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Aggro Riding and Kung Fu Fighting
Mat Hoffman, The Ride of my Life, 2002: Eddie Roman, my old Skyway teammate, had a home video camera, some nunchakus, and a vision. He wanted to make a movie, an epic riding adventure, filmed on location in the Secret Ninja Ramp and in areas around Edmond. It was a no-budget underground production, and the plot changed from corny comedy, to random riding drama, to flubbed-overdub laden kung fu action several times in the span of forty minutes. Probably the best pad of making Aggro Riding and Kung Fu Fighting was that it quickly led to a sequel, Aggroman, in which I played a golden-suited superhero who battled ninjas I love ninjas. Hence, the name of my indoor ramp.
Filmed, directed and produced in 1989 by Eddie Roman. Circa 1000 original VHS copies were made.

The shadiest BMX video ever, made in 1989. Aggroman is a BMX superhero. This is one of the first videos to show Street Riding. (Eddie Roman)

Starring: Matt Hoffman, Eddie Roman, Dave Voelker, Kevin Jones, Mark "LungMustard" Eaton, Pete Augustin, Craig Campbell, Chris Day, Vic Murphy, Craig Grasso, Steve Swope, Dennis McCoy, Jess Dyrenforth, Mindy Udell (Matt's girlfriend at the time), Mike O'Day and more.
Running time: 90min.

What's your name? Betty
You're usless as a cripple pack mule boy.
We're going to fist city.
I'm an AggroNinja.
Whoa, lookit that! A spinarooni! Is that a chrome BMX?
To get to the OTTER side! Get it?
You ruined a perfectly good bicycle.

Invert july 1990: This is Eddie Roman's second video, so I guess you could call it the sequel to Aggro Riding And Kung Fu Fighting, his first video. Aggroman is hot: there's a basic storyline which goes something like this - anyone who wears the 'A' necklace becomes Aggroman and is able to ride like no other. The Ninja kidnaps Aggroman's girlfriend (Betty) and keeps her locked up in the Secret Ninja Warehouse, which just happens to have a halfpipe in it. He rides the ramp and then rescues Betty. The storyline is tacky, the acting is even tackier, and the voice dubbing is hilarious, which makes it all a complete crease up. Matt Hoffman plays Aggroman, Matt's girlfriend plays Betty and we think it's either Kevin Jones or Kevin Martin in the Ninja gear. Watch for Steve Swoope playing Aggroman's dad it's sooooo funny. After the story the video then breaks into the 'Trick' section, which is just full of intense riding, flat, dirt, street, mini ramps, vert, the works. Jones etc on flat, everyone riding the mini ramp complex, the street riding is full on, and then our senses are assulted by Matt Hoffman's vertical riding; it's INSANE (no handed 540's, twelve foot variations, and 900's). Other people in the video include Eddie himself, Craig Campbell, Dennis McCoy, Dave Voelker, Pete Augustin, Craig Grasso, Mike Karunichikikik (or whatever his name is) and loads more. We got our copy from Backyard Skates, who are selling it for £29.95, which is well worth it.

www.albesstore.com, 2002: AGGROMAN is a fun little flick that was about a guy who aquired super bike rider powers and became the super hero "AGGROMAN". This is a very goofy movie that is sure to make you giggle like a school girl and has riding in it that is better than half the stuff you see today.

Pepe, cream #13: Je dois avant tout vous dire qu'il faut regarder cette vidéo au second degré. C'est un délire orchestré par les meilleurs riders de l'époque et monté à la sauce Wonder-Womman ou Superman avec des trucages encore plus bidons.
Le scénario débute en l'an 43 avant J.C. où un homme vole le collier magique "A" (Aggroman) au sorcier du village. Ce collier a pour pouvoir de transformer la personne qui le met autour de son cou en super héros du BMX. L'homme perd le collier et il est retrouvé en l'an 1989 par un "pauvre pecno" de la banlieue de Los Angeles. L'ennemi juré d'Aggroman s'appelle Ninja Man et veut à tout prix récupérer le collier pour pouvoir devenir lui aussi un super héros du BMX. S'en suivent des bagarres impressionnantes de trucages entrecoupées de runs en dirt, street et rampe. Ninja Man meurt écrasé par le pick-up big foot de Rick Moliterno.
Outre l'histoire, la vidéo comporte des sessions riding relativement intéressantes pour l'époque avec entre autres des 900° de Matt Hoffman, des Wall Ride Tail Whip en street avec des gens comme Vic Murphy. Pete Augustin, Craig Cambell, Dave Woelker, Ron Wilkerson, Joe Jonhson (double tail whip air), on retrouve également quelques musiques de Bob Haro (fondateur d'Haro Bikes) Celle vidéo est aussi l'occasion de voir les modes (Vision Street Weer, 2 Hip, On edge, Bad Boy Club, Life's the Beach) et styles de l'époque comme Kevin Jones avec un short vert fluo qui nous fait des death trucks sur 100 m ou des séries de 5 whiplash to double décade. Pour résumer, celle vidéo reflète vraiment la manière de vivre et le style de riding de la fin des années 80.

