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1978 DOB.
May 11th, 1978, Flushing Queens, NY USA.
early years Participant and competitor since 1995 cory nastazio early years
Superman in Orlando on the cover of Ride BMX US #28 june july 1997. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
cory nastazio ride bmx us 06 1997
1998 HUFFY.
Cory Nastazio left Bully for Huffy.

Cory Nastazio twisted x-up in Huntington Beach, California on the cover of Ride BMX US august 1998. Photo by Mark Losey.

HOW TO 360S ?
Nastazio demonstrate in BMX Plus november 1998.

No foot cancan on the cover of BMX Rider winter 1998.
Ride BMX US august 1998

cory nastazio bmx rider winter 1998
1999 VIDEO.
Props Road Fools 4.


Cory at round 3 of the King of Dirt series, Ontario, CA. on the cover of BMX Plus! june 1999.

1999 X-GAMES.
12th place pro dirt @ 1999 X-Games, San Francisco, july 1999.

No foot cancan on the cover of SNAP november 1999.
cory nastazio bmx plus

cory nastazio snap
2000 VIDEO.
Snap Rythm video.

Interview in Snap #42 april 2000.

Interview in Ride BMX US june 2000.

2000 X-GAMES.
Silver medal pro dirt @ X-Games, San Francisco, august 2000.
When your runs consist of X-up transfers over the first set-to-backflip X-up table over the second, then a big superman-seatgrab over the third; you don't have to be a brain surgeon to see why Nasty was up there. Nasty and Nyquist went head-to-head, and while Nasty got the silver, it definitely wasn't from a lack of creativity or effort.

Backflip x-up at the X-Games on the cover of Props 38 fall 2000. Photo by Chris Hallman.
cory nastazio props 38
2001 POSTER.
Transworld BMX #53 march 2001.


Snap How to dirt jump video.

2001 X-GAMES.

11th place pro dirt @ X-Games, Philadelphia, august 2001.

Transworld BMX #60 october 2001.


Cream #15 december 2001.

#1 Dirt Jumper 2001 by Transworld BMX and Dirt Jumper of the Year 2001 by BMX Plus!
nasty 2001
2002 Cover: BMX Plus! may 2002

Interview: Faction #13

Nasty's world video.
NASTY'S WORLD is an action sports documentary about BMX champion Cory "Nasty" Nastazio. More than just contest highlights and bike riding, NASTY'S WORLD is a hilarious and revealing look at one of the biggest personalities in action sports. With the support of his mother, Angel, Nasty has gone from barrel racing horses as a kid, to the X-Games podium. Nasty lives his life full-throttle. He has a new house, a shoe deal, and a rock star lifestyle. In a year when he could lose everything, Nasty gets his biggest break ever, the chance to put it all in perspective.

Interview: Transworld BMX #71 september 2002.

411VM BMX issue 3 video

Private property: Cory Nastazio's yard.
cory nastazio bmx plus

cory nastazio nasty's world

Nasty's World Intro.
2003 Superman seat grab on the cover of BMX Plus! march 2003.

8th place pro dirt @ X-Games, LA, august 2003
In his third round, Nasty threewhipped the third set clean, then pulled a flipwhip on the last set. You should have heard the crowd go ape shit on that flipwhip.

Poster: Transworld BMX #81 july 2003.


360 tailwhip at Bike 2003 on the cover of BMX Rider UK july 2003.

September, Cory has signed a deal with Spy Optics.
cory nastazio bmx plus

cory nastazio bmx rider uk
Cory Nastazio was injured in a serious car accident Saturday, April 3rd.
www.ridebmx.com: While driving to the trails on Saturday, April 3rd, Cory Nastazio was involved in a serious car accident in which his Honda Civic crashed into a tree. No one was with Cory at the time, so there are no reports as to what may have caused the accident. As a result, Cory is in the Intensive Care Unit in a Riverside, California, hospital with a hemorrhage on one side of his brain and a collapsed lung. We were told that Cory is stable and expected to make a full recovery.
expn.go.com: Cory woke up Tuesday, April 6th at 5pm and is 100% conscious. When Cory woke he removed all internal tubes and turned off the machines in his room. When a nurse questioned his behavior he responded, "I want to go home."
2005 HURT.
www.barspinner.com, april 2005: Cory Nastazio recently did a flip off a very small object while shooting a street ad the word is he landed so hard over his handlebars he broke his sternum.

After a while with no bike sponsor as Huffy dropped their bmx team, Cory Nastazio is now riding for Perv bikes.

