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1970 DOB: september 29, 1970.
early years Fuzzy: In kindergarden I had a big white afro and no front teeth. The kids started calling me "fuzzy". I got used to it.

I've been riding since 1979.
tim fuzzy hall
No footed cancans on dirt. (all new and unreal back then)

Tim Hall and GPV on the cover of the march 1987 issue of BMX Action.

Chris "Mad Dog" Moeller and Tim "Fuzzy" Hall are on the cover of BMX Action november 1987.
tim fuzzy hall

tim fuzzy hall
1988 Cover: BMX Plus! october 1988. tim fuzzy hall
1989 COVER.
Cancan seat grab on the cover of Go issue 1 november 1989.

December 1989; Fuzzy is definitely off Robinson and now riding for Mongoose. Tim will be on the road this year (1990) racing mostly NBL and hitting all the 2-hip street and jumping contests.
tim fuzzy hall go bmx 11 1989
1990 COVER.
Mongoose's Tim Hall in Salt Lake City on the cover of BMX Plus! october 1990.
tim fuzzy hall  bmx plus 10 1990
1991 Interview in Invert volume 3 issue 2 november 1991.
1992 COVER.
Nacnac seatgrab on the cover of Invert july 1992.

Interview in Invert august 1992.

One-handed x-up seatgrab in Riverside, California on the cover of Ride BMX US #1 october 1992.
Tim Hall, www.ridebmx.com, may 2008: My favorite photo that I have ever had is pretty obvious...when I received the first cover of Ride back in October of '92 when Brad McDonald was just starting the mag. Brad called me and wanted me to meet up with him so I drove 12 hours from Salt Lake to Riverside to do a shoot with him at one of my favorite spots back then called Twin Palms. I remember driving all night to meet up with Brad around 11:00am and then riding all day while Brad shot photos. We finished the shoot and I had to do another all night drive back to Salt Lake and I remember thinking, "That would be cool if this Ride mag thing that Brad was starting worked out." Months later I found out I got the cover of the first issue of Ride and cover shot's never come easy. Then 12 YEARS later in 2004 with a phone call I will never forget from Mark Losey (editor then) telling me that the staff at Ride wants to re-shoot their cover for their up coming 100th issue of Ride and wanted me doing the same trick as on the first cover of Ride in '92. And to this day is one best compliments that I have ever had. I remember having to learn the trick again and how the feeling of doing older tricks that you forgot about is the closest you will ever get to getting into a time machine.
tim fuzzy hall invert bmx 07 1992

tim fuzzy hall ride bmx us 10 1992

tim fuzzy hall  bmx
1995 COVER.
BMX Plus! june 1995.
tim fuzzy hall bmx plus! 06 95
1996 Fuzzy Hall in full race leather one handed x-up on the cover of BMX Plus! april 1996.

8th place pro dirt @ X-Games
tim fuzzy hall bmx plus! 04 96
1997 SNAP.
Cover of Snap #14 january 1997.

8th place pro dirt @ X-Games
tim fuzzy hall snap bmx 01 1997
1998 Interviews: Ride BMX US #49 june 2000
Bmx Plus! october 1998

4th place pro dirt @ X-Games
1999 PROPS.
Cancan on the cover of Props #29 january february 1999.

Interview: Soul #5 september 1999

Fuzzy throws a no-footed cancan skyward during a sweet sunset shoot at his new backyard trails in Kaysville, Utah on the cover of Snap october 1999.
tim fuzzy hall props bmx 28

tim fuzzy hall snap bmx 10 1999
2000 Cover: Ride BMX US october 2000

A little Fuzzy:
Masson Scott Hall was born november 29, 2000.
tim fuzzy hall ride bmx us 10 2000
2001 SNAP How to dirt jump video.
The how-to video from Snap Magazine is hosted by Fuzzy Hall and shows you how to ride dirt: it shows you how to set up your dirt bike, how to build trails, features how tos from a load of riders riding trails.

: Ride BMX US august 2001
tim fuzzy hall

tim fuzzy hall
2002 July, Fuzzy Hall has started up a retail shop in Sandy, Utah with Mongoose team manager Chuck Fallon. 50/50 is the shops name, and appropriately it will carry both bike and skate equipment.
Fuzzy www.bmxonline march 2003: Panty Boy manages it. That was kind of the deal—I've got too much on my plate already. I think the hardest part for me is the responsibility of it going under or being responsible for that. My wife does all the paperwork. ()
2003 Interview: www.ridebmx.com march 2003
Fuzzy: I landed my first tailwhip at TJ's on dirt. It's the trick that's evaded me for my whole career. I pretty much ruined my knees through the earlier part of my career trying it and I just kinda gave up on it. I finally got them again, so I'm excited for some contests again this year—just to pull that.
2007 Cancan on the cover of BMX Plus! october 1990. tim fuzzy hall cancan bmx plus! 10 07