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Date: September 3-4, 1994
Place: Hoffman Bikepark, Oklahoma City, OK
The total rider count in OKC was around 220 and on saturday there were over 500 spectators. Many country were represented, including Japan, England, Australia, Holland, France, Canada and Sweden.

BMX Plus! january 1995: Round Three of the Bicycle Stunts contests had riders from around the globe trekking to Oklahoma City, OK, for a serious freestyle battle in what is basically Matt Hoffman's backyard. Even though this wasn't the year-end finals, it will undoubtedly be the biggest contest of the year. The total rider count in OKC was around 220 and on Saturday there were over 500 spectators on hand to check things out... and they definitely got their five bucks worth. There were so many foreign riders at this contest that it almost seemed like the World Championships or something. Some of the countries that were represented included Japan, Germany, England, Australia, Holland, France, Canada and Sweden. Matt Hoffman tried to tell us that there were about ten more countries in attendance (including Malta, Singapore and Somalia) but we think he's just hit his head a few times too many...

STUNTBOYS FLAT RESULTS: 1.Nate Hanson 2.Kunitomo Onishi 3.Matt Gibson 4.Paul Palmer 5.Trey Leeper 6.Val Nasso 7.Leif Valin 8.Takeo Aizawa

BMX Plus! january 1995: This was the first contest in a long timewhere there wasn't any controversy over who took the fatland wins. West Coaster Nate Hanson flat-out ruled the Stunt Boy class with plenty of originality and we don't think he touched once during his entire finals run.

Nate Hanson, Stunt Boy winner, BMX Plus! january 1995: I'm not really good with names but I'll try. Umm, for one of my links I started in a no-handed cyborg that ended in a bars backwards walk-over. I did a cross-footed lard yard to cross-footed stick’B back to a gliding cross-footed lard yard. Man, you should talk to Andrew Arroyo. He knows all the names. Oh. I did a babyface to cross-footed wheelchair and I jump-switched to a cross-footed elephant glide. I didn't really do anything I wanted to do. There was a lot of back-wheel stuff that I wanted to do that I couldn't do there. Andrew calls it my back wheel disco 'cause it's really long back wheel links.
val nasso r bs bmx oklahoma
BMX Plus! january 1995: Val Nasso probably wasn ‘t even alive when Betty Boop was on the big screen but that didn’t stop him from wearing Boop boxer shorts on his way to sixth place in Stunt Boy flat. We know that is a pretty bad caption, but what are you
gonna do?

Albert Retey
from Germany did a bar flip whiplash and ended 4th.
Steve Roy; quick direction changes, fast riding and flow. Fire hydrant to forward death truck spin.
Trevor Meyer, 1st. Trevor hardly ever does original tricks, but does the hardest stuff out.

STUNTMEN FLAT RESULTS: 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Day Smith 3.Steve Roy 4.Albert Retey 5.James White 6.Andrew Arroyo 7.Sean McKinney 8.Jay Miron

BMX Plus! january 1995: In Stunt Men, Trevor Meyer proved that he is the most consistent rider in ground riding today and he pulled nearly every one of his sick combos for first place.

Trevor Meyer, Stunt Men winner, BMX Plus! january 1995: It gets kind of confusing with names and stuff, but let's see. I did this cross-footed whiplash to a McCircIe with the bars normal. From that I swung it around to like a cross-footed mega-spin and then I flipped the bars around so I was coasting in a circle. Then I flipped the frame around and jumped into a left-footed backyard and then I just pulled out. Let's see, I did this whiplash, umm. it's hard to explain this one. I did a whiplash and you swing your left foot around front, scuf&Mac222;ng the tire. and then I go into these elephant whips that are pretty tough. I did like two or three and from those I went to a left-footed forward tailvvhip and then to a foot over the bars McCirc|e and I went to a Smith decade from that. I was pretty happy with my run for how bad the ground was."
STUNTBOYS VERT RESULTS: 1.Jim Walker 2.Achim Kujawski 3.Pat Dehne 4.Mark Owen 5.Mel Cody 6.Mike Ocoboc 7.Jay Eggleston 8.Pat Miller

STUNTMEN VERT RESULTS: 1.Jay Miron $400 2.Mat Hoffman $300 3.Dennis McCoy $200 4.Rick Thorne $100 5.Steve Swope 6.Kevin Robinson

Dennis McCoy pulled a good 540 lookback.
Jay Miron, icepick grinds at top speed.

