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1982 DOB: November 4, 1982.
Birthplace: Decatur, Alabama, USA.
early years Participant since 1992
Seth, www.ridebmx.com, june 2005: Like every kid growing up, I just loved to ride my bike. When I got together with Corey Martinez and all the other riders, we rode nonstop. Instead of sitting and wishing we had better stuff to ride, we made do with what we had. It was great growing up with Corey, and having him sleep on my bedroom floor for two years. He was like four feet tall, and was one of those kids who would huck himself down 30 stairs, land feet off the pedals, and ball-ride away. My, how things have changed. Corey is an awesome friend.
1999 Interview: Ride BMX US november 1999.
2000 4th place pro park @ 2000 X-Games, San Francisco.
Seth Kimbrough (H*B) is a fresh addition to the pro class. He rides around the park in high speed and sees lines that no one had seen before. Seth made it to the final with a whole lot of variety in his run.

Ride BMX US october 2000: The Seth Kimbrough story.
2001 Seth: Riding for Hoffman Bikes was always my dream. I never thought it would happen-I could not believe it. Those guys are such a blessing.
2002 Hoffman BIkes pro model 2002: Instrument frame.

2nd place stuntmen park @ 2002 BS round 2, Gwinnett County, Georgia, may 2002.
Seth Kimbrough earned his spot to the X Games by finishing second. Kimbrough used almost the entire course and had some great lines.

Props Road Fools 10.
2003 Props Road Fools 11, april 2003.

Props Road Fools 12.
2004 20 questions to Seth Kimbrough in Transworld BMX september 2004.
2006 Sponsors: Hoffman Bikes, Target, Right Guard, Lotek Shoes, The Shadow Conspiracy, Staff BMX Mail Order, Facad Clothing

Seth Kimbrough Broke off Hoffman Bikes.
2007 Pro Q&A with Seth Kimbrough in Ride BMX US october 2007. Alabama, the good Lord, Facad, Ford Mustangs and more…the readers asked lots of good questions and Seth was happy to answer.