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1969 Born in Hampstead, London England. March 23rd 1969.
early years Jess, september 2003: I was my first BMX when I was visiting the US with my mom. I was 12 years old and I met this kid who had a Huffy with Skyways and a coaster break. I used to race my 10 speed cross country, so BMX was a natural progression for me. I came back home and all I thought about was how fun it was to ride that Huffy. The next year I got a Raleigh Ultra Burner for X-mas, I was so stoked. I went to every event, and ended up building my own track right by my house in London. After a while more and more BMXers started showing up. Its was the summer of 1982, it was the best time, just hanging at the track and learning new tricks.
1984 Jess Dyrenforth x-up on the cover of Freestyle BMX magazine #8 november 1984. issue 8
1985 Jess Dyrenforth on the cover of BMX Racer + Freestyle may 1985.

1985 GT World Tour.
Jess, september 2003:My first experience going abroad was when Eddie Fiola and Bob Morales came over for a UK tour. I was on the UK GT team so they asked me to travel with them. We went over to Island and did a few demo's. It was a crazy experience, they treated us like rock stars and during one demo the kids started throwing chairs after Eddie did one of his runs. They where so stoked they started getting violent. Security rushed us over behind some tables and the kids ran over and wanted to touch Eddie. The tables where in between us the the crowd and we where starting to get crushed. The team manager (Shawn Buckley) freaked out because he could see Eddie's legs where trapped. Somehow he managed to get the crowd to back off enough for us to leave. Six months later Shawn asked me to tour the US with Dino and Bret Hernandez. It was the best experience I'd ever had.
jess dyrenforth bmx racer + freestyle 05 1985
1986 U.K. resident Jess Dyrenforth is joining Brett Hernandez and Dino DeLuca on the Dyno U.S. tour.

Jess is on the cover of BMX Action Bike #46 november 1986.
bab 46
1988 The British invasion starts...Nick Phillip, Craig Campbell, Lee Reynolds, Jess Dyrenforth and other limeys inhabit America.

Jess: I remember back in England riding with close friends, Nick Phillips, Craig Campbell and my friend that simply goes by the name of Bun. We also used to ride at South bank, and battle for bank space against the then BMX hating skateboarders. We also used to skateboard so we would switch it up and skate for a while and the skateboard would relax a little. In this environment we would naturally borrow tricks from skateboarding. We experimented with wall rides and boneless style tricks (fastplants) . Then when Craig and I came to the US and started riding street doing big wall rides and fast plants, everyone was tripping out. We didn't think anything of it, it was just what we did back in the UK, but it turned some heads and ended up in the US magazines.

Jess: I competed on most of the KOV comps, but I never considered myself a comp rider. It just never made sense to me to have a result and be judged on a one minute run. Vert sessions were where the best riding took place. I remember sessions at the enchanted ramp with Joe Johnson, Anderson, Lee Reynolds, and Wilkerson to name a few. Those sessions are my best memories, everyone supporting each other and having a good laugh.

Freestylin august 1988: Englishman Jess Dyrenforth is now on Haro and doing shows around So.Cal. with Sean Wilkerson.
A nosepicker can-canned at the bust bank by Jess Dyrenforth. Photo by Spike Jones. Content page, Freestylin june 1988.
1989 Haro Tour.

BMX Plus! september 1989: Hutch Windstyler test with Jess.

Video Aggroman
Jess: I don't remember too much about Aggroman, just that Eddie Roman had a great sense of humor. I would need to see it again to recollect anything more than my mini ramp spin section.

2nd place Good @ 2-Hip Meet The Street finals.
Jess: We drove non stop from San Diego to Oregon. I poached a ride with Ron Wilkerson and the 2 hip crew. We had a sketchy van and trailer full of ramps, it was a mission to say the least. We where running late, but arrived just in time to set up the ramps and get the contest started. I remember Dave Volker trying a 720 over the spine, it was sick.

1st place Good @ 1989 final standings.
Jess: Winning the 1989 2-hip series was cool. Craig and I loved those street contest, and it was cool to have him win great and me win good.
1989BMX Plus! september 1989
Jess Dyrenforth riding an 89 Hutch Wind Styler for the BMX Plus test and Craig Campbell stickin' his head outta' the ramp
1990 4th place expert (Dave Mirra was 7th) @ KOV 1989 finals, Newport, january 1990.

Jess is off Haro and on GT.
He is also riding for Vision and Xisle Sunglasses.

Mini interview and full page photo in BMX Plus! may 1990: The British invasion.

Craig Campbell and Jess Dyrenforth depart for Hawaï to do demo at a National Skateboarding Association street contest.
1991 Cover: GO july 1991
Jess, september 2003: Getting this cover was a big deal to me. Go was the best magazine at that time and Spike Jones was a good friend I'd meet on the Haro tour. Spike took me to this spot in LA and we had to get the shot quick because the security guards where on us. The jeans where made for me by My friend Doug Boyce, Doug was a big inspiration to me during this time. Doug came from professional skateboarding but chose to be a Rollerblader, despite the lame image and the animosity action sports had towards rollerblading. Doug had great vision and inspired me to try out rollerblades. Doug is considered one of the founders of modern day rollerblading, I give him much respect to his vision.

What was the situation when you left ?
Jess, september 2003: Back in the early 90's BMX was struggling, magazines where going out of business, riders where getting dropped and tours where fewer and fewer. I made my living doing BMX shows for GT and Gale Webb. Once I started rollerblading I would do both disciplines in the show. Rollerblading was more of a challenge and something totally new. A blank canvas for new trick, style and culture. I've been involved in rollerblading for about 13 years, and I am proud of being involved from the beginning and more importantly of what rollerblading is becoming.
1996 Vans Warped Tour
1999 99
2003 What you are doing now ?
Jess, september 2003: I own two very small company's, we make street ware Clothes and frames for rollerblading. Our clothing line is expanding outside of just rollerblading. Its a higher end, more fashion conscious line that can be worn skating or out to clubs/ parties. However my main focus is photography, I started shooting back in England and studied photography in collage. My education was cut short when I moved to the US at the age of 17. When we started Daily Bread magazine back in 93, as was the natural choice for the staff photographer. I have been doing freelance photography ever since. As much as I love shooting action sports, I am seriously looking into other photographic challenges. I want to learn to shoot more fashion and personality type work.
My first photo ever published was back in the mid to late eighty's in UK's BMX action bike. It was a 90 degree wall ride of Eddie Roman, when he was on the skyway tour in London.
Jess Dyrenforth - Method.

Jess: I've been involved in rollerblading for about 13 years, and I am proud of being involved from the beginning and more importantly of what rollerblading is becoming.

Drop in Montreal - Photo by Jess Dyrenforth