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1970 Date of birth: june 3, 1970.
1987 Bob Kohl is pulling the first superman air on vert.

2nd place expert vert @ 1987 King Of Vert round 2, Flint MICHIGAN, may 1987.
Bob Kohl moved up from his number four qualifier spot to second in the final jam. One of the more notable highlights from his routine were his Superman airs a no-footed/one-handed rocket air. Intense. You will hear more about this guy in the future.
1988 1st place 17 expert vert @ AFA Masters round 1, Palmetto, FL. january 1988.

3rd place expert vert @ King Of Vert round 1, California, march 1988.
1990 5th place pro vert @ King Of Vert finals Newport, january 1990.

Bob Kohl is riding for 2Hip.

Video 2Hip "Ride Like a Man".
1991 Bob Kohl is off 2-Hip and doing shows at Sea World, currently mounted on a factory-flowed Haro.

Bob Kohl does backflips on a 80cc motorcycle.
1992 Interview: Go february 1992

4th place stuntmen mini street and 5th place stuntmen vert @ BS round 1, Dallas, Texas, january 1992.
Bob Kohl rides hike everybody else in practice but when eveybody's watching and he has all the ramps to himself he goes off! Transfers ail over the place, one handed nose picks, fast grinds around the corners of the bowl, barspin 360° over the spine, nosepicks on the spine etc. On vert, Bob slammed hard on a 540 barspin attempt but still pulled regular 540' s 5ft out, no handers to look back (!) and one-handed nose picks on the 11ft tall ramp.

Interview: Go february 1992.

Interview: BMX Plus! july 1992
Sponsors ? Ride N'Grind, Haro, Odyssey and Vans.
Tricks invented ? Barspin 540, superman air, lookback one-footers, tailwhip lookback, backward barrides, no-footed candybar, hipwhip 720, grind to barspin or 270 drop-in, gay twist, barride flyout, cherrypicker flyout, barendo flyout/drop-in, framestand lip tricks, maiden air, 180 abubaca, nosepick variations, barspin 360, no-handed lookbacks.
Motto ? Get up and try it again.

2nd place stuntmen street @ BS finals SCRAP Chicago, november 1992.
Bob Kohl hasn't been in the contest scene for a couple months, so he came back with a vengeance. The big man from Chicago tore the house down. Backflips, a 360 to 180 barspin, and a backflip over the box with his bars still backwards. Then a hush fell over the crowd - just like when the Fonz tried to jump over 10 barrels in Happy Days. Bob opened her up and went for a double backfiip over the jump ramp. Just like the Fonz, Bob ate crap and his bike hit the chicken stand. Glory is forever. Second place went to Mr.Fonzareliie.

Bob Kohl is the first to go for double-backflips on jumps.

BMX Plus! july 1992

One footed flip, Chicago, november 1992.
1993 1st place stuntmen dirt, 6th stuntmen mini ramp and 5th place stuntmen vert @ BS round 1, "Death in the Desert 2", Thrasherland Skatepark, Glendale, Arizona, january 1993.
On dirt, Bob Kohl pulled a super clean no-handed loop and later attemped two double loops. On mini ramp, he got 6th and did backflip flyouts one of wich was a no hander. On vert, he did no handed backflip and man sized 540 with barspins thrown in.

Bob Kohl is riding for Bully.

5th place stuntmen vert @ BS round 2, Shimerville, Pennsylvania, april 1993.
1993 BS round 1
Flip no hand, BS round 1.
1994 6th place stuntmen street @ BS finals, SCRAP Chicago, Illinois, november 1994.
1995 Bob was sidetracked by massive injuries from the backflip stunt in 1995, the year he was going to begin his BMX competition comeback.
2001 16th place stuntmen vert @ BS/B3 round 2, Louisville, KY. april 2001.

18th place stuntmen vert @ BS/B3 round 3, Grand Prairie, TX. may 2001.
2002 12th place stuntmen vert @ CFB round 1, Merritt Island, FL, march 2002.

7th place stuntmen vert @ EXPN Invitational round 1 Grand Prairie, TX april 2002.

10th place stuntmen vert @ CFB round 3, Joliet IL, june 2002.
Bob Kohl has been ruling vert ramps forever and he still has what it takes to make it to the finals, he was doing high tailwhips, a bunch of limbless combos, and x-up variations.

13th place stuntmen vert @ EXPN Invitational round 2 Gwinnett County, GeorgiA 2002.

10th place pro vert @ X-Games Philadelphia, august 2002
Bob Kohl, the guy who invented the superman, made his way back onto the vert scene big time after many years away from it in 2002. He not only made it to a bunch of events, but he made it to the finals of many of them... Back to back stuff. No-footed can can, a perfect 6 feet out tailwhip, 540, superman one-hander. He tried a flair which he pulls of way to far and lands way hard on the seat.

14th place pro vert @ Vans Triple Crown round 3 Oceanside, CA, october 2002.

Today Bob is boosting huge airs out of the vert ramp, doing shows with his Ride and Grind crew, and raising his seven year-old son Jake.