Char Leigh, www.mbatbmx.com: In the late 80's, former Skyway rider Eddie Roman, produced one of the first "lifestyle" BMX videos entitled, "Aggro Riding and Kung Fu Fighting." This video was divided into two sections. The first section was a poorly-dubbed, yet very entertaining, 'kung fu' movie starring Eddie Roman. This kung fu movie told the tale of "Slick Rick" (played by Roman) as he traveled thru the ins and outs of a somewhat exagerrated life in southern California. From battling ninjas, to getting beat up by a biker named "Fishbone," this comedic movie provided much anticipation for the second half of the video; the actual riding. The actual riding featured a number of 'hot' riders from that day. Dave Nourie, Dave Voelker, Scotty Freeman, Marc McKee, Brian Blyther, and a host of others provided some great riding and a glimpse into the lives of many 'factory' stars. Following the release of "Aggro Riding and Kung Fu Fighting" was its highly anticipated sequel, "Aggroman."
Much like its predecessor, "Aggroman" was also divided into two halves.
The first half being a comedic kung fu/superhero adventure, and the second half devoted to some incredible freestyle action. "Aggroman" was a campy tale starring Mat Hoffman (and to a lesser extent Dave Voelker) as they wore the 'aggro-charm' which granted them superpowers ('superpowers' as in being able to completely shred on a bike). Although extremely corny, this little short had that special Roman touch, which would become more evident in his later productions. This was undoubtedly one of the first 'progressive' BMX videos. During the 1980's, unless you lived in southern California or were deeply rooted in the BMX scene, you had very little inkling as to what was going on. With "BMX Plus," "BMX Action," "Freestylin'," and "Go" providing useful, although very limiting, information on the progression of riding, it was still difficult to keep up-to-date.. It was one thing to see a photograph of a tailwhip air in a magazine, but it was on a completely different level to see one in motion in a video. You have to understand that the late 80's was an extremely progressive time in BMX. There were hundreds of incredible tricks being conceived, yet no proper medium to do them justice...until "Aggroman." Although the production quality of the video was mediocore by today's standards, the level of riding and the mood of the video created, which is without a doubt, one of the best BMX videos in BMX video history. Eddie Roman did BMX justice. Eddie Roman did the level of progression justice. Within minutes of the video, you had 'Lord' Voelker blasting HUGE airs on dirt, Hoffman successfully pulling off a host of 900's (this was 1988), Kevin Jones and Mark Eaton giving an incredible flatland clinic, and Pete Augustine and Craig Campbell shredding on street. This video gave you a glimpse into 'the scene' and motivated you to ride. A legend in its day and in the present, this video is the 'holygrail' of BMX videos.

Josh Marsele, www.vintagebmx.com, 2004: My favorite seen from Aggroman is when he starts dancing to impress the chick:
"Watch this, toots, this one was taught to me by the late, great Bob Haro. Yeah, baby. Check me out. Run-DMC in the place to be! Get up on that flava, boy! John Holmes ain't got nuthin' on me, boy! Yeah buddy!"

46 minutes long video produced by Eddie Roman. Out May 27th, 1991. Circa 5000 original VHS copies were made.

Eddie Roman: Of all the BMX videos I've made, this is my favorite. Mat's riding in this video blew away anything that had ever been done on a bike. By this time, I had a pretty good handle on camerawork & editing, so the production quality was up. I really tried to do a pro job on that one, and I think it came out good. I paid lots of attention to the lighting and camerawork and did a lot with slow motion in the editing. The music was all given to me by bands that had professional recordings (as opposed to the soundtrack of Aggroman which was recorded in a basement with my SVHS video camera). This was also the first time I had a color cover made. Everything about this video was PRO; it was such a giant leap forward from my previous projects.
This video shows Mat doing the first big handrail on a bike. I could talk forever about Mat, he's the man. I was just the lucky one who got to document the early days of Freestyle's Supreme Master Condor Overlord Warrior Chief.

