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early years jessepuente.com: Jesse Puente was originally born in Oregon but moved to Los Angeles when he was 16 years old. He started riding BMX at age 12 and began competing two years later with BMX racing and jumps. But still he did not feel it was the right discipline for him. Eventually, he branched off to ramps and street but noticed something more creative in the BMX scene… Flatland. Slowly flatland began to get more coverage in magazines and videos. He saw riders displaying flatland and noticed the artistic, technical and creative energy that was invested in flatland which came to be the most innovative segment of BMX. His artistic ability soon lead to a career path that will change Jesse’s life forever.
Jesse Puente: I started riding when I was very young but I started to get serious when I was 14 with BMX racing and jumps. I was riding ABA tracks and then I got into ramps. At 16 or 17, I started to flatland.
1989 AFA.
5th place, 8 and over expert flatland @ AFA Masters Finals 1989
jesse puente afa
AFA Masters finals.
Jesse Puente: I met Richard Zabzdyr at the Pete Karney Ride contest, the contest was a riders-judge-each-other contest. Ever since the day I met Richard we were like brothers.

Go september 1991.
jesse puente go
1992 Plastic man and Cross-footed hitchiker sequences in BMX Plus! june 1992.

Jesse swithed his Mongoose for a Standard Shorty.

Interview in FAT #24 summer 1992
jesse puente hitchiker
Jesse Puente is the first rider sponsored by Morales bike company

Jesse Puente was featured on the cover of Ride BMX US #10 june july 1994 riding a Morales frame at the 1994 BS contests round 1 in Moreno Valley.
Sergio, june 2005: Jesse won first place in qualifying on Saturday, February 27, 1994.  The picture on the cover of Ride #10 was taken during that qualifying run. Flatland finals were held the following morning, Sunday, February 28, 1994.  Jesse touched too much and got 2nd Place.  First place went to Trevor Meyer, whose near flawless run was a near duplicate of a Chase Gouin/Dorkin' 5 vid. During finals on Sunday, Jesse pulled a slow, one-handed bankroll (only about one rotation), and a spinning stick-bitch perfectly.  He started his run with a jump-lash to g-turn on the front peg to rolling junk-yard, to cross-footed lardyard, to backwards peg-wheelie, jumped to lardyard on his normal side, attempted to roll that to time-machine w/ bike backwards, but was going too slow and crashed.  It's the same combo you see in "Wheelies." The day before (Saturday, when that cover pic was taken), during qualifying, Jesse drove the crowd mad when he g-turned a dump-truck.  This move was common between him and Richard Zabzdyr (check out Richard in "Ring the Gack").  Jesse did a high-speed dump-truck, g-turned the bike and started rolling backwards holding the front tire with his free hand for control, and then, brought the bike to a dead stop with his scuffing foot and started doing a stick-bitch.  The crowd went nuts as it was an improvised move that no one, probably not even Jesse, was expecting.  He pulled the stick-bitch and seconds later, he began the combo that included the lardyard which appears on the cover of Ride #10. 

2nd place pro flatland @ 1994 worlds.

3 page spread in Low Down magazine (Germany) July 1994.
jesse puente ride bmx us 10

jesse puente plastic man 1994
Plastic Man - 1994 worlds
KHE Premium Lagger frame designed by Jesse Puente. The Premium Lagger was a new generation of a flatland frame. It ended up changing the way flatland frames looked forever with its pure flatland specified geometry. Every detail has been tailored for flatland.
My friend Jon Mata drew the design on paper as I describeed it to him and Sean White put it on CAD. Thomas Goring continued the prototyping.

Jesse Puente came to Osaka, Japan.
1997 BS1997 round 4: multiple one handed whiplashes. jesse puente whiplash
1999 Ride BMX Magazine April/May 1999: Focus 1 page spread.
2002 First Place @ U.S. Championships of BMX october 2002
2003 BMX Plus Magazine – Inside Scoop March 2003

Fourth Place - @ ESPN Qualification Mat Hoffman's CFB, Woodward Wast, july 2003

Jesse Puente made 11th @ X-Games.

2nd place pro flat and a turbine backpacker @ Flat Time King, Grenoble, septembre 2003.
jesse puente ftk
Flat Time King
2004 Interview: Cream #4 february 2004.

1st Place pro flatland @ Metro BMX Jam, march 2004.

New KHE Jesse Puente signature frame. Made of SANKO Japan triple butted 4130 CrMo.
Jesse Puente: When Richard Zabzdyr of Graveyard products made his handlebars, they had straight tubes -no bends to make the metal weaker. I just tried to think of a design with straight tubes to get clearance on the top and the bottom.

Worlds (Germany) June 2004.

BMXrider UK #25 cover and 6 pages interview.

Featured in Ride BMX July 2004 and Transworld BMX July 2004.

20 questions in Transworld BMX september 2004.

Gravity Games (Cleveland, Ohio) Show September 2004

Flat Time King (France) October 2004

King of Ground (Japan) October 2004

Interview in Cream DVD #1.

December 3rd, 2004, Jesse undergone surgery on his right shoulder, he will be out from riding for a couple of weeks.

jesse puente bmx rider uk

Cream interview.
2005 Cream Magazine (France) – Interview April 2005.

BMX Games (Australia) April 2005

Braun Ninja Spin (France) Show April 2005

BMX Worlds (Czechoslovakia) Show June 2005

Braun Flatground (Amsterdam) September 2005
2006 London Bikes – Jesse Puente Signature Bars.

DaDa Footwear - Jesse Puente Signature BMX Shoe.
www.ridebmx.com, february 2005: Jesse Puente is designing a signature shoe for a company named Dada. According to Jesse, the owner of Dada saw Jesse riding at the beach and got interested. The yet-to-be-named shoe will be for both flatland and general riding, with "a bit more ankle protection than a lot of other BMX-style shoes have."
Jesse Puente: Coming out in Jan 2010 is Jackie Chan's new movie "The Spy Next Door" in which i'm doing stunts for him.