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1983 En 1983 Ron Wilkerson et Rich Avella forment le team 2-HIP et font des shows en Californie.
Ron Wilkerson, www.notfreestylin.com: The '2-HIp trick team' shows started in 1983... the 2-HIp contests and shirts and vids in 1986 (the david carson-designed pink and green 2-HIp logo shirt!!!)... the 2-HIp BIKES, after WAL in 1990.
1984 www.2hip.com: The 2-Hip team did their first tour for GT in 1984, blowing people's minds all around USA w/this new thing called BMX Freestyle riding. After the tour, Rich stopped riding to pursue music and attend college, and ronw. quit GT to ride for Haro Bikes. ronw. had many new tricks he invented up his sleeve, and soon ronw. became a top pro rider traveling the world doing demo's with Brian Blyther and Dave Nourie.
www.youtube.com/user/mauricemeyer, april 2008: 2-Hip Trick Team - Evening Magazine 1984. News magazine segment filmed in Novato featuring Rich Avella and Ron Wilkerson - the 2-Hip Trick Team just before going on their first US tour.
1988 Ron Wilkerson fonde la companie en 1988.
The 2hip Society is formed.
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1989 Ron Wilkerson quit Haro and started his own bike company. Wilkerson AirLines.

Kevin Martin was working with Ron. Andy Jenkins did the artwork. In autumn 1989, Ron Wilkerson was riding the first ever Wilkerson Airlines Riot.
1990 La 2 Hip était une sorte de club international. Veritable réseau de branchés, tee shirts et folklore à l'appui. La 2 Hip Society est desormais une véritable société organisatrice de contests.
Wilkerson Airlines, que vous reconnaîtrez bientôt sous l'appellation «WAL» est la nouvelle structure commerciale que Ron vient de monter avec pour but, le développement et la diffusion de matériel comme RL Osborn avec Bully. Ron a décidé de créer une alternative à Haro ou GT considérés comme désormais trop importants, pour vraiment promouvoir l'esprit du freestyle.
Bicross and Skate Magazine

Bicross and Skate magazine, mai 1990: Le Wilkerson Airlines (WAL) est bien approprié au street mais a surtout l'air d'être un bon vélo de rampe: longue géométrie, sabot amovible et il est très solide.

Go august 1990: Kevin Jones is allegedly designing a signature flatland model featuring a shorter geometry and no bashguard.

Video "Ride Like a Man".
1991 1991 Hell Tour
Craig Grasso, Ruben Castillo, Jason Davies, Ron Wilkerson.
1992 Ron Wilkerson has moved the 2-HIP/WAL headquarters up to San Francisco.

SE manufactures S&M and Wilkerson Airlines hardware.
1993 BMX Plus! june 1993: The '93 Riot frame and forks are now available from Wilkerson Airlines. The major changes the new model has from the '92 version are a reinforced rear brake tube and reinforced fork peg holes for added strength. Captain Wilkerson assured us that the next batch of Riot frames will have a steeper (and slightly longer) head tube, welds on both sides where the rear dropouts connect and DiaCompe AD 990 mounts.
1994 Wilkerson Airlines' new flatland frame called The Vice as designed by Gabe Weed should be out.

Wilkerson Airlines dies, 2-Hip Bikes begins.

Video "Non Stop to San Francisco".
1995 2Hip shin pads available in many different patterns.
1996 Ride BMX US april 1996: 2-Hip has moved their business out of Ron's house and into an actual office. This is the first time Ron has actually had to go to work.
1997 Video "Rock and Roll".

Ride BMX UK december 1997: 2-Hip have just brought a brand new trails and jumping frame called the Pork -the difference being that this jumping frame is made from aluminium. Not to worry though, the tubing is crazy thickwalled, the dropouts are 3/8 inch, the toptupe pierces both the seattube and the headtube and the tubes themselves are seriously oversize. Even if it's built strong, the frame weight is not tank-like, and it homes in at under 6lbs. If aluminium isn't your thing though, you'll obviously relish in the knowledge that the Pork frame is also available in American 4130 cromoly.
2000 Video "Degenerates".

