Sources: Go, Mark Noble, Nidge, www.ebay.com, ryanpartridge.blogspot.com, Mike O'Connell, ...
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Freestyle BMX became Invert in august 1989.
Mark Noble, august 2003: We changed the name, when we relaunched the magazine and started bringing in skateboarding as well. We kinda mixed it up a bit, we had good skate photographers, the whole scene was changing, and it was so small, and people were getting into both. And the name Invert covered both, so it fitted. It worked out well too, for the time being. We had fun with it.
Publisher: Moore & Noble publishing ltd then Ride publications ltd (Mark & Kris Noble)
Editor: Mark Noble.
Assistant editor: Kris Noble.
Foreign contributors: Brad McDonald, Chris Moeller, Mike Daily, Bart de Jong, Spike Jonze, Steve Giberson.
Racing editor: Steve Bardens.
September 1992 is the last issue, in october 1992, Invert became RIDE.
Invert is a monthly BMX FREESTYLE STREET LIFESTYLE magazine published in England. It has a full color cover and newsprint pages inside.
scott carroll invert bmx 08 1989 issue 1 - august 1989 (scanned by Greg 1104 - download)
Tommy Guerrero and Scott Carroll on the cover. Photos by Mark Noble.
Rob Ridge enters a locomotive from chicken whips on the page of contents.
Who are us ? Kris and Mark Noble.
Scott Carroll interview.
Bones brigade tour.
Ramps in your backyard: The Cain ramp, the MAP ramp.
Glastonbury festival.
Ipswich racing.
Alfreton BFA.
Wayne Ryder art.
Slagharen Euro Cup.
invert bmx 09 1989 issue 2 - september 1989
Mike Reilly and Stu Hutchins on the cover.
How to rip on a mini ramp.
48 hour weekend bike jam.
Scandinavian open skate contest.
Jolyon interview.
GT Pro Series bike test.
American racing.
invert bmx 11 1989 issue 3 - october 1989
Hild and Ueda cover.
Haro Team Master vs GT Agressor.
Jason Davies and Larry Bull interviews.
Report on UKBFA Birmingham.
danny evans justin guerard invert bmx 11 1989 issue 4 - november 1989
Danny Evans and Justin Guerard on the cover.
Southsea King Of Concrete contest.
Docklands skate contest.
How to build a halfpipe.
Team Auburn feature.
Slough and Wigan racing.
Lee Reynolds writes.
Circle A team.
12 1989 issue 5 - december 1989
Fergus Heron and Nicky Guerrero on the cover.
Soul riding pictorial and fiction.
Scotland feature.
Madrid open skate contest.
Farnham BFA contest.
Wath street jam.
IBMXF world championships.
dave beveridge wurzel invert bmx 01 1990 issue 6 - january 1990
Dave Beveridge and Wurzel on the cover.
Scott Towne interview.
Wurzel interview.
Crawley scene exposure.
Robinson Pro XL race bike test.
Chet Thomas and Bucky Lasek interview.
Face: Ross Marshall.
chris day invert bmx 02 1990 issue 7 - february 1990
Chris Day is on the cover riding the first WAL bike.
Southern California scene exposure.
Birmingham NEC skate and bike jam.
Czechoslovakia skate contest.
Derby open BFA contest.
craig grasso invert bmx 03 1990 issue 8 - mach 1990
Craig Grasso and Buck Smith on the cover.
Cyclex preview.
Bully bike test.
Lars Hansen.
'zine connections.
Scottish street contest.
ABA Grands race report.
craig campbell invert bmx 04 1990 issue 9 - april 1990
Craig Campbell backside boneless on the cover. Photo by Steve Jackson.
Blunt with Eddie Roman.
Ripley BFA contest.
rob seward invert bmx 05 1990 issue 10 - may 1990
Rob Seward on the cover.
Cyclex halfpipe shows feature.
South Bank BMX day.
St Albans BFA contest.
Mini ramp the cheap way.
mat hoffman invert bmx 06 1990 issue 11 - june 1990 (1)
Matt Hoffman backflip fakie on the cover. Photo by Rik Hall.
Southsea retrospective.
Interviews with Mike O'Connell, Effraim Catlow and Dennis Wingham.
Barspin air by Rob Seward.
Fraser Campbell interview.
BFA National round 1 in Manchester.
07 1990 issue 12 - july 1990 (1)
Mark Noble on the cover. Photo by Kris.
Beyond bike test; Larry Bull's new machine.
EBA Nationals from Perry Park and Castleford.
Sequences: Around the moon drop in and Cherrypicker drop in with Rob Ridge, Footplant to fakie with Ollie Matthews.
Leamington mini ramp check.
CPS poster.
Mason Smith interview.
East Coast Scene from New England.
Hinkley BFA National round 2.
will smyth invert 08 1990 volume 2 issue 1 - august 1990 (2)
Will Smyth doing a no hander in North Ireland on the cover. Photo by Rik Hall.
UK King Of Vert in Portsmouth.
S&M Dirt bike test with Will Smyth.
Face: Chris Moeller.
EBA National, High Wycombe.
Dutch King Of Dirt.
Arron Bleasedale interview.
French King Of Free contest, Nantes.
Brian Wills interview.
Joe's Disco ramp.
BFA National, Weston.
Do you attract girls? Pheromone-based after-shave ad.
pete augustin invert bmx 09 1990 volume 2 issue 2 - september 1990
Pete Augustin on the cover.
Haro 1990 bashguard Master bike test.
Texas scene feature.
Face: Claire Edwardes.
Two Euro races from Slagharen and Ipswich.
lamine makiro invert bmx 10 1990 volume 2 issue 3 - october 1990
Cover: (Freestyle) Lamine Makiro from Germany does the no handed Hang 5 thing at the Freestyle Wolrds in Kenn, Germany. Photo by Mark Noble. (Racing) Nico Does, MCS European Factory rider from Holland, does the speed jump thing at the Racing Worlds in Paul Richard, France. Photo by Steve Bardens.
Mark Lewman interview.
Bully 2 bike test.
IBFF World Freestyle Championships from Kenn in Germany.
Charlie Reynolds 360.
IBMXF World racing championchips from Marseille France.
Face: Claude Vuillemot.
Mansfield halfpipe contest.
11 1990 volume 2 issue 4 - november 1990
Matt Hoffman on the cover.
180 backflip sequence.
The Mat Hoffman interview.
Sega EBA British championships race.
MCS Pistol race bike test.
Mansfield King Of Vert round 2.
Revert how-to.
Face: Pete Loncarevich and Robbie Morales.
King Of Concrete at Southsea.
180 backflip air photo sequence poster.
Mark Noble, Invert february 1991: What's been going on? The last issue of Invert came out in the shops ages ago (middle of November to be precise) and now it's February. Did we all go skiing over Christmas or what? Well. . . no. Aside from the fact that it's been a couple of months between issues, and that Invert has changed In format with the decrease in cover price, Invert is now solely in the hands of riders. Last Autumn I bought the title to the magazine from Moore And Noble Publishing, who continued to publish the magazine up to the November Issue. But now it has been decided to go it alone - together with Kris I have formed a whole new publishing company to ensure that Invert magazine becomes a reality each month. The name of the new company? Ride Publications Limited, We still have connections with the old people in the form of utilising their production facilities, but other than that, Ride Publications is a separate limited company. It's all new: a new year with a new company. But essentially the only changes you will see in Invert are improvements month by month. (...) Every month Invert Magazine will continue to include full articles on the whole World of BMX: street, racing, freestyle, dirt jumping, everything. Ride Publications: it's owned by riders, run by riders, running the only magazine built for riders. INVERT.
02 1991 volume 2 issue 5 - february 1991 (1)
Keith Duly clicked turndown at sidley woods on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Why is Hastings so rad ?
Bath King Of Vert.
Eric Minozzi and Matt Haden interview.
A trip right around Midwest USA: Nashville-Alpena-Detroit, 2Hip Indianapolis Indiana, Greg Flower's street comp, Bully lazy wives tou, Mark Kirunchyk, Perry Mervar.
Jason Hewitt interview.
'Zine bin: Sexy Fish and Atomic Circle of Chaos.
UK King Of Vert round 3, Bath.
Face: Xavier Redois.
MRD BadLander bike test.
EBA races.
Sheffields street thing.
brian blyther invert bmx03 1991 volume 2 issue 6 - march 1991