BMX Plus! january 1995: The wind was blowing extremely hard during the vert contest, which wound up taking a serious toll on everyone's riding. ln Stunt Men vert Jay Miron made up for his mini ramp runs by ruling hands-down, while Matt Hoffman followed right behind him in second. In Stunt Boy, the win went to a guy who has nearly made it to every B.S. comp there has ever been: Jimmy Walker.

BMX Plus! january 1995: A framestand icepick grind is not a trick that a lot of riders do on vert, but Achim Kujawski did it and did it well on his way to second in Stunt Boy vert.

dmc props bmx 4
Dennis McCoy on the cover of Props #4.

mat hoffman candybar bs bmx oklahoma
BMX Plus! january 1995: Matt Hoffman is simply unreal to watch riding on a vert ramp. Here Matt lofts a candybar cancan-type air at about 7’ without giving a second thought to the wind that was blowing everyone else all over the ramp. Second place Stunt Men vert.

Tom Mach from Canada went for a huge front flip attempt wich sent him clearing the box's landing on his ass.
Troy McMurray
www.ridebmx.com, july 2006: Shants, a full-face helmet, chromed-out Standard, a striped shirt, and a quick-release seat post clamp will give you a good idea of what Troy McMurray was sporting at the Hoffman Bike Park in ’94. Photo by Brad McDonald.

rob nolli tailwhip bs bmx oklahoma
BMX Plus! january 1995: Rob Nolli has been ripping all year long in the Stunt Men mini/street class and his third-place finish at this contest helped to put him in close contention for the year-end title. Will Nolli be able to win the class? Will he start riding vert to go for the overall title? Can we possibly run any more photos of him doing tailwhips? Stay tuned.

stuart king superman seatgrab bs bmx oklahoma
BMX Plus! january 1995: Here are three important things you need to know about England's Stuart King: He flat-out rips on any ramp that stands in his way, he took &Mac222;rst place in Stunt Boy mini/street with tricks like this superman seat-grab and, on any given day, Stuart is likely to run around like a little kid on a sugar rush and attempt to pummel everyone in his way with a giant in&Mac223;atable hammer. That last one may seem a bit strange, but if you ever meet Stuart, you will understand.

Mike Griffin did a high no-foot to barspin and a barspin off the wall ride.
John luc-e Englebert did no handed barspins, double barspin and no handed flip crash.
Stuart King from UK managed to beat everyone. Rocket barspin to no foot, truckdrivers, 720, tailwhip over a hip earned him the respect that being immortalized as "the no-hander lander kid" last year didn't.

BMX Plus! january 1995: In the Stunt Boy class, one of the main standouts was England's Stuart King. Last year Stuart came over for this contest and amazed everyone with his no-hander landers. This year he kept his hands on his grips when he was landing but he was busting tricks like truckdrivers over both the box and the spine. Another standout in Stunt Boy was GT's Pat Miller. Miller decided to enter mini/street at the last minute and was seen blasting some of the biggest airs of the weekend over the hip and spine.

STUNTBOYS MINI/STREET RESULTS 1.Stuart King 2.John Englebert 3.Pat Miller 4.Mike the boy Ocoboc 5.Chuck D 6.George Smoot 7.Eben K 8.Mel Cody 9.Paul Murray

Rob Nolli pulled 720s, no foot to tailwhip, 540 over the spine pulled clean.
A severe knee injury kept Jay Miron from finishing the contest. He still managed to take 9th place with a one hand one foot to no foot 360, a big flip and a double barspin crash over the spine.
Taj Mihelich pulled a one hand no foot to tailwhip and tried a few double tailwhips.
Rick Thorne pulled flip to fakie on the vert wall.
Dennis McCoy tried a 180 flip over the box jump, did cancan flip, double truckdriver and no foot flip to photographer slam.
Matt Hoffman did the biggest transfer of the weekend into the spine ramp.

STUNTMEN MINI/STREET 1.Mathew Hoffman 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Rob Nolli 4.Rick Thorne 5.Taj Mihelich 6.Kevin Robinson 7.Steve Swope 8.Leigh Ramsdell 9.Jay Miron

BMX Plus! january 1995: In the Stunt Men class, probably the biggest news was that Jay Miron kept having serious difficulties with his bike and decided not even to ride in his last run, which left him way down in ninthplace. Matt Hoffman surprised himself more than anyone else by taking the win in mini ramp. Dennis McCoy was right behind Matt with his usual techno-lip tricks and third went to Rob Nolli, who was pulling 720s over just about everything the park had to offer.