Terra Firma frame.
BMX Plus! june 2000: 2-Hip Bikes' Terra Firma is out now ($295 without standing platform; $309 with platform). With its 19-inch top tube length and 75 degree head tube angle, the Terra Firma is made for flatland but it's tough enough for street. Some smaller-tooth chainwheel combos don't work with some frames, so 2-Hip put two sets of 990 mounts on the frame (you can run any size up to 44-tooth). Available in textured black, tan or clearcoat.
2001 October 01, 2001, Santa Cruz, CA., BMX pioneer Ron Wilkerson moved his company, 2-Hip Bikes, from San Francisco, California, south to Santa Cruz. The company also is working on two complete bikes that Wilkerson expects to have ready next spring. 2-Hip's facilities include a larger warehouse and more office space than its previous location in downtown San Francisco. "Plus there is a skatepark one mile down the road," Wilkerson said. The offices house 2-Hip's sales, promotion and warehouse departments. The company's design and production departments remain in San Francisco. All three full-time employees made the move. New staff member and BMX veteran Kris Beecher will join the company in Santa Cruz this month. Beecher previously worked for Dirt Master and Alliant. 2-Hip recently began designing its first bikes. Wilkerson plans to offer entry-level and high-end models. The entry-level bike should retail for between $300 and $350. "A lot of shops don't know much about freestyle. Completes should make it easier for them to break into this growing category," Wilkerson said.
2003 For 2003, 2-Hip wanted to design a bike that would provide for all of the lightweight chromoly enthusiasts riding street and trails, so the Sub was born.

2003 2-HIp Summer BMX show tour.

The riders will be JOEL HULSEY (NORCAL) riding ramps, DAVE MCDANIEL (ARIZONA) riding flat, and one of these other ramp-riders alternating during the tour: JON DEMERS (MASS), ALEJANDRO CARO (COLOMBIA- CENTRAL AMERICA), and RICKY ROICH (ARGENTINA).
The riders, which are all featured in the new 2-HIp video 'OBSESSION' will be performing shows on the 2-HIp portable jump-box ramp, along with some additioinal new street 'punk' ramps... and as per usual, the team will be hitting up the skateparks all along the way before and after their shows.
2005 2-Hip team on the PROPS MEGATOUR
www.2hip.com: The 2-HIp team will be going on the PROPS MEGATOUR january 18-26 in florida, complete with the COMPOUND BMX 40' motorhome, and the riders: Benno hankowetz- austria (best trick-worlds '04), Mauricio ospina- colombia (flip-whips, 25'+ doubles), Jarrod allen- s.c. (street, trails- STYLE), Cory jarman- colorado (hi-tech street, can tailwhip yo momma), Jon demers- mass (park, street, southbridge LOCAL), Lino gonzalez- mass (rail king+), Jesse williams- mass (streetstyle, southbridge stylie), Ronw.- uh, s.c. (vert, street, keepin' it real), WAKEY.com- uk, tentative (a LOOSE GOOSE). Then AFTER megatour, the team will be taking the SLOW route back to cali, riding riding riding, and filming mooore...

www.2hip.com: Our Complete bikes are dropping on June 29th. Finally we will have bikes to sell again!! This years line up is sick check them out! The Playboi, our HI-END complete is weighing in at 28lbs, 4130 everything, sealed everything, 48hole chrome rear and 36hole Black front, We mean business this year! This bike rules and is only $599 if you can believe it!
2006 Ron Wilkerson, press release, february 2006: Get ready for the new 2006 2-Hip video UNDER THE RADAR to be released beginning of March, featuring ground-breaking sections of the amazing 2-Hip team: Lino Gonzalez (Massechussets), Jarrod Allen (Santa Cruz), Cory Jarman (Colorado), Benno Hankowetz (Austria), Mauricio Ospina (Colombia), Matt Wakefield (United Kingdom) and The Other 2-Hip Riders: Jake Ortiz (Seattle), Fernando Ramiro (Central California), Steve-O Scoffone (Santa Cruz), Mark Gonzalez (not related to Lino) (Mars)

Ron Wilkerson, press release, february 2006: 2-Hip is beginning a new line of 2-Hip HANDMADE products, beginning with the just released Lino Gonzalez signature USA-made frameset , featuring a Euro BB shell and integrated headset, in black, gray, and army brown, with either a 20.25" or 20.6" top tube lengths.

Ron Wilkerson, press release, february 2006: We just picked up Steve-o Scoffone, a ripper from Santa Cruz. Steve-o is exceptionally talented on street, dirt, and park, and definitely a loose goose.

Ron Wilkerson, press release, february 2006: 2-HIp has just worked a deal with ADIDAS shoes to hook up the team riders for 2006. Look for some BIG stuff to come in the future with 2-HIp and Adidas!

Ron Wilkerson, press release, february 2006: Look for the brand new 2-HIp ramp/trailer set-up to be touring the USA for the 17th year in a row this summer! The shows will be rocking hi-energy BMX freestyle, as always, and will circle the U.S. creating mayhem in its wake.

