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Sources: Transworld BMX #71 september 2002., ...
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Event: first stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series.
Date: May 12, 2002
Place: Charlotte, North Carolina
Jamie Bestwick: superman seat grab to turndown, turndown flair, flow.

VERT RESULTS 1.Jamie Bestwick 2.Kevin Robinson 3.Dave Mirra 4.Chad Kagy 5.John Parker 6.Koji Kraft 7.Jay Miron 8.Jim Burgess 9.Rick Thorne 10.Jimmy Walker
jamie bestwick transworld bmx
Jamie Bestwick at the North Carolina Vans contest on the cover of Transworld BMX september 2002.
Ryan Nyquist: 360 flip, 720, no footed cancan nothings, dialed 360 tricks.

DIRT RESULTS 1.Ryan Nyquist 2.Stephen Murray 3.Chris Doyle 4.Mike Aitken 5.Colin Mackay 6.Corey Bohan 7.Steven McCann 8.Brian Foster 9.Todd Walkowiak 10.Fuzzy Hall
PARK RESULTS 1.Ryan Nyquist 2.Mike Aitken 3.Alistair Whitton 4.Tom Haugen 5.Brian Foster 6.Colin Mackay 7.Dan Sieg 8.Koji Kraft 9.Mike Szczesny 10.Markus Wilke