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1970 DOB: april 26, 1970.
Birthplace: Bristol, England.
early years Participant since 1983 and competitor since 1984.

Richard Irwin may 2004: All I can remember of Jason was him jumping us in the park where he grew up in Bristol (Hillfields Park or the Rec as it was known). I was the smallest at the age of eight and was made to be the last in a line of 22 people side by side, but Jason cleared us easily every time from a two brick high ramp. It was not until just a few years ago that I discovered who that BMX champ is, WOW.

Jason Davies, www.fatbmx.com, 2009: Bob Haro and Mike Dominguez came to the UK and I was blown away and hooked after I saw them ride. I used to jump my bike a lot but it changed right there. Later that year the Curb Dogs came to Brighton and I was really impressed by those guys. It went really quick really. Riders like Wilkerson, McCoy, Blyther were heroes at first, then we started riding together and we turned into team mates before I knew it.

Jason Davies, www.fatbmx.com, 2009: We had three skateparks around Bristol that I rode. Like Southport that was built in 1978. Lockleaze/Beminster had a 10-15 feet deep concrete bowl and we also rode a concrete vert ramp with no flat bottom and no platforms on top. Another one was St. George. Those were skateparks from the first generation. After school I just picked one then went on to the next and then to the next one until it got dark. I was lucky that I could ride everywhere. In the weekends I sometimes went to Romford and more often to Southsea but there was no shortage of ramps to ride where I lived. Geoff Cain had a vert ramp in his backyard when halfpipes were just getting popular and we would ride that all day.

Jason Davies, www.fatbmx.com, 2009: I think I got to ride for Skyway in 1987 and then it was Haro. It's so funny how fast it went from getting into this sport and looking up to these people and then it turned around and you became friends with them.
Jason Davies rolls a forward side glide in his home town on the cover of Freestyle BMX UK august 1988. Mark Noble takes the photo.
jason davies side glide freestyle bmx uk 08 1988
1989 BFA OPEN.
First BFA Open contest at Farnham.
Freestyle magazine UK april 89: (...) Jason Davies is known more for his flatland than he is for ramps (...)
1989 flat

1989 vert
3rd place A-group. Third place was a tie between Life's a Beach rider Jason Davies and Bully boy Simon Tabron, two riders with very differing styles. Jason, sporting a coaster brake, has a much harsher style and lofted the most tweaked can-can variations, X-up one footers, a tailwhip attempt, and some nasty (if not painful) candybars. He also has the foul habit of knocking off tricks on one continuous flow, twisting variations on both walls of the half-pipe-not one regular aerial in any of his runs.
jason davies
WAL /2Hipvideo.
Riding for Homeless.
1995 DYNO.
Ride BMX UK june 1995: Bristolian and lifetime vert rider Jason Davies has been picked up to ride for the Dyno factory team courtesy of Caratti.

Interview in Ride BMX UK #20 december 1995.

1995 BS ROUND 4.
November 17-19, 1995, S. Daytona, Florida.
Jason Davies clicks a turndown at Stone Edge Skatepark, during the BS finals contest in Florida (november 1995) on the cover of Ride BMX UK april 1996. Photo by Brad McDonald.

Vice-worldchamp halpipe pro @ 1996 Worlds, Jugendpark, Cologne, Germany, July 22-28, 1996.

4th place vert.

KHE Beater designed by Jason Davies.
jason davies ride bmx uk 04 1996
Indian air at Moreno Valley on the cover and interview in Ride BMX US #27 may 1997.

After his interview in Ride, Jason Davies found himself a home on GT. Jason's now living in the US, and should be doing shows and contests all over the states.
Ride BMX UK april 1997: Jason Davies got a lot more than he bargained for during his usual Winter holiday in the USA: Powerlite [GT in other words] offered Jason a two year pro deal, with full salary and shows/tour, contests, and lodging at the GT house. Given that he's just perfected his ideal bike with KHE, the Beater, the choice was a tough one: but Jason has always wanted to live the pro life, ride for a living, and live in America. So he took the deal and is signed up to ride for Powerlite USA until 1999! We wonder what KHE, who just spent $10,000 on tooling and jigs to make Jay's frame, think of it all...
jason davies ride bmx us
Jason moved to Phoenix, Arizona and got an apartment with Jim Burgess.

1998 X-GAMES.
8th place vert. Jason Davies was all over the ramp like a rash. He rode big and smooth as usual, and gave it his all. 540's, barspins, tweaked variations, and alley oops all over the place gave him a good chance at top-five.
3rd place double vert. Parker and Davies' extra practice paid off giving them more stuff on top of the good old GT USA Air Show routine, this was one run that Woody didn't have a say in. Their hard work and overtime put them in third place with a nice fat cheque for $1,750 each.
Interview in Ride BMX UK december 1999.
July 18-23, 2000, Providence, RI. Jason Davies rode like Jason Davies, smooth and dialed going both ways and using all of the ramp. He did a nice barspin to x-up and a perfect 540, but somehow sketched out on a grind right at the end. It was a good run nonetheless.
27th to 29th july 2001.

1-9 septembre 2001, Providence, RI.
Interview on www.fatbmx.com