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1968 DOB: february 19, 1968.
Place of birth: San Jose, California, USA.
early years When I was about 14, I used to race at the Pipeline BMX track, and they used to let us ride the skatepark for free on sundays if we raced. I started getting into it, so I quit racing and started riding pools and entering contests.
1984 1984 King Of the Skateparks round 1, Pipeline.
Brian Blyther was the only amateur to enter the highest air contest. He got third.

Interview in
Freestylin' #1 summer 84
In this issue Brian's also showing how to do 360 tailspin.

Interview in Super BMX august 1984.

2nd place 16 under expert @ King Of Skateparks round 3, Upland.

Interview: Brian Blyther on Huffy.
brian blyther 1984

brian blyther tailwhip
1985 Brian is riding for Haro.

Kellogs BMX championship in the UK.

Brian Blyther's first and second run at the AFA 1985 King of The Skateparks finals.
1986 Covers: BMX Plus! april 1986 (over Ron Wikerson),
Freestylin' june 1986,
Bicross Magazine juin 1986.

Brian Blyther out at the Pipeline on the cover of Freestyle BMX UK july 1986.
brian blyther bmx plus

brian blyther freestylin

brian blyther bicross mag

brian blyther freestyle bmx uk 07 1986
1987 1st place pro ramp @ 2-Hip KOV round 1, Houston, Texas.

2nd place pro ramp @ KOV round 2
, Flint, Michigan, may 1987.
Brian Blyther pulled off his usual endless stream of high and extremely smooth airs, and his 540s were unleashed at above average altitudes, but it wasn't enough to beat Josh White's onslaught of massively bio moves.

Cover: Freestylin' june 1987.

1st place pro ramp @ AFA masters round 4, Colombus, Ohio, september 1987.
Brian Blyther rode to AC/DC and blazed airs in the nine to ten-foot range: an X-down, a cancan footplant, a front-wheel 360 on the short ramp and on the quarterpipe, a cancan X-up, a chicken-man air, Blyther hop-hops, a 540 about two feet out and ended his run with a 540 flyout.

4th place pro ramp @ AFA masters round 5, New York, october 1987.
Cancan Foot Plant, Gay Air, Look Down, Candy Bar, Step In, Cancan X Up et 540° permettent à Brian de s'octroyer la 4e place.

1987 King Of Vert.
brian blyther kov
KOV round 1, Houston, Texas.

brian blyther freestylin
1988 Brian Blyther (top) and Ron Wilkerson, both riding for Haro at the time, appear on the cover and get interviewed in the january 1988 issue of American freestyler.

1st place pro ramp @ AFA masters round 1, Palmetto, FL, january 1988.
Brian Blyther won the Pro Ramps class with a clean run featuring high airs. Brian's ramp run began with a flipper 360, followed by a decade on the kick ramp, then a high air. a lookdown, a candybar air, a sprocket roll, an abubaca, a cancan X-up, a one-hand cancan, a 270 drop-in, a fakie footplant, then Blyther hops, a 540 air, 540 flyout and lastly, a cancan footplant.

1st place pro ramp @ KOV round 1, CA, march 1988.

1st place pro ramp @ KOV round 2 (premier Megafree), Paris, France, march 1988.
Brian roule propre et 50cm au-dessus de tous les autres.

Brian Blyther entre au guiness book des records avec un aerial à 10 pieds et 2 pouces.

Novembre 1988, Matt Hoffman et Brian Blyther sont les freestylers US invités pour le cinquième Bicross International de Paris Bercy.

Interview in Freestylin' november 1988

1988 King of Vert.

Yearly earnings: $100,000.
brian blyther american freestyler

brian blyther  1988
1989 Cover of Freestylin january 1989.

2nd place pro ramp @ KOV, Megafree #2, Paris, France, février 1989.
Le King Of Vert en titre se classe deuxième en utilisant tout le half pipe avec une hauteur démentielle.

KOV round 1, Toronto Canada, march 1989.
Brian Blyther tente 900°

Interview pour Bicross and Skate magazine #75 février 1989

Dyno World Tour
Brian Blyther and Dave Voelker went to Portugal.

Video Ride Like A Man. Brian y rentre sept 540° d'affilé.

Cover of Freestylin october 1989.
brian blyther freestylin

brian blyther megafree
Megafree #2

brian blyther freestylin
1990 Brian is riding for Airwalk shoes.

Go #9 july 1990: A day in the life of Brian Blyther.

2nd place Great @ 2Hip Meet The Street, Palm Springs, october 1990.
Second was duly snagged by Brian Blyther, who made his own lines like jumping the car's width from the spine and landing like a cat on the grind table, a burly 360 from the spine to the caved-in roof of the Caddy, and spinning glassy-smooth 540's and 360's on the spine ramp.

Brian Blyther can-canning at Jake's ramp in Hermosa beach, California on the cover of Go december 1990.

Brian is riding for GT.
brian blyther 1990

brian blyther go
1991 Brian over the volcano at the 1990 2hip Meet The Street in Palm Spring on the cover of Invert march 1991. Photo by Brad McDonald.

Interview in Invert april 1991.
brian blyther invert 03 1991
1997 Cover: Freedom #20 brian blyther freedom bmx 12 1997
2000 Demo in India.
2001 The Soul Bowl saw the return to competition of legendary pool master and the first truly smooth flowing rider, Brian Blyther. Blyther was airing to icepick on the vert extension, doing multiple variations in his high smooth carving airs and doing high speed manuals over extensions and around the corners of the bowl. He also did a huge 540 that floated at least four panels of the massive bowl.
2002 Brian Blyther is riding for Giant.
2003 Taj Mihelich, www.terribleone.com, february 2003: My day was just made! Jared Souney sent me some pictures of Brian Blyther riding his new T-1 (that we had the honor of giving to him). I feel like a little kid I'm so excited about this one!

Transworld BMX december 2003: Flashback on Brian Blyther.
brian blyther 2003
2004 BMX legend Brian Blyther broke his neck hanging out in the desert with his friends in april 2004. He broke two vertebrae.

Brian Blyther is now a police sheriff in the US.
2005 March 2005; Brian Blyther is aboard a retro HARO Sport and likes it.

Robert Castillo's house party after the Joe Kid on a Stingray video premiere in L.A., april 2005. Photo by Xavier Mendez.
brian blyther 2005