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1983 DOB: may 4, 1983.
Birthplace: Orange, California.
early years RAD.
Gary Young, www.expn.com: It all began when I saw the movie 'Rad' and then about a year after that I started racing BMX and that's when I really got into it. I started doing tricks in the races. There was a contest in the Moreno Valley called the "Chicken Jam." I got second there, and I guess I just knew [I was going pro].
2001 2HIP MTS.
8th place really great class @ 2Hip Meet The Street.
18th place pro park @ 2002 CFB round 1, March 8th-10th, Merritt Island, FL.

Gary Young is riding for Odyssey.

Gary Young bio in Ride BMX US june 2002.

20 questions with Gary Young in Ride BMX UK june 2002.

2nd place pro park @ 2002 CFB round 2, May 31st - June 2nd, Wheatfield, NY.

9th place pro park @ 2002 CFB round 3, June 21st-23rd, Joliet IL.
Gary Young rocked the course with high speed trickery. Wall rides from quarter to quarter across the vert wall in both directions, lip slides, a downside tailwhip from the quarter to wedge, and a couple attempts to stall the top of the big wall out of a wedge.

2002 X-GAMES.
5th place park @ 2002 X-Games, august 15-19, 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3rd place pro park at the third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series, October 3-6, 2002, Oceanside, CA.
San Diego native, Gary Young, placed third in the street comp, his highest finish in a major BMX competition.

Props Megatour from October 24th-30th.
Gary Young interview and cover of Dig january 2003.

Gary Young downside pedal-grind on the cover of Transworld BMX march 2003. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

Gary Young on the cover of Ride BMX US april 2003. Photo by Mark Losey.
Gary Young, www.ridebmx.com, 2004: I couldn’t really believe it. The first cover I saw was TransworldBMX and I was just so excited. And right about the same time I was talking to Jeff Z and he was saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if I got another one, but I didn’t really think anything more about it. Then I saw the Dig one and I was like, "Whoa, that’s weird, two covers in one month. That’s crazy." Then I went by the Ride office and I got that cover and there was nothing I could say.

1st place pro park @ 2003 Backyard jam round 2, August 2-3, 2003, Coventry, UK.
Jeff Zielinski, www.ridebmx.com: Ironically, the last time Gary was overseas was for knee surgery. But this time around, it was to fly around a street course full speed (as usual) and do something incredible on each and every ramp. Gary placed first in both qualifying and finals with tricks like tables, downside no-footed-can-cans, and tailwhips over the big channel.

2003 X-GAMES.
2nd place park @ 2003 X-Games, Los Angeles, California, august 14-18, 2003.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: In 2001 Stephan Prantl and I visited the DirtBros in San Diego. We decided to go street riding. We all followed Vic Murphy on his stars and stripes DBI frame. Locals to join the ride were Shaun (now TM), Ryan Fudger (now works for RIDE), Mike Gross and this guy on a borrowed green bike. Vic told us to look out for this kid. He was only 17 years old and had to wear a helmet riding his bike in public. It wasn't actually his personal ride as his bike got stolen earlier that week. The dude was ripping wherever we rode including a pitch dark concrete skatepark in Pacific Beach. It's good to see that this hot kid is still riding for Dirtbros. He even has his signature frame now and guess what, this kid won a silver medal in between the HARO boys at the 2003 X-Games. Who would have thought, well, Vic had warned us. Congratulations to Gary Young for becoming the richest DirtBro over the weekend. His run consisted of non stop riding. He hit everything in sight and did tables, tailwhips, 360-s and manuals. It might not sound exciting but his runs were really good.

2nd place pro park @ 2003 Backyard jam round 3, 25th and 26th October 2003, Derby, UK.

2003 Odyssey video. Riders had one week to film their part.
gary young dig bmx 26

gary young transworld bmx 03 2003

gary young ride bmx us 04 03

Gary Young's part from the Odyssey video.
Interview in Ride BMX US january 2004.

Bike Inspection: Gary Young's Signature Dirt Bros in Transworld BMX january 2004.

1st place pro park @ 2004 Backyard jam round 1, Bournemouth, UK.
Gary Young (Dirtbros) is full of energy and uses that to cruise around at full speed doing tailwhips, 360-s both ways and fat-ass table tops. Gary had different lines than anyone else and qualified on spot #1. The energizer bunny was fading towards the end of the session when he attempted an icepick on top of the wall at least 8 times before he pulled it.

1st place pro street @ 2004 Toronto Metro Jam, March 5th-7, 2004, Toronto, Canada.

Gary Young is riding for MacNeil since may 2004.
Jay Miron, may 2004: I'm happy to inform you that Gary Young is now a member of the MacNeil Bikes Team. We're super excited to have him on the team and feel that he will fit in well with our guys.

Interview in Ride BMX US june 2004.

Really wallride on the cover of Cream july 2004.

The Odyssey Video.

1st place pro street, 12th place mini ramp and 3rd place open dirt @ 2004 Worlds, Cologne (Germany), Jugendpark from June 24th to 27th, 2004.
At the 2004 worlds in Cologne, Gary Young did a downside whip to really wallride.

Pro Q&A with Gary Young in Transworld BMX september 2004.
gary young cream bmx 07 2004

Gary Young's part in Ride BMX US Drop the Hammer video.
2005 10th place park @ 2005 X-Games, August 4th - 7th, 2005, Los Angeles, CA.
Gary Young took a speed line through the curved wallride, transferring to the hip 10 feet past the wall. He then attempted a front-flip roll-in off of a two-foot ledge into a wedge ramp. Given just a little more speed, he could have pulled it.
Gary Young downside footplants a Photoshop-free Ride billboard on the cover of Ride BMX US may 2006.

5th place park @ 2006 X-Games, August 2006, Los Angeles, CA.
Gary Young placed at a respectable fifth and busted wallride-to-tailwhips, 360-whips and other high speed moves and transfers.
gary young ride bmx us 05 2006
2007 Gary Young, in Berlin Germany, jumping out over a ledge to double peg grind down a weird angled handrail thing at 4 in the morning on the cover of Dig january 2007. Photo by Georg Oberlechner.

Interview in Ride BMX US january 2007.

FISE 2007, Montpellier, France, may 16-20, 2007.

Profile in Props 65.

Gary Young interview in Ride BMX UK august 2007.

The $40,000 Jump-Over: A while back Gary Young fractured his skull after an over-grind went terribly wrong. This is his story…kind of like MTV's Scarred but in our magazine. Ride BMX US october 2007.

Pro Q&A with Gary Young in Ride BMX US november 2007.
gary young dig bmx 56
Odyssey BMX, October 9th, 2009: Young picked up a new frame sponsor pretty quickly and he’s now officially on Sunday Bikes!
bmx.transworld.net, october 2011: Riding your bike on a roof always feels sketchy. You’re high off the ground, easier to see, and knowing there’s never any reason why you should be on a roof with a bike makes it pretty nerve-racking—especially at night. However, when said roof has a perfect runway with a gap to an L-rail off the end, even Gary Young can’t pass that up. So out comes the generator, up go the lights, and off the roof goes Gary. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
gary young ride bmx us 11 2011