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Editors: Keith Mulligan, Kevin McAvoy and James Ayres.
Art director: Dave Cordon.
hopcott.com/magazines, 2001: Beginning with the 2001 June issue, Snap is changing its title to Transworld BMX. Transworld BMX Magazine is edited for BMX bicycle riders and jumpers of all ages and abilities and features racing, dirt jumping, street, ramps and flatland. Formerly known as BMX Snap Magazine every beginner-friendly issue features spectacular action photos, reviews of new bicycles, how-to articles, coverage of national events such as the ESPN X-Games, interviews with professional riders, and much more!
tj lavin transworld bmx 06 2001 issue 56 - june 2001 - first Transworld BMX issue (1)
TJ Lavin 360 tabletop on the cover.
Faces behind the name: Keith Mulligan, James Ayres, Brad McDonald, Steve Buddendeck, Tedd Nelson, Scott Papiro, Keith Terra, Jared Souney.
Mat Hoffman interview.
Enter the mind: Paul Osicka.
Simon Tabron poster.
Attention: Ty Stuyvesant, Lance Mosley.
Drive: Steve Veltman, Mike Aitken, Ronny Chalk, Dave Mirra, Cory Martinez, Lawan Cunningham, Timmy Martin.
9 tips for a dialed ride.
Is being pro everything you thought it would be ? DMC, Rick Moliterno, Mike rooftop Escamilla, Robbie Miranda, Taj Mihelich, TJ Lavin, John Englebert.
Space Age Specialized bike test.
7 2001 issue 57 - july 2001
transworld bmx 08 2001 issue 58 - august 2001
UGP Roots Jam, Nora Cup, Warwick's on fire, ...
9 2001 issue 59 - september 2001
Mark Choquette gets inverted in the belly of the beast on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: GPV bikes.
One question, ten answers.
In search of Glory Hole.
BMX in Japan.
Testing the Standard Cashius and Fit Bikes Series One frames.
Drive form on film: Thomas Allier, Travis Hart, Todd Walkowiak, Marvin Loetterle (tailwhip one way, tailwhip back the over way on the next set), David Stroud, Jay Lonergan, John Heaton, Mark Kehl, Elf, Trent Gough, Paul Osicka.
How to change axles and bearings.
Scope: S&M sprocket and bashguard and Drive technologies Load tires.
10 2001 issue 60 - october 2001
Image is Everything - 8 Pros Speak their minds: Nyquist, Thorne, Neal Wood, Butcher, Nasty, Andrew Faris, McMurray, and Danny Nelson.
Taj Mihelich & Rooftop poster.
11 2001 issue 61 - november 2001
Panasonic Shockwave King of Dirt Results from Jones Beach
Cheetah Redesigns Its Race Frame
Baked in the Barrio
12 2001 issue 62 - december 2001
Mat Hoffman at Woodward on the cover.
Strieby backflip tailwhip poster,
X-Games downhill race,
Shoe buyers guide,
Photo section.
01 2002 issue 63 - january 2002
NBL Grands
ronnie chalk superman seatgrab transworld bmx 02 2002 issue 64 - february 2002 (1)
Ronnie Chalk superman seatgrab at the Invert 2001 event on the cover. Photo by Scott Papiro.
2002 NORA Cup: Robbie Miranda, Chad Degroot, Van Homan, Dave Mirra, Cory Nastazio.
Cable: Koji Kraft, Rob Darden, Vans Triple Crown finals, 2Hip Meet The Street, DMC, Interbike 2001, ...
Flashback: Rich Bartlett the Butcher.
Dear Pro: Neal Wood.
ABA Fall Nationals
Trail daze.Drive: Ronnie Gaska, Josh Stricker, Ryan Evans, Joey Marks, Nick Deablur,
2002 Calendar poster.
mike aitken transworld bmx 03 2002 issue 65 - march 2002 (1)
Mike Aitken powers out a hop-over icepick on a chain linker in Utah on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Cable: Taj Mihelich, Mongoose Importan Specialized S-Works, Baco-a-go-go, La Revolution, ebay BMX, ...
Flashback: Eddie Roman.
Dear Pro: Jamie Bestwick.
How to get sponsored.
Views on BMX by Chris Doyle, Dave Freimuth, Mike Aitken, Chad Kagy, Brandon Meadows, Warwick Stevenson, Garrett Byrnes and Brian Tunney.
2001 ABA Grands
How-to backward rails with Ben Snowden.
