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corey martinez transworld bmx 01 2003 issue 75 - january 2003
Corey Martinez invert over a hip from Road Fools 10 on the cover.
Road Trip Utah & Wyoming
Brian Foster and Van Homan poster.
NBL Grands.
Ryan Nyquist.
Learn No-Handers.
robbie miranda transworld bmx 02 2003 issue 76 - february 2003 (2)
Robbie Miranda one-footed x-up 360 on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Cable: Thorne TV, Nate Hanson, Rooftop, Revenge industry, Allan Cooke, ...
Interbike 2002.
Nora Cup Awards: Robbie Miranda, Cory Nastazio, Chad DeGroot, Dave Mirra, Van Homan.
Vans Triple Crown Finals.
2-Hip Meet the Street.
Flashback: Mike "The boy" Ocoboc.
Dear Pro: Mike Aitken.
Attention: Scott Cranmer.
Stephen Cerra interview.
Drive: Ryan Nyquist, Jay Eggleston, Jon Peacy, Fisher, Chris Doyle, Mike Aitken, Rob Nolli, Gary Young.
Bike inspection: Markus Wilke's Mosh Brass 4 Star.
gary young transworld bmx 03 2003 issue 77 - march 2003 (1)
Gary Young downside pedal-grind on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Pete Loncarevich.
Dear Pro: MacNeil's Ruben Alcantara.
ABA Grands 2002.
The Dirt Bros, San Diego; Vic Murphy interview.
36 Knee and Elbow Pads
Allan Cooke Interview
Attention: Greg Andrioli.
Protection inspection.
La Revolution.
GT Fueler test.
35 tips to make your bike lighter.
matt beringer transworld bmx 04 2003 issue 78- april 2003 (1)
Matt Beringer on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Eddie Fiola.
Dear Pro: Chad Kagy.
Titanium Frame Test.
Nate Hanson's Solid Wasp bike check.
Interviews with Taj Mihelich, Dave Osato, Christophe Leveque, Alistair Whitton, Koji Kraft, Josh Harrington, Robert de Wilde, Brian Vowell, Alice Jung, Chase Hawk, Erin Donato etc.
Test: Fly bikes Estampida and Haro Group 1 SX.
Backside: Matt Beringer, the Hessian and the horse.
transworld bmx 05 2003 issue 79- may 2003 (1)
Ryan "biz" Jordan on the cover.
Southwest Roadtrip, Fuzzy Hall poster, Cassette hub buyer's guide, ...
josh heino transworld bmx 06 2003 issue 80- june 2003 (2)
Josh Heino footplant in Lake Forest, California on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Joe Johnson.
Dear Pro: Volume's Brian Castillo.
Toronto Metro Jam.
Allan Cooke's 54-foot backflip.
Attention: Vinnie Sammon.
23 freestyle bikes under $350.
Nathan Penonzek's North African adventure: paradise found.
Eastern Jane bike test.
Workbench: Euro bottom brackets.
Drive: Mike Szczesny, Shawn Dorton, Dave Brumlow, Steven Lilly, Brock Yoder, Leif Valin, Ruel Smith, Brandon Pundai, John Gaines, Matt Colisch.
Bike inspection: Dale Holmes' Free Agent Limo.
phil wasson transworld bmx 07 2003 issue 81- july 2003 (2)
Phil Wasson on the cover. Photo by Steve Buddendeck.
Flashback: Todd Anderson.
Dear Pro: Mat Hoffman.
On the road with DMC and Phil Wasson.
Cory Nastazio and Chris Doyle Poster.
Attention: Gabe Kadmiri.
Drive: Brian Foster, Viki Gomez, Colin MacKay, Nathan Berkheimer, Shawn Elf Walters, Travis Turesson, Markus Wilke.
Dave Freimuth's new signature McNeil.
Test: Volume Dinosaur and Free Agent Crown Imperial.
Backside: TJ Lavin.
ryan nyquist transworld bmx 08 2003 issue 82- august 2003 (1)
Ryan Nyquist rocket suicide in Utah on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Summer race Pictorial.
Ramp How to: 540 Hurricanes
The Essential Guide to BMX
UGP Roots Jam.
mark choquette transworld bmx 09 2003 issue 83 - september 2003 (1)
Mark Choquette on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Cable: Gary Young, Matt Wilhelm, ...
Flashback: Todd Corbitt.
Dear Pro: Ryan "biz" Jordan.
Contest: 2003 La Revolution NY.
Woodward West camp.
16 moments frozen in time: Josh Harrington, Jeff Allen, David Stroud, Ted Van Orman, Lance Mosley, Nate Moroshan, Kevin Porter, Gary Young, Marvin Loetterle, Van Homan, Shawn Arata, Andy Kent, Josh Stricker, Corey Martinez, Rob Tibbs, Kris Bennett.
Bubba Harris interview.
An inside look at Props Visual.
Mike Aitken and Vic Murphy poster.
Attention: Dave Dillewaard.
Bike inspection: Leigh Ramsdell's Eastern Night Prowler.
Backside: Andre Ellison.
van homan transworld bmx 10 2003 issue 84 - october 2003 (1)
Van Homan opposite air in his garage on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Dave Mirra wallride to flair DC ad.
Specialized 2004 catalog.
Dear Pro: DK's Chris Doyle.
Flashback: Dino DeLuca.