Mat Hoffman, The Ride of my Life, 2002: After France (Bercy 6, march 1990), Eddie Roman came out to visit and we filmed Head First, another home-brewed Roman production. The action opened with Eddie posing as a kitchen appliance and basically eating garbage, regurgitating it, and then feeding the mixture to his friend. This was the first video to feature excessive coverage of street and mini-ramp riding, which were becoming all the rage in the sport. I also rode a lot of dirt jumps. I was riding for Haro but was going through a bike a day while we compiled footage. My bikes change color every other scene, and after some tricks, parts can be seen literally breaking off my bike. While making Head First, I adapted the art of big handrails from skateboarding to bikes. I pulled a burly twenty-two stepper while filming with Eddie in downtown Oklahoma City.

GO september 1991: We don't usually do this but this video is exceptionally good - a 46 minute Eddie Roman-produced milestone vid on the condor, Matt Hoffman, flying the coup de grâce on ramps, street, dirt, and lake jumping. Shuddering slo-mo and well edited pieces of legally insane Hoffman maneuvers ( examples; 540's at 8 feet, 900, flair, a handrail grind down at least 20 stairs, a no handed backflip into water, etc.) contribute to Head First's mind boggling action, wich also focuses on flatlander Chase Gouin. Music includes Fugazi (...)
Head First is truly an inspiration, and highly, highly, HIGHly recommended by the staff of GO; The Rider's Manual. If you ride bikes, you MUST see this video.

Pépé, Cream #13: J'ai vu pour la première fois celle vidéo pendant les Championnats du Monde 1991 à Aalborg au Danemark. Armen (ex pilier de la scène BMX française) nous avait montré celle vidéo an avant première et ce fut une véritable révolution Comme toutes les K7 de celle époque, elle commence par un délire avec un shaker humain ; explication: vous mettez tous les aliments dans la bouche d'un copain, il mâche, il secoue la tête, il recrache dans un verre et vous avez le partait mélange à température ambiante.
Cette cassette est avant tout la vidéo de Mat Hoffman ! (le premier de la classe) C'est un festival de tricks à une altitude minimum de 10 pieds en vert avec les premiers flairs, des 540° no hand, 540° swich hand, 540° table top et 900°, également les premiers handrails en street sur plus de 20 marches. Matt roule encore pour la marque HARO. (Il créera Hoffman Bikes en 1992). On découvre également le fameux semi-remorque avec rampes itinérantes des Sprockets Jockeys qui serviront pour les tournées de promotion du BMX à travers les USA. Un passage de la vidéo retrace la vie de Matt depuis ses débuts avec ses nombreuses fractures et une caméra chirurgicale nous permet même de visiter son épaule de l'intérieur. Parmi les autres riders, on découvre que Chase Gouin est ambidextre, Tim "Fuzzy" Hall et Chad Herrington faisaient déjà du dirt. Dave `Psyco' Alford était et est toujours cascadeur. Apparition également de Kevin Jones. Le tout sur la musique préférée de Matt: Fugazy. En tous ças ces quelques lignes sont loin d'être suffisantes pour démontrer toute l'importance qu'avait cette vidéo dans l'esprit des riders.
Eric Laborie, décembre 2006: Tout le monde s'en fout mais il y a une vérité à rétablir à propos de ce que dit Pépé. J'étais à Aalborg, j'ai croisé Eddy Roman qui était avec Matt et il lui montrait les VHS toutes fraîches d'Head First qu'il avait apporté. Avec un anglais lamentable je prends quelques renseignements et je reviens quelques heures plus tard acheter cette VHS. Je crois que j'ai été l'un des seuls à acheter cette vidéo là bas et surtout le seul français. Connaissant ses dons d'organisation, je suis allé voir Armen et lui ai dit que j'aimerais qu'on regarde tous la vidéo le soir même à l'hôtel, ce qui fût fait. Pendant 6 mois, en France, tous ceux qui ont vu Head First ont vu une copie de mon exemplaire puisque je l'avais prêté à Armen pour faire des copies et qu'on ne trouvait pas encore Head First en magasin. Voilà, pas grand chose, un petit bout de l'histoire du BMX. Allez, ouste...

Leigh Ramsdell, Ride BMX US #100: After I watched Head First I had to get on my bike and pedal as fast as I could at our quarterpipe. I busted my ass and lay on the ground thinking about the video and realizing just what was possible with a bike and a ramp. It made me get up and keep riding until I had barhop airs wired-no other video has given me that feeling and motivation.

Markus Wilke, Ride BMX US #100: Head First was way ahead of its time when it was released. Awesome music. great editing. funny interludes, and most importantly the breathtaking riding of Mat Hoffman. It got me more motivated to ride than any video I've ever seen!

