualified for the x-trials. After that I keep on the same train ! Enjoy the video !

In february 2000, he entered his first Pro contest at the Florida CFB getting 8th place and the qualification to the X-Trials.

15th place pro flat @ BS X-Trials round 1, Lake havasu, AZ., march 2000.

7th place pro flat @ FISE, Palavas, France.

Cover of Cream #7 july 2000

12th place pro flat @ Worlds, Koln, Germany, july 2000.

7th place pro flat @ KOC, Southsea, UK, august 2000.

Intrikat Infinite Pieces video.

Cover and interview in Wheelies issue 2.

Ad for JNCO.

viki gomez cream bmx 07 2000

viki gomez wheelies
2001 4th place pro flat @ FISE, Palavas, France, april 2001.

3rd place pro flat @ CFB round 3, Woodward, Penn., july 2001.

11th place pro flat @ X-Games 2001, Philadelphia, august 2001.
2002 1st place pro flat @ La Revolution, Toronto, Canada, march 2002.

Interview with Viki Gomez in Ride BMX UK #58 april may 2002.

1st place pro flat @ FISE, Palavas, France, april 2002.

3rd place pro flat @ Worlds, Koln, Germany, july 2002.

9th place pro flat @ X-Games 2002, Philadelphia, august 2002.

2nd place pro flat @ KOG round 4, Tokyo, Japan, november 2002.
2003 OFF FLY.
March 2003, Gomez is off Fly.

Martti Kuoppa and Viki Gomez, two of the biggest names in flatland, both recently quit their sponsors to start KGB (Kuoppa Gomez Bikes).

1st place pro flat @ FISE, Montpellier, France, april 2003.

5th place pro flat @ X-Games 2003, LA, august 2003.
Viki Gomez, www.agoride.com, september 2003: I don't care the stupid x games and the judges neither! It's not a real flatland contest, is only a good chance to get money... A real contest was the Circle of Balance...face to face only Martti can beat me...face to face if I pull my original tricks all the people can see who is the rat!!!
Interview in Ride BMX US february 2004.

March 2004, KGB-rider/owner Jorge "Viki" Gomez has finished his solovideo. The video is called "Madrid session" and it covers whole bunch of new tricks from Viki which are definetely worth checking out.
Viki Gomez, www.facebook.com, april 2010: My solo video made by the end of 2003...Madrid sessions...yes, I invented all those tricks !! haha...it was an special time of evolution inside of me by then....it was a time to realize many things and this video explains the big change my soul experienced by then...subjetive but Real !.... enjoy it !

Viki-kgb from Max (LiveBmx.ru) on Vimeo.
Viki Gomez Malaga video.
1st place.
Viki Gomez, www.facebook.com, september 2012: Thank you! Gracias! Arigato!!! I am really stoked that I won the Red Bull COB 2012! It gives me a lot of motivation to keep going! All the riders were AMAZING and we had a really fun time! Congrats to everyone who made this happen! Flatland RULES!!!