3rd place bmx dirt @ The Dew Tour, Louisville, KY, June 12th.
www.sobebev.com, june 2005: It was a little too rainy to pull off a proper BMX dirt contest in Louisville. A field of 30 riders had taken their first runs in the qualifier when it started pouring. The contest was called off and the organizers kept the standings "as is". Lucky for some, unlucky for others. Nasty had thrown a decent first run and had no problem settling for 3rd place. Corey Bohan and Cameron Canberra from Australia took the top two spots. Everyone will have to wait for the next Dew Tour in Denver to settle the score.

www.sobebev.com, july 2005: Cory looked solid in practice and wanted to stay in the money after his 3rd place finish at the first Dew Tour stop. Fate was not on his side as he was taken out by a strained neck and couldn't put a run together. Hopefully it'll ease up and he'll be Ok for Gravity in Woodward this week.

www.sobebev.com, july 2005: Camp Woodward was the stage for this year’s Gravity Games BMX competition. The small crowd and the perfectly groomed jumps gave this contest an atmosphere like no other. With such premiere conditions, it was a bummer to see Nasty still sore from the Dew Tour in Denver because he would have been throwing down some sick combos. Instead, Cory did what he could given his condition and is now gearing up for a trip to Canada where there is going to be some huge dirt action going down, on some of the biggest downhill dirt jumps ever.

9th place BMX dirt @ 2005 X Games, Los Angeles, CA, August 7th.
www.sobebev.com, 2005: Cory was a 2nd alternate going into this year's X Games. As it happened, Cameron White and Adam Baker got injured and opened it up for Nasty and Colin Mackay. Nasty arrived only 20 minutes before the start and had to scramble to get it together. On his first run he hung up on a bar spin and smashed his face in the dirt. He sprained his knee, broke a pinky, gashed his face and knocked out a tooth. He handed the tooth to his team manager, slammed a few Tylenol and then lit up the crowd by bomb-drop back flipping into the speed hump. He landed too hard to catch a pump and finished ninth, but caught the affection of the crowd. It was Bohan, Doyle, and Guettler with the 1-2-3.

10th place BMX dirt @ Dew Tour #4, San Jose, CA, September 11th.
www.sobebev.com, 2005: Cory was feeling good about the triple hit at the fourth Dew Tour Stop, San Jose, CA. He qualified ninth into the finals and along with leader Ryan Guettler, Nyquist, and Stephen Murray. Each rider got three runs to make it happen. Cory had a decent 1st run but couldn't throw the big stuff to climb the ranks and ended up in 10th. The story of the day was Ryan Guettler, who after knocking himself out in his into run, came back to win. He definitely gets the badass award for that one. Luke Parslow and Ryan Nyquist rounded out 2nd and 3rd place. Nasty gets a month of practice to bring it together for Orlando in October.

9th place pro dirt @ Vans Let it Ride BMX jam, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 30, 2005.

Trey James finally popped out, October 12th, 2005.

October 13th, Dew Tour #5, Orlando, FL, 8th BMX Dirt.
Corey Nastazio gets extra nasty with a size 909 superman tailwhip on the cover of Ride BMX US august 2006. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

New sponsorship with S&M.
Cory Nastazio, www.ridebmx.com, august 2006: Moeller called me up about seven months ago and asked if I still rode BMX. That was kind of a reality check so I started throwing down and learning a bunch of stuff. And finally, after ten years of Moeller patting me on the back and telling me, “good job,” he called and asked if I wanted to ride for him, full factory. So we paired up and made it happen. This is the best team in the world to be on. Riding for S&M is an honor because it is one of the most well-respected companies in the business. Any kid in the world would love to have this opportunity. S&M is like the West Coast Choppers of BMX. It is the best feeling in the world to ride for a bike company that has the best products out there. When I’m doing these big tricks it helps to know that I’ve got a solid product under me.
cory nastazio ride bmx us 08 2006
Nastys Fall Sponsor Edit from ISSUEZ INC on Vimeo.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2012: Nasty makes the cover of the new issue of ART BMX magazine coming out of Paris, France. The photo was taken at the 2012 BMX World's in Germany and we actually saw Nasty ride at a demo in Japan this last Saturday. Nasty might not be the one landing on the podium all the time, but he's out there, he's got fans, and he turns it up whenever he feels like it. He's always leaving an impression either way. Find Nasty's head in the newsstands in France during the months of September and October 2012.
cory nastazio art bmx 09