Press release, february 2006: Ron W. just rode vert for the FIRST TIME in 14 months at Woodward, after his gnarly motorcycle accident. He and his girl also just got married in Vegas, by Elvis! Her name is VANESSA KEVIN HOLANDA MACHADO, and she recently moved to the USA from Brasil, where she and Ron W. met three years ago... There will be wedding vows/ring exchange parties in the USA and BRASIL later this year - look out for some craziness...

2-Hip Bizzle bike test in BMX Plus! march 2006.

Ron Wilkerson, www.ridebmx.com, april 2006: The 17th annual 2-HIp Summer tour has been booked. The riders will be three of the following: Jarrod Allen- Santa Cruz, Benno Hankowetz (Austria), Mauricio Ospina (Colombia) and one other flat rider TBA.
2-HIp is no longer sponsoring Cory Jarman. June 17 Herb Bauer Bike Shop Fresno, June 18 T-Rix Mtn Bikes Elko, NV, June 22 Riverside Cyclery Ottumwa, IA, June 24 Terre Haute Cycling and Fitness Terre Haute, IN, June 26 Neighborhood Sk8park Tomah, WI, June 27 Sprockets Bike and Board Tomah, WI, June 28 Trailhead Bike and Skate Wisconsin Rapids, WI, July 1 Action Outfitters Milford, PA, July 2 Roads and Trails Bike Shop Bennington, VT, July 7 Skatepark Benefit Hoosick, NY, July 8 Wallingford Bike and Repair Wallingford, CT, July 9 Chip and Dale Bike Shop Mt. Holly, NJ, July 14 Sussex Bike and Sport Sussex, NJ, July 15 Point Pleasant Bicycle Point Pleasant, NJ, July 16 Kona Sports Wildwood, NJ, July 18 Bike Doctor Arnold, MD, July 22 Cycle Logic San Antonio, TX, July 23 Richardson Bike Mart Richardson, TX, July 26 Texoma Cycling Center Wichita Falls, TX, July 29 Bicycle Outfitters Kingman, AZ, July 30 Apple Valley BMX, Apple Valley, CA, August 4 I.E. Bikes Murrieta, CA, August 5 The Compound BMX Shop, September 9 Loveland Cycles Brigham City, UT, September 17 The Peddler Bike Shop El Sobrante, CA. The shows will be rocking in the 2-HIp style, with the new 2-HIp monster ramp/trailer set-up. Be ready to put the guys up in your house, introduce them to your sisters, and feed them all your food!

Ron Wilkerson, www.ridebmx.com, april 2006: VIDEO RELEASE PARTIES!!!! The new 2006 2-HIp VIDEO 'UNDER THE RADAR' release date got pushed back to be June 11. There will be video release parties happening on the SAME DAY all around the globe, and a BIG video release party: downtown Santa Cruz 5:00, JUNE 11, at the RIO THEATRE -with a street jam to be happening during the day meeting @ Santa Cruz High. The vid will be featuring groundbreaking sections of the amazing 2-HIp team: LINO GONZALEZ- MASS, JARROD ALLEN- SANTA CRUZ, STEV0 CROTEAU- BROOKLYN, STEVE-O SCOFFONE- SANTA CRUZ, BENNO HANKOWETZ- AUSTRIA, MAURICIO OSPINA- COLOMBIA, MATT WAKEFIELD- UK, and the other 2-HIp riders: JAKE ORTIZ- SEATTLE, FERNANDO RAMIRO- CENTRAL CAL, MARK GONZALEZ (NOT related to Lino)- MARS.

Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, october 2006: 2-HIp just picked up the street ripper, Marlon Europe from Brooklyn, NY, making the 2-HIp team just about the best team EVER. The 2-HIp goal is to sponsor a rider for each letter of the alphabet, aswellas to sponsor every single amazing rider named Steve-o: Jarrod Allen, Marlon Europe, Lino Gonzalez, Fro-nando Ramiro, Benno Hankowetz, Jake Ortiz, Mauricio Ospina, Steve-o East Coast, Steve-o West Coast, Wakey.com(Matt Wakefield). The team JUST finished a road trip to the Southwest USA states, successfully setting fire to all the spots that we hit. Look for the 2-HIp road trip story to be featured in Props 63 – or was it #62? hmmm