Chris Arriaga, Ride BMX US #100: My earliest memories of BMX revolve around Head First. I'd watch t every day before and after riding when I was 12. Every rider needs to see the history of BMX from 900's on vert to flat ground bunnyhop-tailwhips well over ten years ago. This video shows balls-out BMX and how it got to where it is today.

Ben Snowden, Ride BMX US #100: Head First had a lot of personality and style and I feel that it represented BMX in its underground years perfectly. When there was talk of 'BMX is dead.' this video shows progression and strength. Judging by the years following the video. I think it proved itself to be true.
head first

head first
Ride On
Produced by Eddie Roman in 1992
Circa 10.000 original VHS copies were made.
Time: 45 min.

Ride BMX US october 1992: Although his latest production wasn't completely finished, Eddie gave us an early look at his work in progress. Combining a wide variety of riding styles, rad riders and Eddie's top-notch camera and production work, this video is a definite winner. Since setting the standard with Headfirst With Matt HoFfman, Eddie has a reputation to live up to. His latest effort looks like it will he at least as good as his last, so look out.

Eddie Roman: Ride On is my favorite from a riding perspective. It was just me filming my friends, riding, laughing and just being a Southern California slacker. I couldn't afford to edit it in a professional edit bay (this was before you could buy your own editing system). so I worked in a professional edit bay and was paid in edit time. Instead of a paycheck, I got time in the editing room. That's the kind of thing you can do when you still live with your parents. Making Ride On was a great time.

Will Smyth: Ride On is the work of San Diego street-man Eddie Roman and is the second Head First video production.
You can expect to see "action" from 3 rounds of the Matt Hoffman Bicycle Stunts contest series among with really good stuff by Vic Murphy, Dave Voelker, Chase Gouin (about 3 minutes worth), Eddie Roman himself and the Kung Fu, Karate master,Chad Herrington. Everything is right about this video. The quality of riding, the quality of footage, the music, the samples, the time spent on each section. Everything except the Bee and the J.C. BMX is dead - R.I.P.

Pepe, Cream #13: En 1992, le BMX était considéré comme mort à travers la planéte, il n'y avait plus de magazine en France (1 seul aux USA: BMX +), les médias se désintéressaient complètement de notre sport et les fabricants encore plus car ils avaient trouvé une source bien plus lucrative appelé Mountain Bike (VTT). Seulement, comme dans Astérix, d'irréductibles riders ont décidé de prendre les choses en mains pour relancer la machine. Les Sprockets Jockeys étaient nés et des personnes comme Denis McCoy, Matt, Steeve Swoppe, etc. voyageaient partout dans le monde pour promouvoir le BMX. Les 2 Hip Contest en perte de vitesse de par le manque de médiatisation virent apparaître les "Bicycle Stunt Series" ancêtre des X-Games, organisés par Matt. Ride On est beaucoup plus qu'une simple vidéo de par le message qu'elle véhicule. Pendant la casette un rider enterre son vélo avec une pierre tombale, éprouve des remords, explique que même si tous les magazines disparaissaient. tous les contests disparaissaient, toutes les marques de vélo disparaissaient, il aurait toujours envie de rouler. Alors, il arrache furieusement sont BMX de sa tombe, et repart vers une street session orchestrée par une musique inoubliable (dixit DMC). Pour les riders, on trouve: Jay Miron (GT) nouveau membre du back flip club, Rick Molitemo (qui vient de créer Standard bikes) Tail Whip tail tape, Voelker, Chad Herrington et les Dirts Brothers, un petit jeune déjà très fort qui s'appelle Dave Mirra, Tod Lyons, Dave Clyrner, Chris Moller (S&M), Keith Treanor, Krt Schmidt et comme dans toutes les cassettes il y a un délire, ici c'est une abeille qui poursuit les riders. Pour conclure, Ride On est certainement le point de départ de la deuxième génération du BMX, celle où les produits, les marques et les competes sont faits et contrôlés par les riders, c'est à dire ce que vous vivez actuellement. Alors toi qui roule depuis 4 ou 5 ans ou peut être moins, n'oublie pas le nom des Sprockets Jockeys qui ont fait ce qu'est le BMX aujourd'hui et sans qui tu ne roulerais peut être pas sur un 20 pouces.

