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1998 Snafu is a brand of BMX components founded by Harold McGruther, Bill Bryant and Sherry Shu in 1998.
1999 Another new brand is about to mushroom on the warm, moist BMX landscape and it will be called SNAFU BMX.Snafu BMX is charging into the U.S. BMX market to offer riders a line of mid to high-end dirt and street components.
Kris Gack, formerly of Hoffman Bikes, whom you may remember as the first guy to make oversized axles, is a member of the SNAFU design team.
Revolution, Harold "McGoo" McGruther's advertising firm, represents Snafu.

By June the company will have brake levers, handlebars, headsets, pedals and rims for dirt and street riding.
2001 Tyres manufactured by Hwa Fong.
UK distributor: Hot Wheels.
2002 Harold "McGoo" McGruther, Ride BMX US august 2002: We try to design products that offer broad-market appeal, products that the average kid can use, products that kids can afford and products that aren't obviously stupid or lame.
2003 January 31st, 2003. Snafu BMX signed a deal with Giant Bicycles, adding the bike supplier and distributor to its list of U.S. distributors. Tom Morgan, Giant's senior development manager for parts and accessories, is in charge of the Snafu line at the bike company. Snafu components also are distributed by Seattle Bike Supply, Quality Bicycle Products and Roland Distributing.

We recently hired BMX industry player and all-around good guy Mike Collins to be our team manager and customer service guru. Mike started working at SNAFU from his home office in Oklahoma City on July 1, but will be moving to southern California on July 28th to work with Bill and McGoo full time. Before accepting the position at SNAFU, Mike Collins worked with Steve Swope and Mat at Hoffman Bikes. Mike assisted Steve Swope with all contest management for the ESPN X Games, CFB events, the Soul Bowl series and dozens of other freestyle contests and shows around the world. Mike is of course a good bike rider himself, and is looking forward to working with all the SNAFU pros and blue collar ams on our current program. One of Mike's first jobs at SNAFU will be to improve our communication and sponsorship with team riders and to assist local skateparks and event promotors with promotion and products.

Mobeus rotor
Extruded and CNC-machined billet alloy components, AstroGlide Teflon bearing, Thin profile increases cable pull, Extra-deep cable ball receptacles eliminate cable pop-out, Snap ring located on underside of unit, Mobeus cannot pull apart even under heavy braking forces. Weight 1.25 oz.
Mike Collins, www.fatbmx.com, january 2005: Dave Freimuth helped pretty much design that together with McGoo. I came into the picture when the ball was rolling on that. It’s Teflon bearing based, it’s all completely smooth and rounded, the cables sink into it so there’s nothing sticking out, it’s a really nice piece and it’s affordable. Hopefully the product managers from big bike companies will notice and start speccing them.
2004 Green, gold and red parts.

SNAFU 2004 TEAM: Dave Freimuth, Morgan Wade, Ryan Barrett, Tom Haugen, Vic Ayala, Vinnie Sammon, Simon Tabron, Jerry Bagley.
SNAFU team
Mike Ardelean 1998 - ....

Vic Ayala ....-2004

Jerry Bagley 2000

Ryan Barrett 2005

Matt Beringer 2002

Jimmy Buchans 2002

Dave Freimuth 2002

Tom Haugen 2004

Josh Heino 2000

Vinnie Salmon ....-2004

Simon Tabron 2000 - 2002

Morgan Wade 2004

Markus Wilke 2005-....