18" Freestyle bike to its line-up
Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, october 2006:For 2007, 2-HIp added an18" Freestyle bike to its line-up, and will have three bikes total in the under $300 price range in every colour of the rainbow, and more... and GET THIS: 2-HIp will be giving away a team ‘How-to’ DVD with each of the 3 entry-level bikes!!! We filmed on the most recent road trip, each rider saying the first 3 tricks that they learned and also doing a How-to of 3 tricks that they each would recommend new riders learning! The vid will also include highlights of the Props article from this road trip, and also snippets from ‘Under the Radar’ and ‘Ride Like a Man’ DVD’s.
For the 2007 line-up, 2-HIp will also be creating a LINO GONZALEZ high-end signature bike, that you can KNOW will be the best bike EVER for a reasonable price.
ALSO for 2007, 2-HIp has created its own version of the Pivotal-technology seat/seatpost lightweight design, available on the LINO complete and also sold seperately. See it late November!
2007 Ron Wilkerson, www.fatbmx.com, august 2007: 2-HIp just picked up the street ripper, Marlon Europe from Brooklyn, NY, making the 2-HIp team just about the best team ever. The 2-HIp goal is to sponsor a rider for each letter of the alphabet, as well as to sponsor every single amazing rider named Steve-o: -Jarrod Allen -Marlon Europe -Lino Gonzalez -Fro-nando Gutierrez -Benno Hankowetz -Jake Ortiz Mauricio Ospina -Steve-o East Coast -Steve-o West Coast -Wakey.com(Matt Wakefield).

Ron Wilkerson, www.fatbmx.com, august 2007: Not passing up an opportunity to get all their best friends together for a big PARTY, ronw. and bride Vanessa are having a WEDDING PARTY in Santa Cruz at the end of August and in Sao Paulo, Brazil early 2007. The August party will have the illustrious santa cruz band, extra large, playing, and a selection of world-class San Francisco dj's playing tag-team sets all nite. The invitees include Gumbyman Dave Nourie, Brian Blyther, Oscar Gonzalez, Drob, B-Dave, and Dave Voelker.

Ron Wilkerson, www.fatbmx.com, august 2007: For 2007, 2-HIp is planning to add an 18" Freestyle bike to its line-up, and will have three bikes total in the under $300 price range in every colour of the rainbow, and more... 2-HIp will also be creating a LINO GONZALEZ high-end signature bike, that after the popularity of the 2-HIp PLAYBOI bike, you can KNOW that in price and spec together will be the best bike EVER for a reasonable price.
2008 Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, march 2008: As of 2008, 2hip is celebrating its 25th anniversary, with many celebrations being scheduled, including a downtown San Francisco 2hip Meet The Street jam Summertime '08, increasing the product-line + new video...and...a limited-run of 150 individually-numbered 25th anniversary 6061 Pork complete bikes! The 25 year Pork will be combining new and old school features, including Skyway custom-made hard-composite graphite Tuff wheels w/ a sealed 9t cassette hub, all top of the line equipment, AND the specially revised 2hip 6061 PORK frame complete with an integrated headset, mid bb, and metal drop-out/axle-protectors. The 25 YEAR PORK will be available in two colours, including PINK.

Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, march 2008: 2hip BIKES has just moved into a new office/warehouse space in downtown SANTA CRUZ, a short pedal to the new Santa Cruz BIKEPARK!!!! The offices are big enough to accommodate the increasing 2hip OPERATIONS, aswellas the 2hip underground parties... Check out fotoz next press release or on 2hip.com soon!

Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, march 2008: Jarrod Allen has just taken on a part-time position at 2hip as the 2hip.com web-master +more. Look out for CONSTANT updates to the site, including fresh new TEAM PAGES and team-rider BLOG to be up very soon. Speaking of JARROD ALLEN, 2hip has just received prototypes of the new JARROD ALLEN signature frame, weighing in @ 4.5 lbs, and ready to ROCK. Check the fotos, w/ more details + colours + graphics COMING SOON!

Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, march 2008: 2hip BIKES has just added MIKE MONTGOMERY, an amazing park ripper from San Diego, to the pro team. Mike will be competing at a few events this year and showing people his fresh STYLE... Mike is a perfect addition to balance out the 2hip TEAM of mainly street shredders...but...really...2hip is sponsoring Mike so that they can get him out on the 2hip STREET road trips, strong-arming him to take his PARK style to the STREETS. 2hip BIKES has also added three rippers to the flow team: Joe Donaldson from Florida, Derek Dorame from New Mexico, and Chad Miller from Bakersfield. Look out for these pure 'keep it real' riders---and check their pages HERE.

Ron Wilkerson, www.2hip.com, march 2008: Don't miss the latest 2hip video release, 'Anarchy in the UK', at a reasonably priced $7.99, featuring antics from the recent 2hip UK road trip... The vid is brilliantly and creatively edited by Jarrod Allen, and filmed in the nude haha ...AND LASTLY... 2hip has begun filming for the next 2hip feature-release, working title called 'CLUB 2HIP'- expect this one to be a DOOZY, and expect Ryan Fudger to write bad things about it or to talk about how much he hated Obsession.