Brian Blyther over the volcano at the 2hip Meet The Street on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
Brad McDonald, august 2003: I got hooked up with Invert/Ride BMX UK through Bart de Jong. I met him at a 2-Hip Meet the Street contest in Palm Springs around 1990. Bart gave me Mark Noble’s contact information. I don’t recall exactly how it got rolling, but I sent Mark photos from that contest. One of them of Brian Blyther was used on the cover of Invert, so I was stoked to get my first cover shot.

Palm Springs Meet The Street.
GO magazine, april 1991: Mark and Chris Noble, two riders/employees on INVERT magazine have attainted the rights of RIDE Publications, meaning they are the main men of their own publishing company and magazine.
tim ruck invert bmx 04 1991 volume 2 issue 7 - april 1991

Tim Ruck one foot x-up on the cover.
Tim Ruck, rideukbmx.mpora.com, june 2013: I had gone up to Slades Farm in Poole to shoot a bike test on a Mongoose Hooligan complete for Invert mag, and whilst we were there Mark Noble (owner/editor) mentioned they hadn’t a cover shot yet for that issue, did I want to shoot one with him? Uh, yeah!! Mark the pro even had me change my T-shirt to add a splash of colour! So, it’s not my bike in the shot. I did not ride shiny completes in the 90¢s. Ragged but dialled – yes, shiny – most definitely, no.

