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freestyle bmx uk 02 1986 issue 22 - february 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Covers 1986 Holeshot championships - classic competition - Craig Campbell, Pepi Winder with demonstration from Ron Wilkerson.
Interview with Andy and Neil Ruffell.
How to do a ramp 540.
A look at the GT World Tour bike.
andy irwin freestyle bmx uk 03 1986 issue 23 - march 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
BMX bi-weekly"
Andy Irwin and C.W. working out in the sun on the cover.
On test: CW California Freestyle.
Pepi Winder interview.
Vertical boomerang (decade).
freestyle bmx uk 04 1986 issue 24 - april 1986 (scanned by moley 0803 - download)
Rock testing the Haro Master 2 whilst riding for Vincent Frames on the cover.
Haro Master 2 cover and full test.
Craig Campbell interview.
craig campbell freestyle bmx uk 05 1986 issue 25 - may 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Craig Campbell one handed one footer on the cover.
Poster: Jose Yanez doing a backflip.
Interview with Glyn Lewis
Skate Scene
Goin' for the one
Racing News
Skateboard "How 2's"
terence jenkins freestyle bmx uk 06 1986 issue 26 - june 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Terence Jenkins vertical boomerang on a Haro Master on the cover.
Torture test of the Skyway Streetstyler.
Terry Jenkins interview.
Air guide: how to do your first aerial.
How to do Quickspin with Scotty Freeman and Reverse jump rope with Terry Jenkins.
BFA page: National 4, Lowetoft.
Dyno Compe bike test.
Profile bike test.
brian blyther freestyle bmx uk 07 1986 issue 27 - july 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 incomplete - download)
Brian Blyther out at the pipeline on the cover.
Ron Wilkerson interview, CW California Flyer test & CW Z-750, Z-1000, Z-2000, Z-3000, California Freestyler & California Shaker are also reviewed. BFA National comp in Poole.
dave young freestyle bmx uk 08 1986 issue 28 - august 1986 (1) (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Dave Young on the cover.
Skyway's Craig Campbell tells how to Hurricane.
Dave Young interview.
UKBFA National last round, Cardiff. Report by Mark Noble.
freestyle bmx uk 09 1986 issue 29 - september 1986 - 56 pages (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
(?) on the cover.
Test of the Powerlite Freestyler by Mike Webb
How to do Pedal-Picker
Interview with Carlo Griggs.
Review of the 1986 Weetabix World Championships
Farnboro' skate contest
Racing Center Spread
The Great Pete Rogers Column (skateboarding)
Skateboard "How 2's".
freestyle bmx uk 10 1986 issue 30 - october 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
(?) on the cover.
Bike how to: vertical boomerang.
Chingford Jam.
Haro Group 1; is this the Porsche of racing bikes ?
Skateboard action.
jason hassel freestyle bmx uk 11 1986 issue 31 - november 1986 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Jason Hassel on TV on the cover.
lance mountain freestyle bmx uk 12 1986 issue 32 - december 1986
Lance Mountain & ????? on the cover.
Freestyle Bash at Hinkley
Official TV Souvenier Program; INTERNATIONAL BMX BEAT
Trick Talk
Readers Survey results
Jason Hassell Interview
Early Snowboarding magazine coverage
Handplant Varial by Shane Rouse. Skateboard