No summer tour this year.

2hip’s New Groovetech Steering System.
FatTony, www.ridebmx.com, August 26th, 2008: Ron Wilkerson drove down to our office last week to show us a revolutionary new product that he’s been working on under wraps for the past 18 months. Ron hopes that his new Groovetech Steering System will become a staple for BMX bikes like the Pivotal seat has become over the last few years. There are multiple patents pending on the different facets for this invention. The idea that Ron kept saying is, “Your bars will never move again.” The bars and stem have splines similar to the spindle on Profile type cranks to prevent your bars from slipping. Then the other side of the stem has three grooves that match up with grooves on the fork steer tube so your stem can’t turn side to side. The idea sounds great and these photos are of the very first prototype and Ron says it still has a long way to go. We are pretty excited to see where this product ends up in the future.
2hip groovetech steering system 2008
www.2hip.com: $839.93, colors: pork pink (Shown), pearlized black. We are only making 150 of these, each individually numbered and labeled!!! This bike includes a mixture of old and new school designs, weighing in at 27.5 lbs (w/no pegs). The tried and tested beefy 6061 PORK frame has been redesigned to include 4130 drop-out axle protectors, more streamlined designed frame with cut-outs on the drops for lighter weight, mid bb + half-integrated headset. 6061 cranks with 4130 pedal boss'. removable-pin DX-style pedals. 4130 2hip WACK bars. 2hip pivotal seat+post. 25/9 gearing. Animal GLH tires. SKYWAY GRAPHITE TUFF WHEELS made especially for the 25 year anniversary PORK (Skyway has redesigned them to include a sealed 9t cassette hub and sealed front. Graphite Tuff Wheels are lighter and CONSIDERABLY stiffer than the regular nylon Tuff Wheels- there's really no comparison in performance, and 20 years ago when Skyway wheels were being used they carried a price tag of over $300. Graphite Tuffs are AMAZING, and a completely different feeling street riding).

TEAM Model.
2010 Press release, january 2010: 2hip BIKES IS DEVELOPING NEW PARTS OFFERINGS FOR A SPRING RELEASE: Cranks, Sprockets, Pedals, Tires, Wheels, Handlebars, Stems, Forks, Seats. We’re in the developing and testing stages now, so be READY!

Press release, january 2010: FILMING BEGINS FOR THE NEXT 2hip BIKES BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO, 'CLUB 2HIP'. TODAY marks the start of a 2hip BIKES 2week road trip to the Southern states leading to Austin, beginning the filming of the next 2hip BIKES visual/aural BMX stimulus, ‘CLUB 2HIP’. This trip marks the beginning of our intensive year of filming for this video, making trips ALL OVER the United States and the world, as well as hardcore coverage of each of our team riders in their natural habitat and covering their interesting lives: Jarrod Allen, Jake Ortiz, Marlon Europe, Rahmel Hoyle, Joey Chernoff, Ron Wilkerson. This video, the NINTH FULL-LENGTH 2HIP VIDEO, is goingtobe a BMX vid like you’ve never seen.
Terry Adams .... - 2002 then riding for Ares.
Adam Banton 1996
John Bethers 1996 - ....
Cameron Birdwell 1995 - 1999 - ....
Jason Brown december 1995 - 1996
Jon Byers 1991 - .... Invert august 1991: Jon is now off Bully and now on WAL.
Ruben Castillo 1991
Steve-o Croteau april 2006: 2-HIp has recently picked-up our East Coast Steve-o, street ripper Steve-o Croteau from Brooklyn, NY
George Dossantos has left FBM in september 2002, to ride for 2-Hip.
Mike rooftop Escamilla november 1994 - 1995
Andrew Faris december 1995 - 1996
Lino Gonzales august 2008: Lino Gonzales is off 2Hip.
Mark Gonzales october 2004: 2hip has added the GONZ from Arizona to the flow-list.
Craig Grasso 1991 - ....
Carlo Griggs 1997
Nate Hanson
Cory Jarman april 2006: 2-HIp is no longer sponsoring Cory Jarman.
Kevin Jones 1990 - ....
Bob Kohl 1990 - 1991
Trevor Meyer
Jay Miron 1990 - ....
John Parker 1992 - spring 1993
Sean Peters 1995 - 1996
Leigh Ramsdell july 1993 - 1995
Rob Sigaty 1995
Ross Smith 1999
Dave Thom 1997 - 1999 - ....
Gabe Weed july 1993 - 1995