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Founded by Steve Rink.
Erick Bartoldus, www.fatbmx.com: Powerlite is an old school BMX company originally called Peddlepower started by a guy named Steve Rink, in Orange Ca. Then it was sold in the mid 80's to a guy I don't know. Then in 1990 Rich Long the (president of GT) purchased Powerlite and the rest is history. Powerlite is known for its Powerbend handlebars, and its high end racing frames and components.
Erick Weinstetter, powerlite.wordpress.com, april 2012: Powerlite got its start as a bike shop. Peddlepower was a bike shop located on East Grove Ave. in Orange, CA. (...) near the famous Western Sports-A-Rama track. It was one of the first BMX tracks in America. All the legends from Stu Thomsen, Dennis Dain, Greg Hill to Tinker Juarez raced this track often. The bike shop was run by Steve Rink. Being close to such a early and famous track helped launch the shop into sponsoring a team. Early riders included “The Red Baron” himself , Dennis Dain. Dennis went on to fame racing for Redline and Cooks Bros.

In 1977 it appears they released their first production bike, the SR. The decals on them used the bike shops name, Peddlepower.
Ad in BMX Action august 1978: Strong 4130 chrome-moly frame and forks. Lightweight frame (under 4 pounds). Lightweight fork (1 pound, 10 ounces). Rigid aerospace design -no flex.

The stem appears to be identical to the DG stem except the decals. It is unclear what colors this stem came in. An Everything Bicycles ad shows the stem in polished aluminum.
1978 ad
Oz, BMX Action september 1979: Anyway, what happened was that there was this Peddlepower company in the West that manufactured BMX equipment and was getting ready to go buns-out into promoting their products. And then there was this Peddlepower company in the east that was totaly separate, but would get a bunch of free advertising if the western Peddlepower company didn't do sometting. So the mild-mannered western Peddlepower company aimed their Secret Star Ring at the planet Jupiter, spun around twice, shouted, “SHAZBAH!", and bingo . . . Powerlite! (...) The name’s changed but the frame's the same.
Aluminum Framesets – Double box front gussets. Sizes: Jr., Mini, Micro.
P51 – 4130 Expert/Pro frameset. Slightly smaller then the P61. Available in Chrome Only. Made in USA.
P61 – 4130 Pro frameset. 3 piece cranks. Available in Chrome Only. Made in USA.
1993 BIKES.
P28 – Tri-Moly frame with 1" headset. NO canti-mounts. Available in Anti-Freeze Green.
P61 – 4130 frame with 1" headset. NO canti-mounts. Available in Chrome.
All bikes Made in USA. Decals are Power (White), Lite (Yellow) with Red checkers before PowerLite. P is stamped on the rear dropouts.

powerlite.wordpress.com: 1993 is the last year Powerlite is at 17800 Gothard St., Huntington Beach, CA. In 1994 Powerlite and GT move to 3100 W. Segerstrom Ave. Santa Ana, CA. They remain at that location thru 1997.
1994 BIKES.
1994 models had the same graphics as the 93 models.
P19 – New model for 94. Hi-Ten (Mild Steel) frameset. 1" headset. NO canti-mounts. Available in Chrome, Grape or Gloss Blue.
P28 – Tri-Moly frame with 1" headset. NO canti-mounts. Available in Chrome, Anti-Freeze Green. Dia-Compe Bulldog brakes and skinwall Comp 3 style tires.
P38 – 4130 frameset. Odyssey Pit Bull brake. Available in Chrome or Deep Purple.
P47 – 6061-T6 Alloy Junior frame. 1 1/8 rims, mini Uni seat. Availble in Ball Burnished or Purple Annodized.
P51 – 4130 Pro frameset. Odyssey Pit Bull brake, Double caged pedals. Available only in Chrome. Made in USA.
P61 – 4130 Pro XL frameset. 3 piece cranks, Odyseey Pit Bull brakes, Sealed hubs with Sun rims. Available in Chrome only. Made in USA.
Pro AL Frame – 6061-T6 frame with Canti Mounts. Availble only Ball Burnished. Weight 3 lbs. 5 oz.

Trevor Meyer is the first freestyler ever to ride for Powerlite.
1995 BIKES.
1995 models have same graphics, now without the red checkers.
P19 – Hi-Ten (Mild Steel).
P28 – Tri-Moly. 1" headtube. NO canti-mounts. Assembled only in USA.
P38 – 4130 Expert frameset. 1" headtube. Canti-mounts. Assembled only in USA.
P47 – 6061-T6 Aluminum Junior frameset. 1" headset. No Canti-mounts. Made in USA.
P51 – 4130 Pro frameset. 1" headset. Canti-mounts. Made in USA.
P61 – 6061-T6 Aluminum. Threadless 1 1/8&Mac178;. Canti-mounts. Available in Ball Burnished. Made in USA.
Handlebar Specifications: Beastie – 8 3/8x28" 37.4oz., Pro – 8 3/8x27" 27.5oz., Expert 4130 – 7 3/8x26" 25.5oz., Expert AL – 7 3/8x26" 17.6oz.
In 1998 Powerlite and GT move to 2001 E. Dyer Rd. Santa Ana, CA.
Powerlite team
Jason Davies .... - december 1998 and then riding for Mongoose

Trevor Meyer