Ride BMX UK #2 december 1992: If you only ever buy one video tape in your life, then buy this one: Ride On. I'll say it straight off - Ride On is the dog's nuts when it cornes to riding videos. With respect, other videos pale into insignificance compared to this, Eddie Roman's 45 minute long sequel to Head First.
Why is it so damn great? Maybe it's the format: wicked intro, people features, contest footage, funny bits, and more besides. Maybe it's the riding: with features on Eddie, Chase Gouin, Vic Murphy, Chad Herrington (example; nothings to no footed bus drivers !), contest footage from Matt's Bicycle Stunts series, riding sessions from SoCal streets and dirt from Mission Trails/Honda Hills, humour. (...) Maybe it's the professional way it's put together: expensive effects used to good measure, perfect slowmo, hot editing, great music, combined with killer camera work make it rule. Whatever the case, in every department Ride On excels. Just like Head First, this video will never outdate because it 's so good. This is indeed a 'glowing report', and you may be sick already of all the good compliments, but we don't care. Ride On is THE video to get. Period. Buy it.

Dennis McCoy: To me, "Ride On" is the best video ever. The riding, camera work and production set new standards, but more importantly, the video captured the mood of that era perfectly. The industry was at an all-time low, but the scene couldn't have been better. We were a small tight knit group that pushed riding to new levels.
ride on

Produced by Mark Eaton in 1995.
Time: 40 min.

Jay Miron (close double flip attempt, opposite handrail, double truckdriver over the spine, ...), Mat Hoffman (avec son vélo à moteur sur son half géant ... , 900°, double tailwhip, ...), Day Smith, Taj Mihelich (petite leçon de manual en street), James White.

James White, Ride BMX UK february 1996: I was in York and Mark Eaton just came back from filming round the Hoffman place, and he said, "Can I do some filming ?" And then he said, "Don t say anything, but I might put it on the Hoffman video seeing as you're on the Big Daddy." I heard that all Hoffman and that were wondering what I was doing on it.

Taj Mihelich, transworld.net, january 2009: I think it was a week after I got on Hoffman Bikes that this video was due so we were really in a rush. Still, for just a few days filming I remember thinking it turned out ok.

Ride BMX UK: The long-awaited video from the Hoffman boys is finally here. Not only does it feature the burliest team in freestyle, Madd Matt is also edited by the finest video maker in freestyle; Mark Eaton was hired to make the video, and even though the film is only 35 minutes long it rules.
All the team riders are on here, including Day Smith, James White, Taj Mihelich, Jay Miron, Matt Hoffman, and the welders at the factory. But where the hell is Kevin Jones, flatland guru and designer of the Big Daddy frameset ?
Footage from contests include the BS events, around Europe, at Woodward camp, and plenty of fidge. The filming and editing is the best we've ever witnessed on a bike video, the music is the best music we've ever heard on a bike video, and the riding is the best riding we've ever seen on a bike video [you WILL have to see it -double flips on a funbox, Hoffman on his 25ft tall halfpipe, and more]. But what do you expect from Hoffman Bikes ? If this isn't the best damn bike video we have EVER seen, then we'll eat Comp 3s for a month.

Ride BMX US: Madd Matt is the highly anticipated stunt video from the boys at Hoffman Bikes. Besides being Hoffman Bikes' first film Madd Matt is also Mark Eaton's first flick away from York, Pennsylvania. The thought of Matt Hoffman riding and Mark Eaton editing should be enough of reason to buy Madd Matt, but there's more. Matt riding his 21 foot high halfpipe, Taj at 9th Street in Austin, Day Smith's flatland originality, and Jay Miron ripping hard at Woodward are just a few of Madd Matt's hottest footage. Most of the footage is very original [not contest footage], so expect fresh, unseen stuff, including Jay nearly pulling a double backflip. Good riding by Steve Swope, Rick Thorne, Dave Brumlow, Rob Sigaty, and Chuck D round out the riding, while random dorkin' within Hoffman Bikes and a pretty hilarious opening insure that the video is worth watching
madd matt bmx

James White's clip from Madd Matt.
Music: Public Enemy - Race Against Time.

Day Smith's clip from Madd Matt.

Taj Mihelich's clip from Madd Matt.
Music: G. Love & Special Sauce - Cold Beverage.

Jay Miron's clip from Madd Matt.
Until Monkeys Fly
Produced in 1997
Time: 75 min.

