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Sources: www.expn.com, Dig, Soul, ...
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1974 DOB: 13 décembre 1974
Birthplace: THROOP, PA USA
early years Participant since 1993
Competitor since 1997
1998 Got married in august.

Stephen is riding for Dig-it since december 1998.
2000 14th place pro flat @ BS #1, Lake Havasu, AZ, march 2000.

9th place pro flat @ BS #2, Louisville, KY, april 2000.

17th place pro flat @ BS #3, St Petersburg, FL, may 2000.

18th place pro flat @ BS #4, Nashville, TN, june 2000.

2001 First place pro flatland @ CFB 01 round 3, Woodward.
This was Stephen's first pro win. He pulled all of his good stuff like bar split no foot tomahawks and knee stand megaspins.
2002 Interview: Soul #21 aug/sep02
2003 Stephan Cerra quit the Quamen team and is now rolling a Sickchild frame.
Dig#33 october 2003