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wethepeople is a manufacturer of BMX bicycles from Cologne, Germany.
: Stephan Prantl, Stefan Rose and Lars Dorsch.
Lars Dorsch, 2001: ....writing this I can't believe that it's more than 10 years that Stephan Prantl, Stefan Rose and me started We The People. Frustrated with the lack of BMX-conscious products back then, our mission was to change that. As BMX developed it's more "independent" attitude in the late 80's and early 90's the missing link were rider designed products to represent the then "new style" of BMX as opposed to the neon uniform nonsense of the major bike companies. So slowly we started a series of strictly limited T-Shirt designs that we distributed ourselves on underground jams, parties and in our evergrowing circle of friends and supporters (...talking about we the people). Almost all of our first designs quickly became gained the status of representing german BMX pride to the max. Then Stefan Rose, our graphics department, started to concentrate more on his agency. With me drifting off into the dj-scene. Stephan P. opened his Busy P store in 1994(?) and after a short time of consolidation, reactivated the We The People label this time for "real" products and not just T-Shirts with graphic designs and jokes that basically understood only your best friends.
In a rider administrated BMX world, as it was and still is in Germany, the time was just right for rider designed products.
And here you have it: after years and years of trial and error, of a lot of broken bones and dislocated shoulders, we still call ourselves We The People. ....the people that brought you rider a designed attitude for rider designed products...
1999 Everlast handlebars.
2002 WeThePeople trip in SoCal.
On board were Josh Heino, Brian Terada, Dave Osato, Dustin Gunther, Aaron Behnke and Stephan Prantl.
Signature frame by Josh Heino made in usa. Toptube-length: 20.75“, 20.25“ - chainstay-length: 14 1/8“ - 14 3/8“ - bottom-bracket height: 11.5“ - headtube-angle: 74.5° - seat-tube angle: 71.5°• all tubing: 1-3/4“ DT, 1-1/2 TT and 7/8“ seat/chainstays - dropouts: 4130 crmo, heat-treated, 6mm thick, 14mm slots, lazercut - colors: dark green, statuary bronze, black metallic - weight: 6.2 lbs.

Dave Osato Signature frame, Full 4130 Cr-mo, Sanko Japanese tubing. Toptube: 20.5". Chainstay Length: 14" to 14 3/8". Angles: HT: 74.5°, ST: 71,5°, BB: Height 11 5/8", USA BB, Dropouts: Lasercut, 6mm, heat-treated, 4130 Cr-mo, 14mm Slots, Weight: 2,8kg (6.17lbs). Heat-treated headtube, light CNC machined Seattube/BB(tapered)/headtube(tapered), comes with a special stickerset. Colors: Black, Flat Grey, Ruby red.

Improvements for 2003: new smaller dropout design, new gusset design, new 4130 japanese Sanko tubing, less weight, heat-treated headtube & dropouts.

Signature frame of the canadian flatland talent Travis Collier. All tubing: 4130 crmo „Sanko“ japan tubing. toptube-length: 18.5“, 19.3“ - chainstay-length: 12 3/4“ to 13 1/2“ - bottom-bracket height: 11.65“ - headtube-angle: 75° - seat-tube angle: 70° - toptube: 38.1mm x 0.9 mm (1 1/2“ x 0.35“) tubing - downtube: 38.1mm x 0.9mm (1 1/2“x 0.35“) tubing - seatstays: 22.2mm x 0.9mm (7/8“ x 0.35“) tubing - chainstays: 22.2mm x 0.9mm (7/8“ x 0.35“) tubing• dropouts: 4130 crmo, heat-treated, 6mm thick, 14mm slots, lazercut - 10mm slot, 6 mm thick - weight: 2.5kg (5.5lbs) • colors: black,rustred dark red - Also available with Euro BB

Stephan Prantl has left WeThePeople.
Stephan Prantl, www.fatbmx.com, april 2003: I founded We The People in 1991 by printing our logo on T-shirts. In 1996 I started using the name We The People to fill the demand in the German bike market for a small, rider-owned and ?managed BMX brand.
Interest and support for my young company grew even faster than I could have dreamed, and by 1999, We The People BMX bikes and accessories had gained a loyal following throughout Europe. By this time, running We The People had become more than I could handle alone, so I asked my friends Harry Schmid and Klaus Dyba to help me grow the brand. For their efforts I gave each member of We The People's new executive team a one-third share in the small-but-growing company, and the three of us set our sights on taking We The People global.
With the help of some very hard-working, dedicated and loyal friends, riders and International distributors in Asia, the United States and throughout Europe, We The People became the first German BMX brand to enjoy truly global appeal. To everyone who worked so hard to make my dream a reality, thanks for all your support.
Today I must announce with more than a little sadness that I am no longer involved with We The People. My partners Harry and Klaus made this decision for me, but I do not hold any hard feelings against them for the way things transpired. In recent months, we have shared different goals and philosophies for the brand. Frankly speaking, I would rather leave the company than lose Harry and Klaus as my friends. I wish the new Partnership at We The People the best of luck in their future endeavors.
Regarding my future in the bike industry, I have several opportunities that I will be able to tell you more about as time moves on. In the meanwhile, I plan to use my time wisely by getting reacquainted with my bike, by spending time with my friends and family, and by visiting my closest friends and business associates around the world, and Work on bmx events as I always have. Thank you for your cherished friendship and continued generous support.
Improvements/changes for 2004: Blood orange color, new gusset design, new toptube design (smoother bend to the end), addition of a Euro BB version, again available in 19" toptube.
2007 Wethepeople has opened a shop in Cologne, Germany called Peoples Store.
2008 March 2008, Introducing Éclat, a fresh new component brand from the creative forces behind wethepeople bike company.

April 2008, wethepeople hires Brian Tunney as their Team Manager meaning Dave Osato lost that position.
Adam Banton .... - december 2000, Adam has left WTP and is now riding for Schwinn.
Aaron Behnke march 2000 - ....
Josh Heino march 2000 - january 2005 (signature frame 2001-2005: Omen)
Brian Terada 2004
Grimaldo Duran 2004
Daniel Randall 2004
Mike Rotondo 2004
Brian Tunney 2008

Dave Osato january 2002 - .... signature frame: Primate.
Dustin Guenther 2004
Travis Collier signature frame: Div.
Jamie McIntosh 2004

Tobias Wicke 2004
Frank Lucas 2004
Timo Mrukwia 2004
Marcel Georgi 2004
Max Gaertig 2004

Lilian Conry 2004
Florent Guyennon 2004
Olivier Rohlion 2004
Damien Croce 2004

Hannu Cools 2004

Zach Shaw
Ashley Charles 2004
Will Jackson 2004
Ricky Feather 2004(Flow)
Jay Openshaw 2004(Flow)
Richard Rowlands 2004(Flow)
James Smith 2004(Flow)

Yossi Yoshitani 2004
Hajime Yamazaki 2004
Yuji Shirai 2004
Hiroko Matsumura 2004
Takeshi Imaoka 2004

Clint Millar 2004
Luke Weatherall 2004
Nick Cooper 2004
Nick Richardson 2004

New Zealand:
David Manconi 2004

South Africa:
Wayne Reiche 2004