Un singe venu de l'espace (MONKEY BOY) récupère du matériel bmx sur terre afin de le ramener sur sa planète et d'éviter la guerre ...
... entrecoupés de 40 minutes de riding avec Taj Mihelich, Mike rooftop Escamilla, Day Smith, Leif Valin, Rick Thorne, CHUCK D, STEVE SWOOPE, MATT HOFFMAN, MATT GIBSON, BUTCHER.
Chris Rantell, www.bmx-test.com: I'm sure everyone knew sooner or later a video would come out with a plot line. And I for one am glad it was Hoffman Bikes. Only Mat(t) Hoffman could come up with a story so stupid for a bmx video it is actually fun to watch. The idea here is that a futuristic Mat sent back MonkeyBoy to acquire a bmx bike to bring back to the future in hope to save the universe. And along the way MonkeyBoy comes across the Hoffman Bikes team to try and swindle bike parts from them.
Each team rider has a small acting role in the video from Taj in overalls as a farmer, to Rick Thorne in a fight with a biker (Gack), Mark Owen in a karaoke contest in which he wins bike parts for first place. Right up to my favorite section, Kevin Robinson in a Chuck Norris/David Hasslehof Knight Ridder style fight scene with a plastic patio chair in which he kicks its ass(seeing the car Kevin is driving is almost worth the price of the video).
After the team sections in the first half of the video there is a ton of Hoffman footage from all over the world in places like Portugal where bmx is just outta hand, people mobbing him rock star style and huge crowds just to see demos. And the riding is totally ridiculous in typical Mat Hoffman style just throwing a million different tricks on every wall for however long he wants, constricting shoulder-brace and all. Also some John Vincent BASE-jumping footage with a couple Hoffman bikes is entertaining the first few times you watch it.
The music in Until Monkeys Fly isn't exactly music I would go out and buy, but it definitely suits the video and mixes in really well. All in all I would have to say that this like every other Hoffman Bikes video is worth buying, amazing riding by all the riders, fun soundtrack and crazy story-line make it really fun to watch an over hour long video.
ol_school, www.notfreestylin: This vid is like getting two vids for one.The first half is like a sci-fi b-movie with its apoctalyptic tale(or maybe tail)of Monkey Boy.He meets up with the masters(Hoffman riders)and gets parts from them.The plot is inter-cut with each riders section.Then the video changes gears.You see the typical day at work at HB HQ.Follow that with some traveling and some base jumping.The music is very varied,you have to like something.This video is well worth the money.You will probrably laugh your ass off the first time you watch the plot,but then wear out the batteries in your remote getting to the rider sections.It runs 1 hr 16 minutes with about 15 minutes of plot.Get this vid.
Ride BMX US june 1997: Whooaa... I don't know where to begin with this one. I think Aggro Man for a new generation might be a good start... This is Matt Hoffman's first go at making a video, and I for one think he did a really good job. This thing is an hour and fifteen minutes long, and features a story that Matt wrote along with riders' sections. If you have a sense of humor, then you'll dig this video. If not, then you might not get the whole plot of Monkey Boy and his efforts to save his planet. Even if you are an uptight buffoon, you should watch this just to see sections by the whole Hoffman team (Taj, Rooftop, Butcher, Swope, Thorne, Day Smith, Leif Valin and more), the new Hoffman park, as well as show footage, some insane footage from Matt overseas, and John Vincent cliff jumping with a bike. This video has to be watched to truly understand, so check it out. How could you go wrong ?
Ride BMX UK june 1997: Matt decided that he'd make his video his way, have fun doing it, and bugger the standard method of making a team video - he went back to the drawing board and came up with a video that's 1 hour 15 minutes long, with a tale about Monkey Boy who is sent back in time from the year 3001 to save the planet from war by beaming back Hoffman product. The Monkey story might get right on your tits after a while, but we like it, and it's pretty hilarious in places. As for the riding, what can you aspect from the strongest freestyle team in America? Each guy gets a section and all the top blokes are on here: Taj [real core street riding, real lines], Mike Escamilla ruling street lines like you get in skate videos], Leif Valin, Butcher [this dirt jumper is sick! Tweaked seatgrab superman barspins?] has some big drops pulled, Day Smith with some dope flatland riding, and of course The Condor himself. Matt really takes the biscuit when it comes to vert riding, and his section is filled with demos from around the World, the variations are endless [never once repeated], with one-to-ones on vert, double barspins, seatgrab rocket barspins, God-knows what else. It's all pretty sick, and you just have to see it to believe it. Mental BASE jumping too. On the strength of this video, seeing Hoffman ride vert live again this summer in Brighton in August will just be too much... in the meantime, watch the video: it rules. About £20 or so from Hoffman dealers.
Best of HB TV
Released in 2000.
Images déjà vues pour la plupart.

