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DIG-IT, started by Zenta Sugimora, Dig It handles Graveyard, Nankai, Camacura and Love Goat produts.
1993 Richard Zabzdyr of Poway, CA. has come up with a handlebar available without sweepback or minimum sweep. They are made of 4130 chromoly wich has been heat-treated three times for additional strength.

1994 July 1, 1994. While returning from the York jam in York, PA, Richard Zabzdyr and brothers Ivan and Edgar Placenscia were involved in a highway accident. Richard died at the scene.
1996 Ride BMX US, february 1996: Dig-It America will be distributing Graveyard products wich are finally coming out. Richard's brother, Anthony Zabzdyr and Danny Liwely are responsible for the production and what we've seen looks very good.

Camacura is producing stainless low profile arm fixing nuts and bolts for 990 brake: Low Boy 990.
1998 Ride BMX UK august 1998: Flatland parts company Graveyard is now getting into the frame business with a new ground specific frame: Quamen (vibromasseur).
USA made 4130 chromoly, 18-1/2" front end, 12-1/2" rear end.

2002 Quamen CLAD G4 EURO
USA made 4130 chromoly
5,15 pounds
2005 The new Clad G6 frame will release around the end of January 2005. The new frame standard is 76.5' head angle 18.8" top tube length. We have some option you could order. 1 you could choose 76.5' or 73.5' head angle. 2 18.8" or 19.1" top tube length. Please ask more info at your favorite bike shop near you.
DIG IT team
Steve Cerra december 1998 - ....

Takashi Ito signature handlebar: graveyard T.I.

Martti Kuoppa

Nathan Penonzec is no longer riding for Quamen/Dig It and is looking for a sponsor. (july 2002)