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1976 The first incarnation of SE (Scott Enterprises) Racing occured in 1976 when it occured to Scott Breithaupt that he could fund his own BMX Racing tour by making and selling SE t-shirts, caps, jersies, and stickers pack along the way. Scot says SE did close to half a million dollar of business in their first year, and they didn't even have a product yet. SE riders were temporarily set up on Mongoose frames and Skyway Tuff Whells.
1977 Stu Thomsen and Perry Kramer, both on SE, rode on Mongooses until SE came out with some production bikes.

Originally developed in 1977, Perry Kramer fan de Jack l'éventreur (Jack the Ripper) donne pour nom à son pro model en alu 6061T6: PK Ripper
1978 14-year-old Jeff Utterback and 13year-old Greg Hill, were THE fastest amateurs around. Those two guys, both on SE towards the beginning of '78 (Greg went to Schwinn later on), were totally untouchable.
1980 SE Quad-Angle.
Official test in BMX Action june 1980.
1988 Scott Breithaupt vend la majorité de sa marque SE Racing.
Scott Enterprises become Sports Engineering.
1992 SE manufactures S&M and Wilkerson Airlines hardware.
1996 SE Racing sort une nouvelle marque: Dirt Master.
Ride BMX UK october 1996: SE Racing are apparently going to be making new freestyle bikes for 1997 - the line is going to be called Dirt Master, and there will be a jumping bike and a flatland bike available.
1997 Après un passage chez Giant où il dessinait des VTT, Perry Kramer est de retour chez SE Racing.
1999 Press release: October 21, 1999. SE Racing Trademarks Change Hands. After 23 years, the SE Racing, trademarks are no longer controlled by it's founders. As a result the current U.S. manufacturing operation has closed its doors, shut down, history, finished, adios muchachos, GONE!!! Recently, Mike Devitt, who has run the company for many years, an outside investor, and SE's founder, Scot Breithaupt made a bid to buy out the foreign partners. A deal could not be struck, so they pulled the plug as of October 15th, 1999. The entire staff will leave the company to create a new brand. All the SE machinery and fixtures will be used for the new venture. Devitt says, "Our crew has been together for over 20 years, Sal Correa, shop foreman and his welding wizards, the sales guys, and I are anxious to get the new brand rolling. Our new partner, and Scot, and myself will start the new venture immediately. We will attack the BMX, jumping-freestyle and MTB markets with the same top quality innovations and promotions that made SE a powerhouse in the 70s and 80s. Diehard SE fanatics can still count on us, they will be blown away by the new bikes. A new name, a new company, a new challenge!"
SE Racing team
Sergio Alvarez 1985
Todd Anderson 1985
Fred Blood 1984 - 1986
Craig Grasso 1985
Perry Kramer
Todd Lyons
Bob Morales 13 year old Bob was racing a bunch and hooked up a sponsorship/business deal with SE Racing.