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1984 Huffy is working on a freestyle bike.
1988 Huffy has sold its Raleigh Bicycles division back to Derby International, the company that owned it previously.
1996 HUFFY est de retour dans le bicross. HUFFY
1998 Ride BMX UK april 1998: To replace Jimmy Levan, Huffy have signed up current hot blood Cory Nastazio who was formerly on Bully.

Huffy made some big news when they picked up DK riders Dave Freimuth and Mike Ardelean to be on a summer tour this year. Huffy is also picking up flatlander Aaron Behnke.
2002 Transworld BMX december 2002: Australia's Corey Bohan showed up at the X Games riding for Huffy. Huffy was helping him out while he was in the States; word is they might be trying to work something out for him with their Australian distributor. In other team news, Huffy has re-signed Randy Stumpfhauser and Cory Nastazio.
2004 www.fatbmx.com, october 2004: Rich Vitello is leaving Huffy after more than 7 years of PD and team management. Rich intends to stay within the bike industry and is evaluating his options for the future. When Vitello joined Huffy seven years ago, the company did not have a BMX program and it was making bikes in Ohio. Vitiello developed a line of BMX bikes for specialty retailers and assembled a high-profile BMX team that included Cory Nastasio, Randy Stumpfhauser, Dave Freimuth, Ruben Alcantara among others at some point.
HUFFY team
Scott Toth 1997 - ....

Ruben Alcantara december 1998 - january 2000

Mike Ardelean december 1998 - january 2000

Aaron Behnke december 1998 - janvier 2000

Corey Bohan 2002 - ....

Dave Freimuth december 1998 - january 2001

Mike Laird april 2002 - ....

Jimmy Levan december 1996 - january 1998

Todd Lyons february 1997 - november 2001

Cory Nastazio january 1998 - ....