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1970 Birthdate: october 3, 1970
Birthplace: Canada.
early years Jay: I started riding in 1982 in Thunder Bay when I was eleven. It was really tough then because Thunder Bay is really cold in the winter and had no indoor park. I just did my best to stay positive and not complain, and wait until spring. Then I rode like crazy until winter came again.

Jay: I finished high school and went right into my first summer BMX tour.
jay miron 1986
1989 Jay Miron wallride on the cover of BMX Plus! october 1990. jay miron bmx plus! 10 1989
1990 Jay Miron is pulling boomerang airs.

Jay Miron roule pour la toute nouvelle compagnie de Ron Wilkerson: WAL (Wilkerson AirLines qui deviendra 2-HIP par la suite).

Jay left WAL and is riding for Bully.

2Hip Meet The Street, Palm Springs, CA. october 1990.
Jay Miron did his new sponsor Bully no wrong by winning the Great class hands down: No footed 360's over the spine, full-steam-ahead nose wheelies across the table and perfectamundo 540's and rocket airs on the spine to name a few of his stunts. Jay has more than post-modern maneuvers -he has style and he's "not afraid to die" either.

Sequence of a pulled 900° in Go december 1990.
jay miron 1990
Jay riding for Wilkerson.

jay miron 1990 boomerang air
Boomerang air revealed in Go october 1990.
1991 Jay left Bully to do a little soulsearching at the beginning of the year.
Jay: I quit riding for a few months. I just contemplated life. I was thinking about going to school.

2-Hip/Haro thrash festival
Jay: I did a 270 to smith grind, and kind of like a backwards to forwards grind like Matt's alley oop thing, but I don't turn my bars-I just turn the whole bike. I got front peg grinds too.
The second day at the Meet The Street, Jay was "set up pretty good" by GT and will tour for them this year.

Dorkin 4 video.
Jay Miron, www.bmx-test.com, april 2004: I think this nickname came from HSA announcer Steve Swope. This one comp I just kept crashing over and over again trying to learn backflip fakies at the end of my run (Arizona BS march 1992). He just kind of yelled out that I was the Canadian Beast and it became a bit of a joke between friends. Then a few years later when ESPN came along and needed a villain to make Dave Mirra seem nicer they got all crazy with it. It's so funny because I'm a pretty small guy. Most of the time when someone meets me for the first time they comment that I look a lot bigger on TV. I don't think I really look bigger it's just that usually guys who have the nickname "beast" are huge.

Jay's doing backflips over the spine at every GT shows.

Interview in BMX Plus! july 1992
Sponsors ? GT, Pulse products, Club Homeboy.
Bike ? GT Pro Freestyle Tour Pro Model.
Tricks invented ? Boomerang air, rock walk drop-in, tailwhip drop-in..
Moto ? If you're not wearing safety gear, you're not trying hard enough.

Interview in FAT #24 summer 1992

Ride On video.

1992 BS finals Chicago: Jay Miron pulled a perfect backflip fakie on vert in practice. Yes, he flipped, rolled down the transition, across the flat, and turned around.

Jay Miron and GT have parted ways.
jay miron 1992
BMX Plus! july 1992

jay miron 1992 worlds
Worlds 1992
1993 February Jay has left GT and inked a good deal to ride for Hoffman Bikes.

1993 BS round 2: Jay Miron did the trick of the contest with a canadian style nosepick on the rail.

Jay did a manual to handrail.

Dorkin Hypnosis video.
jay miron 1993 BS round 2
1994 Interview in Ride BMX US #9 february march 1994.

Ride BMX UK #10 april may 1994: Jay Miron backflip to fakie sequence.

Jay Miron is teaching at Woodward, PA.
jay miron 1994
1995 Madd Matt video.
Close double flip attempt, opposite handrail, double truckdriver over the spine (...)

and Interview: Freedom #8 june july august 1995

Jay Miron european vacation in Ride BMX US #17 august september 1995.

Extreme Games dirt gold medal and third place in pro vert.

Jay Miron quitte Hoffman Bikes pour Schwinn.
jay miron freedom bmx  07 1995
1996 4th place pro dirt and 2nd place pro street @ 1996 X-Games.
1997 First ever double backflip.
This was filmed for a show called Ordinary Extraordinary and aired in May of 1997.

Schwinn American Muscle video.
Jay Miron's section (which starts off with a song from the movie Rad) has some of the most amazing riding ever done: everything he does is SO high, stretched and fast! From technical lip tricks (fakie whip nosepick, decade tailtap) to HUGE airs on vert (540 turndown, tailwhips, boomerang air, 900). And the stuff he does on Woodward's "safe landing" jump is insane, including a 360 with a tailwhip, 720 with a barspin, and a double backflip!

Jay Miron pulled 540 tailwhip.
I had seen Hoffman and Parker getting pretty close (...) I learned 360-whips over a spine and figured out how to nose them in. Sean Peters really started pushing me after that. So on the flight to the Florida comp where I actually pulled it for the first time, I just sat there thinking about it and figured out what to do. I tried it in the comp and pulled it second try.

1998 Jay Miron has started his own BMX distributing company out of Vancouver, Canada, called UP-NORTH BMX SUPPLY.
1999 1999 Schwinn Hydramatic Comp: Jay Miron signature bike.

Interview in
Ride BMX UK #40 april may 1999.

Cover of Props #32 july august 1999.

Props #33
Miron spin a 360 and land on a rail at Woodward.

BMXup #21 juillet août 1999.

Cover of BMX Plus! august 1999; B3 Louisville.

Interview: www.fatbmx.com
My company is actually called World Bicycle Sports Incorporated. We have UpNorth BMX Supply, which is a mailorder shop, 10-pack distribution, obviously we distribute parts like Profile, SST, Eastern, Kink, We The People and a bunch of other cool companies. Under the name 10-pack we also have a clothing company. On top of that we have CHASE BMX magazine, an all new Canadian BMX magazine, we're psyched about that.

Jay Miron pull-out poster in Ride BMX US #44 october 1999.

Chase winter 1999: Jay Miron took a hard bail to the face resulting in 40+ stiches to his face. (...) Jay managed to buy a house in Coquitlam, BC.
jay miron props

jay miron bmx plus! 08 1999
August 2000; Jay is leaving Schwinn and starting his own bike company called MacNeil Bikes.

Jay: My run in Louisville X - Trials 2000 ? I kicked ass.

Props Road Fools 5.

Interview in Ride BMX US #53 october 2000.
macneil logo
2001 Have been with SoBe since January 1st, 2001.

BIKE 2001 contest.
Jay Miron tries a tailwhip to fufanu and almost kills himself.
2002 Interview in Ride BMX US july 2002 about "La Revolution"

Pulled 360 double tailwhip @ X-Games.

540 double tailwhip attempt on vert @ Gravity Games.
2003 Jay Miron hurt his shoulder in Toronto, so he’ll be out for a little bit.
Jay: I went in for my second surgery on my left shoulder on april 1st.

Jay: I'm not riding for Axion shoes anymore. We parted ways after Interbike.

Jay Miron is now riding for Orchid shoes.

First Metro Jam.
The annual Toronto freestyle contest will not be a La Revolution event associated with Hell on Earth or Greg Walsh this year. Jay Miron and his Ten Pack crew will be running the event. The event will be held at the Toronto International Bicycle Show: the METRO Jam.
Jay: The Metro has been a goal of mine for years. It just took me a long time to do it the way I wanted.
2004 2nd place pro @ 2004 Backyard jam round 1.

MacNeil DVD.

Jay Miron's part from the first MacNeil DVD.