www.stillriding.co.uk: This video was produced in 2000 and is set as a series of documentaries one anoying thing is between each short film you get a commercial break. Good job it's a video at least you can fast forward!
It begins with a look at the Hoffman Bikes factory and a glimpse of how it is run (this is done in a spoof fashion, at least I hope it is!). Then follows a brilliant sequence of the Hoffman riders on the ramps at the factory (those of you who have played Mat Hoffman on the Playstation will recognise the place).
Other sections include: A profile of Rick Thorne & Mike Escamillia, The Hastings Backyard Jam, Malaysia Bike & Skateboard tour, Bike world championships in Holland, Fat Zine Profile, footage of Mat Hoffmans world record air and Mat Hoffman Base Jumping with a BMX (waste of a perfectly good bike in my opinion).
As you have probably gathered this is not a short video, 1 hour altogether this makes the video good value for money.
CFB 2000 round 1 - 55min
The Inaugural Crazy Freakin' Biker Series filmed in Florida featuring Highlights of all the Am and Pro events that took place at this contest along with a dirt jumping session from 9th street in Austin TX and an interview with Evel Knievel.
Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2000: Time: 55 min
Rate: ** /5
Producer: Riders Riders Riders Riders and only Riders
This is the first 100% Rider made VDO that is made as a TV show. Mat Hoffman is setting a new standard where he shows that we don't need "proffesional" cameramen, editors, Vdo-spotters, bands, etc etc, it can all be done by you and me. Everyone at Hoffman Bikes and lots of riders more helped to put this TV show together. It's not an easy job believe me, I was at the Merrit Island contest where they were editing this while the rest was going out to enjoy theirselves, and at the HB office it was Mat himself who was working 25 hours a day for over a week to put this together. This first Issue shows the CFB Paradise Funplex contest in Florida where they invented the "Jamformat" and you can see it works out fine. Josh Heino rules and so does the whole HB-crew.
CFB 2000 round 2 - 50min
See Dave Mirra's double backflip, go on a trip with Props Road Fools 5, find out how some of the top pro's set up their bikes, and take a look at some clips from a film by Jem Cohen and Fugazi called Instrument. cfb2
CFB 2000 round 3 - 50min
Red hot action from the Crazy Freakin' Biker Series finals at Woodward Camp. Also a recap of CFB events 1 and 2, Clips from the video "Don't Quit Your Day Job", and a revealing look inside the mind of a ground rider in a piece from Chris Rye of Props called "E Lot" featuring the poetic stylings of Brian Tunney. cfb3
CFB 2001 round 1
Check out what went down at the first round of the 2001 CFB season at the oldest running skatepark in the world, Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville Fl. The event took place over four days with a bowl jam, dirt jumping, flatland, vert, and park competitions.
Also see clips from Props Euro Fools trip and an in depth interview with pro rider Davin "Psycho" Hallford.
cfb01 1
Jason A. Davis, www.notfreestylin.com: If you had to put together a tape of the "best rider sections ever" you would have to include Mat's section from Testimony. I know we have all seen pictures of the 26.6 foot air. I knew it was going to be in the video. What I didn't know was how I was going to react to it. The only way I can describe it is when you are out riding with your buds and someone if riding in a little over his head. You don't want to tell the person not to do it. You get the butterflies in the stomach for your friend. That is the only way I describe what I felt watching Mat hit the 24 ft quarter pipe. Seeing Mat crash on that ramp made me hurt. Anything time I pass something on the road that is 50ft tall I think about Mat. I guess you could say the huge air on the huge ramp is the best in intro to a section. There is so much in his section. It is all done on his home ramp in OKC. I hate doing trick list but there were some just incredible tricks Mat had in his section. Read these slowly and just think about them. Rocket no hander. Nohander to nofooted candy bar to no footed can can. Rocket front peg grab. Candy Bar where they back foot is can can-ed. Superman to nofooted candy bar. Superman to bar hop to no footer.
Mat's section is the reason to own this video. Mat is not the only rider in the video though. The HB team riders each put in great sections. There are really no filler tricks in this video. The entire video has a great feel to it. If you watched it up to just before Mat's section you will go and ride. If you watch it all the way though and watch Mat's section you will site there and try to comprehend what you had just scene. Own this video.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: Editor: Bryan Baxter
Producer/director: Mat Hoffman
Rate: **/5
Time: 36:52
Music: Fugazi and such a like
Ads: One big Hoffman commercial
Shows: Flatland, Vert, Street, Park, Contests, Jackass, Interviews.
Why a 5-star rate you ask first, well let me explain how FAT's VDOMAN came to that: HOFFMAN RULES!!! Not only Mat rules but the whole crew rules and they do that for a long time and they need all the support in the BMX-world they can get, BMX Freestyle wouldn't excist if these guys didn't work their asses off since 1991.
This new "kid" from Mat took a long time, not that he was too busy with running a team / bikecompany / family / contests / shows and more, but he was doing everything by himself (with help of Steve Swope & HB crew) and learning how to do it during the process. It is not the regular style BMX video but kinda "lifestyle" and not filled with monkey's or ninja's like you used to with the old Hoffman tapes. This tape is all BMX and filled with some of the best riders in the world and the craziest rider of all time: Jackass Mat Hoffman (see the tape why I can call him that)......
Chad Kagy is from North Cali and ripping at the streets, parks and likes MUSCLE cars. He is an amazing rider and is a quick learner, he is entering Vert contests lately and doing very well. Kevin Robinson is the MUSCLE MAN and pumping iron in the gym but more pumping on Vert. Barrelrolls, flairs, high airs whatever possible, Kevin has mastered himself at Woodward and riding the Park as well. Next part is a bit long but not boring: JACKASS! See yourself..... Day Smith is still one of the underated Flatlanders cause he gets nervous at contests doesn't mean he can't ride, luckily there is Video and you can see what I mean. The old footage of Seth Kimbrough is funny but his real streetriding is dead serious. Seth is taking real Street to a new level and is a good testrider for the HB company, he is very hard on bikes but loves the Lord.
Mat Hoffman is not stoppable when it comes to BIG Airs! They build a very high quaterpipe (24 Feet) and started to being towed by a very nice Red Honda and just making the deck so he got a tuned Yamahaha YZ 250 for more speed...and crashes. 10ft, 13ft, 19,6ft,22ft, 23,6ft Crash and even a 26,6 Foot CRASH but finally make it to a 26,5 Foot air. His warehouse section is unbelievable, every variation in the book is done by MAT and you know that's a lot of different tricks. Mat is crashing now and then and he shows you that it ain't easy to be a top Vert Pro.
Testimony is a must have for your collection, support Hoffman Bikes allright!!?