Matt Beringer's garage.
Attention: Daniel Randall, Bob Scerbo and Aaron Bostrom.
Drive: Ruel Smith, Jerry Bagley, Matt Colich, Mark Trimarchi.
Installing dual cables on a detrangler.
Bike inspection: Brian Castillo's Volume Dinosaur and Robbie Miranda's DK RM59.
Scope: Tektro magnesium brakes and Bizhouse Dialyzer stem.
brian castillo transworld bmx 04 2002 issue 66 - april 2002 (1)
Brian Castillo smith grind on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Spike Jonze.
Dear Pro: TJ Lavin.
One roll one day: Jeff Zielinski.
05 2002 issue 67 - may 2002
Bike Tests: Redline Supa X, DK Legend
The Terrible two: Taj Mihelich & Joe Rich
ABA & NBL Season Openers
chris doyle transworld bmx 06 2002 issue 68 - june 2002 (1)
Chris Doyle suicide double truck at Nasty's house on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Ceppie Maes.
Dear pro: Chad Degroot.
Top ten trails frames.
Fuzzy Hall thoughts and memories.
Dave Mirra poster.
Long beach full pipes.
How to do 180s.
How to buy a bike.
Attention: Austin Coleman and Jon Reed.
transworld bmx 07 2002 issue 69 - july 2002 (1)
Jerry Bagley turndown at Nasty's backyard on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Mike Dominguez.
Free poster: Stephen Murray and Fuzzy Hall.
The perfect bike ? Haro's Mirra Flair.
Do contests matter ? 8 pros tell the truth.
brian foster transworld bmx 08 2002 issue 70 - august 2002 (1)
Brian Foster wall tap on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Dear pro: Dave Mirra.
Attention: Grimaldo Duran.
UGP Roots jam.
Van Homan Bike inspection.
Joe Rich and Ruben Alcantara poster.
jamie bestwick trensworld bmx 09 2002 issue 71 - september 2002 (2)
Jamie Bestwick at the North Carolina Vans contest on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Cable: Vans Triple Crown injuries, Intense, metal mania, The Fifth, ...
EXPN round 1, Grand Prairie, TX.
Vans Triple Crown round 1, Charlotte, Noth Carolina.
EXPN round 2, Atlanta, Georgia.
Jamie Bestwick and Mike Aitken interviews.
100 hours with Dennis McCoy.
Dear Pro: Cory Nastazio.
Tire buyer's guide.
Attention: Corey Bohan.
Drive: Joe Riley, Bob Scerbo, Brian Foster, Leif Valin.
Bike inspection: Nathan Penonzec's Quamen Bowls.
dave osato transworld bmx 10 2002 issue 72 - october 2002 (1)
Dave Osato slant-wall nosepick tailwhip at the CFB finals in Joliet, Illinois on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Taj Mihelich answers your questions.
La revolution: New York.
van homan tailwhip transworld bmx 11 2002 issue 73 - november 2002 (1)
Van Homan tailwhip on the cover.
Vans Triple Crown round 2, Denver Colorado.
European X-Games Barcelona Spain.
UCI Worlds Brazil.
Blast from the past at the ABA Rockford race.
Top ten tracks.
Jamie Bestwick and Christophe Leveque poster.
Brian Foster answers your questions.
Bike test: DK Six Pack.
Mini-ramp basics with Chris Doyle, Todd Walkowiak and Mike Ardelean.
Attention: Dan Sieg.
Drive: Casey Burk, David Stroud, Jeff Harrington, Phillip Teague, Kris Bennett; Koji Kraft, Chris Doyle.
Bike inspection: Josh Stricker's S&M PBR.
What's on video ? Jag, Standard Rodegers Garage, CBR, Diversion 1.0.
12 2002 issue 74 - december 2002 (1)
Vic Murphy on the Road Fools trip on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
The Nation's Top Ten Parks
Workbench - Make Your Bike Lighter
X Games VIII: Downhill - Pedal for the Medal
Rewind: UGP 2002, Etnies Forward and 411 issue 2.
X Games VIII: Turning Up the Heat
Bike Tests - Redline Proline Pro.
Bike Test - wethepeople Thrillseeker.
Fools on Parade (Road Fools 10).
Bike Inspection - Todd Lyons' Intruder Pro XL.
X Games VIII: Turning Up the Heat.
Dear Pro - Robbie Answer's.
Flashback: Greg Hill.