Brian Blyther and Mike King interviews.
RIDE Pro Flatland contest round 1.
Testing Mongoose Hooligan.
05 1991 volume 2 issue 8 - may 1991
2hip KOV finals.
Haro Airmaster test.
How to pegade, akie rock, applecrate and more.
Exeter racing.
keith treanor invert bmx 06 1991 june 1991
Keith Treanor at HBHS on his first S&M Dirtbike, pre Pitchfork. Photo Brad McDonald.
Craig Grasso interview
How to's
GT Vertigo test.
dylan clayton invert 07 1991 july 1991 (1)
Dylan Clayton on the cover. Photo by Steve Bardens. Inset: Chris Hamer on the wall in Sheffield. Photo by Simon Hughes.
Motion: Street abubacas, Barspin acid drops, Disasters and Frontside bonelesses.
Hastings ramp jam.
Sheffield street jam.
Paul Roberts interview.
EBA racing.
Poster: Paul Roberts nacnac at Bournemouth.
Malta; island in the sun.
08 1991 volume 2 issue 11 - august 1991 (1)
John Povah nose wheelie on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
Motion: how to nacnac with Paul Roberts, Front wheel carves with Simon Tabron and Nosepicks with Mark Atkins.
Interviewed: Gary Ellis, John Povah, Keith Treanor and Rob Seward.
Slagharen Euro racing.
Ollie Matthews doing it for TV cameras.
Poster: Mark Atkins nosepick to decade drop in on a seven foot tall mini ramp.
GT Pro series test.
Frame work: Bully Piston stretch.
Videos reviews: Summer holiday and Ultimate weekend.
chris moeller invert bmx 09 1991 volume 2 issue 12 - september 1991
Chris Moeller of S&M bikes on the cover.
GT Interceptor test, Redline tests, European King of Dirt report, Head First video review, Birmingham jam and more.
jamie bestwick invert bmx 10 1991 volume 3 issue 1 - october 1991
COVER PHOTO: Jamie Bestwick has been long overdue for a cover photo on Invert. Lookback. Southsea King Of Concrete, to 1st in A group ramps. I hope this sets the record straight. Photo by Mark Noble.

4 STAFF [go on, check out who works here]
6 NEWS [all that's going on in the World of BMX]
8 MOTION [special - 540's and tailwhip airs]
36 A bit more NEWS [continued]
46 FRAMEWORK [we're going way back]
50 PRODUCT [stuff to wear, stuff to use] ;
54 CURIOSITY [a poem]
62 FIFTYTWOFIFTYTHREE [screaming trees]
64 SNP [sales]
66 LETTERS [real stuff]

12 KING OF CONCRETE [crazy out of control situation]
24 EBA BRITISH CHAMPS [crazy fastest racing ever]
38 LIES T JAM [in Huddersfield]
44 HEATON PARK [in Heaton Park]
48 NORWAY WORLDS [brief report, like]
56 CERAMIC RAB BIT JAM [from Orpington]

58 CARLO'S RAMP JAM [vert in Sussex]
volume 3 issue 2 - november 1991
Interview with Tim Fuzzy Hall.
invert bmx 12 1991 volume 3 issue 3 - december 1991
Tim March interview.
invert bmx 02 1992 volume 3 issue 4 - february 1992
Dale Holmes: UK's fastest rider interviewed.
Mongoose bike test.
Todd Corbitt interview.
dave voelker invert bmx 03 1992 volume 3 issue 5 - march 1992
Dave Voelker on the cover.
invert bmx 04 1992 volume 3 issue 6 - april 1992
invert bmx 05 1992 volume 3 issue 7 - may 1992
Jamie Bestwick and John Peacy interviews.
dave mirra invert bmx 06 1992 volume 3 issue 8 - june 1992
Dave Mirra on the cover.
Bicycle Stunts: Texas chainwheel massacre and Arizona death in the desert.
Dirt: Mission trails.
07 1992 volume 3 issue 9 - july 1992 (1)
Tim Fuzzy Hall seatgrab nacnac at the Hastings King Of Dirt on the cover. Photo by Steve Bardens.
Hastings jam with Fuzzy and DMC.
Dirty dozen: Rob Denman, Dylan Clayton, Bobby Hyde, Jamie Boness, Richard Everest, Keith Duly, Paul Roberts, Ian Fry, Colin Chivers, Gary Styles, Shaun Howe, Simon Dowson, Lee Ives, ...
Hoffman Condor frame and forks test.
Todd Lyons interview.
Eindhoven halfpipe contest.
Barrow in Furness UKBFA jam.
simon tabron invert bmx 08 1992 volume 3 issue 10 - august september 1992 (1)
Simon Tabron forward flip over the bars at Slades Farm skatepark on the cover. Photos by Mark Noble.
Simon Tabron interview.
Hoffman Condor, WAL and Sunn Chipie Force pro race tests.
Craig Reynolds interview.
Slagharen race and Euro King Of Dirt.
BFA National in Spitalfields indoor market London.
Exposure: Sean Yarroll.
Tim Fuzzy Hall interview.
Invert became Ride BMX UK in october 1992.
Mark Noble, august 2003: We launched 'Ride BMX Magazine' in summer 1992, because we just wanted to grow a pure BMX magazine. It made sense - times change. It's not called Ride BMX UK though - that is just the nickname people give it to differentiate it from the American version of Ride BMX. The proper name is Ride BMX Magazine... and since then the magazine has not stopped growing.