Day Smith's section.
HB 2004 Euro Trip
Video wizard, Bryan Baxter has been working his tail during 2 months on the HB Euro Trip DVD. The HB 2004 Euro Trip features Hoffman Bikes team riders Seth Kimbrough, Bruce Crisman. Ryan Barrett, Bas Keep, Jon Taylor, Chris Souter and other special guests. You also get extra riding sections from  team riders, plus a trip photo gallery and a digital version of the Dig Magazine article which featured the HB Euro Trip. The best part is you'll be able to pick one of these super extra mega hot DVD’s up at your local BMX dealer for only $16.99 Retail.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2006: Can you remember the time that only five riders were progressing the sport? Mat Hoffman was one of them and yes, his body has paid the price. The new Hoffman video runs you through Mat’s injuries (also see the bonus section) and he’s not the only one pushing the limit. The Hoffman crew has dealt with some serious injuries on the way to another finished DVD production. Bas Keep broke a thumb, Ryan Barrett shattered his right elbow, Kevin Robinson got carried off the dirt jumps on a backboard, Mat himself visited a shady hospital or two, Will Love fucked up his knee, Napolitan has a draining hole in his finger and Seth Kimbrough’s phone call to the boss didn’t sound too good either. But most of the riders had been filming for a bit or got to work right after so they still have a part.
The Hoffman team has at least 5 rides on their team that are pushing the limit on a daily basis. How times have changed. Anthony Napolitan didn’t win the 2006 Dew Tour by putting old stuff together in his dirt runs. Same goes for Kevin Robinson on vert. Welcome to Woodward’s foam pit and resi sections. But it’s not only the big names that are pushing the level.
Brad Simms is amazing. He takes it to the streets and over toothpick 180-s big rails. If this doesn’t make sense right now you will understand when you see the video. Nick Kirkland, Mark Potoczny, Jon Taylor, Jeremy Infelise and Zack Warden have sections each that are well worth your time (and money) but Seth Kimbrough’s part is bad-ass. Example: bank to wallride 540 on a parked truck. Nuts.
The Bonus section had me laugh out loud a couple of times, especially the part of the British duo of the Hoffman crew that went to Madrid for a night to party on Red Bull’s tab. Other bonus parts are: Shanghai Showdown, Slideshow, Flying High, Leftover Clips, No Pain No Gain and the Broke Off Trailer.
Hoffman Bikes have come a long way. They took BMX through the bad times. Show your respect, buy the Broke Off DVD.
hb broke off bmx