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2006 May 2006, Ian Morris starts 4Down distribution and United Bike Co.
Mark Noble, espn.go.com, march 2009: To cut a very critical story short, Ian Morris left to start a new brand in 2006, namely United Bikes, and, not to put too fine a point on it, he took almost all the Federal team with him.
2008 United Down Under DVD out may 2008.
Filmed on location during a 3 week tour of Australia, the United Down Under Tour dvd is available now! You can either pick yourself up a copy by purchasing this month's DIG magazine, or it's available from all good BMX stores for only 4 pound 99! Featuring footage from Sydney to Adelaide with riding from Corey Martinez, Nathan WIlliams, Kye Forte, Caleb Kilby, Leo Forte and Ryan Metro.

United's Grande Bars.
www.fatbmx.com, october 2008: Here's the spec on the 80/09 Nathan Williams signature bars over at United Bike Co.: -8.25"rise, - Backsweep: 12 degrees, - Upsweep: 1 degree, - Width: 29 inches, - Weight: 1.7 LBS/771 Grames, - 11 Butted, - UV1 Heat Treating, Lifetime warranty, -Colors: Matt Black & Cream.
2009 2009 United Tirnity forks.
www.fatbmx.com, november 2008: The 2009 Trinity forks have a new built in headset race on the steerer tube. To save some weight they've got bigger vent holes than the 2008 version and they've got a slight curve in leg for better peg fit. You can choose between a 10mm and 14mm axle slot. The forks have a small laser cut tear hole in the dropouts and they're rust proff coated before they were painted. They received full UV1 heat treatment and there's a lifetime warranty on these forks. Available in flat black, flat dark grey and satin green. And now the info you have been waiting for: Weight: 2.16 LBS.

United UTD40 frame. The Kye and Leo Forte signature frame.
www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: The Forty Brothers have a frame out at united Bike Co and the lastest version, called the 40HT frame 2009, received the full post welding UV1 heat treatment. That brings the weight down to 4.4 LBS or 1.9 Kilograms. It's got removable brake mounts and guides, huge tire clearance and you have the choice of a 20.6, a 21 & 21.25" top tube. Back end: 13.75" to centre chain stays. 74.5 degree head tube angle. 11.8"B/B height and double butted tubing throughout. Lots goes into making frames, huh? The Forte brothers decided to go with oval chain stays, laser cut bridges, smaller diameter tubing than on their regular 40 frame. Laser cut drop-outs on this one with rounded cut out holes. What else? An integrated seat clamp with sunken nut/bolt system. Comes in flat black and it has a lifetime warranty. Dang!

Bike Test with United 's Supreme SU3 in Ride BMX UK february 2009.

V2 Squad forks.
www.fatbmx.com, may 2009: TA few years ago having lifetime warranty on forks would be impossible. But the forks have been developed to a point where they're strong enough to give that kind of service to the customers. United recently released the Squad 2009 V2 Fork which has a 7075 Top Cap, custome fluted & butted tubing on the legs and new for 2009 are a built-in headset race on the re-designed steerer tube and ultra tapered legs. The drop-outs now have inner machining going on to bring the weight down to only 926 grams (or 2 LBS if you prefer that). They come with 10 mm or 14 mm slots so for those still rocking the big axles up front you can get yourself a pair of those Nathan Williams endorsed forks as well. But there is more to it. The forks received a rust proof coating before painting and when they chose the color they picked black and aqua but a few limited edition colours are on the way. Add full UV1 Heat treating to the product and you know you'll have something good. If it wasn't good, they would not give a lifetime warranty, would they.

United Bike Co Products distributed by S&M in the USA.
www.fatbmx.com, december 2009: United is proud to announce that S&M Bikes will handle USA distribution of the brand in 2010. This is a natural progression, born from a long term friendship, and we are proud to have United in a building with so much history in BMX. S&M is dedicated to servicing its customers and maintaining the strong and respected standing that comes with being involved in BMX for over 20 years. S&M will be receiving their first order of P&A in April 2010.
2010 2010 United Complete bikes.
www.fatbmx.com, july 2009: For 2010 United Bike Co have worked from the ground up to try and make sure that no matter what a riders budget the can still get a bike that rides and looks the way it should, and haven't sacrified key areas andquality materials to do so. Across the line they've spec'd aftermarket parts from United, Cinema & Oddyssey, they refined handlebar shapes, worked on all new frame, fork and stem designs, used removable brake hardware, and with all of this combined they have ended up with some of their best looking bikes to date. Recruit RN1 2010. Recruit RN2 2010 ( longer top tube, integrated headtube, United parts and a host of other features). Supreme SU1 2010. Supreme SU2 2010.

2010 United UTD40 frame.
The Kye and Leo Forte signature frame.
www.fatbmx.com, december 2009: Trail riders should look into this one. Here's the spec of the Forte Bros frame. Hope you can take it all in: Fully double butted tubeset, compact dropouts with rounded cut out holes. 2 versions available; Regular & 100% post weld heat treated versions. 100% HT version has smaller OD TT & DT. Laser cut heat treated bridge stays, up to 2.25"tyre clearance, integrated seat clamp with sunken nut and bolt system. Removable brake mounts & guides for those fearless dirt jumpers out there who want to go for the big sets without brakes. Three toptube sizes in 20.6, 21 and 21.25 inches. Headtube angle of 74.5 degrees. 11.8"B/B height. 8.7"standover height (center BB to center TT). Can't forget about the lifetime warranty. 13.75" to center back end (13.55"slammed). Reg. Weight: 4.8 LBS / 2.17Kgs. 100% HT Weight: 4.4 LBS / 1.99 Kgs. A whopping 18 grams difference! Bring on the whoppers.

2010 Trinity frame.
www.fatbmx.com, february 2010: The Corey Martinez signature Trinity frame features custom offset internal butted tubing, low and responsive street geometry, all backed by Corey himself. Regular & 100% post weld heat treated versions available. 100% heat treated version has smaller OD TT&DT. Sizes: 19.5", 20.5", 20.85" & 21" Top tubes. 13.8" to center back end (13.6" when slammed). 13.65" to center back end on 19.5" TT version. 75 degree headtube angle. 11.75" bottom bracket height. All tubing double butted. Offset/butted downtube with internal gusset. Tapered seat stays. Up to 2.25" rear tire clearance. 8" standover height. Removable brake mounts & guides. Built in seat clamp with sunken nut/bolt system. Limited lifetime warranty. Colors: Matt Black & Matt Burgundy. Reg weight: 4.8 LBS / 2.17 KGS. 100% HT weight: 4.4 LBS / 1.99 KGS.
Ashley Charles 2009-2010
Kye Forte 2008-2010
Leo Forte 2008-2010
Corey Martinez 2006-2010
Ryan Metro 2009-2010
Geoff Slattery 2009-2010
Alexandre Valentino 2009-2010
Nathan Williams 2008-2010