KOD round 1: Nokia 5100 Core Tour.
Vans Triple Crown.
In their own words: Colin Winklemann, Mike Ardelean, Rich Hirsch, Kevin Porter, Gary Young.
Chad DeGroot and Dave Freimuth in Puerto Rico.
Attention: Thomas Hancock and Adam Rager.
Drive: Jon Greer, TJ Sandy, Vic Murphy, Dave Freimuth, Adam Aloise, Mike Szczesny, Oliver Leonard, Tyrone Williams.Bike inspection: Jason Enns' Volume Destroyer.
Test: GT Karkass.
jason enns transworld bmx 11 2003 issue 85 - november 2003 (2)
Jason Enns on the Samurai road trip on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Adam Strieby nothing backflip Redline ad.
Flashback: Woody Itson.
Dear Pro: Matt Beringer.
Mike rooftop Escamilla, Jason Enns, Dave Osato Alaska adventure.
Woodward West CFB.
New York KOD.
Ohio Vans Triple Crown,
Chad Kagy and Colin Winkleman poster,
Inspection: Chad Degroot's Haro Mirra Pro.
Attention: Steven Lilly.
chad kagy transworld bmx 12 2003 issue 86 - december 2003 (2)
Chad Kagy on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Flashback: Brian Blyther.
Dear pro: Edwin Delarosa.
Vancouver Metro jam.
California 2003 X-Games: interviews with Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra, Gary Young, Nathan Penonzek and Brian Foster.
Trails Tribute, Reader Photo Contest Winners, BMX Race usw.
Attention: Ryan Mills.
alistair whitton transworld bmx 01 2004 issue 87 - january 2004 (1)
Alistair Whitton tailwhip at Woodward West on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Bike Inspection: Gary Young's Signature Dirt Bros.
Introducing: Scotty Cranmer New Jersey's Little Bad-Ass.
Attantion: Paul Piel.
Scope January 2004.
Bike Test: Schwinn Automatic "TJ Lavin Signature" Model.
Hurricane Randy Hits Louisville.
Method: Over-icepicks on a Sub Rail and Foot-jam Nosepicks.
King of Dirt Finals Huntington Beach.
Vans Triple Crown Finals - Oceanside.
Dear Pro - Did you always want to be a pro rider or is it something that just happened?
Ghetto Blasters: FBM's Ghetto Street Comp.
Bike Test: Free Agent Tiger Cat.
Flashback: Gary Pollak.
Checkpoint - 87.
mike aitken transworld bmx 02 2004 february 2004 (1)
Mike Aitken cancan footplant on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
New product sneak peek: Interbike 2003.
Flashback: Mike King.
Dear pro with Dave Freimuth.
2003 2-Hip Meet The Street, Golden Gate Park San Francisco.
Square One Halloween demo tour with Nate Wessel, Mike Szczesny, Bert, Mike Aitken, Dustin Guenther, Biz, Ty Stuyvesant, Kris Bennett, Chris Doyle, Brian Wizmerski, Corey Martinez, Todd Walkowiak and Shawn Elf Walters.
Lightspeed: race photos.
NORA cup awards: Ryan Nyquist number one dirt jumper, Robbie Miranda number one racer, Van Homan number one street rider, Dave Mirra number one ramp rider and Chad Degroot number one flatlander.
Globetrotters: The Terrible One worldtour with Joe Rich, Garrett Byrnes, Nate Wessel and Ruben Alcantara.
Attention: Mike Hollywood Brancato.
Drive: James Horan.
Test: Felt Pyre and 2004 GT Power Series Ultra Box.
Bike inspection: Alistair Whitton's MacNeil Freimuth.
Gear bag.
Videos: A film about TJ Lavin, Inside X, Neon Media Essence, Transit race 2, Digital Interface.
brian castillo transworld bmx 03 2004 march 2004 (1)
Brian Castillo roof to roof whip in San Pedro on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Knowledge is Power: Markus Wilke, Scott Powell, Chris Doyle, Corey Martinez, ...
The Essence of Dirt.
The Baco 10 Premiere Tour: Midwest mayhem.
Warwick seals the deal: 2003 ABA Grands.
Workbench: Integrated Headsets.
Dear Pro: Federal's Corey Martinez.
Attention: Mike Ishizuka.
LG Championships of BMX: Pomona, California.
Media Room: The Samurai - Back for the Very First Time.
Drive: Chad Shackelford, Steve Mulder, Ted Van Orman, Josh Heino, Jesse Whaley.
Videos: The Samurai, Props 50, Network, Odyssey The Odyssey.
Scope: Seats, Bars and Frames.
Bike Inspection: Paul Lange's Felt Sector Pro XXL.
Bike Test: Specialized Fuse IV.
mike ardelean smith grind transworld bmx 04 2004 april 2004
Mike Ardelean on the cover.
5 essential how-to's
Racing's best: Randy Stumpfhauser and Warwick Stevenson
Gear ratios explained
Bike test: Hoffman Disrupter.
chris doyle superman transworld bmx 05 2004 may 2004 (1)
Chris Doyle superman over a concrete spine in Hawaii on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Cable: Murray joins GT, Orchid, Reynolds returns, Free Agent signs Haugen, Kraft off Hoffman, Nate Berkheimer, SST amplified breaking, Matt Wilhelm, KC Badger, Cory Muth employee of the month, Chris Moeller circa 1988, ...
Pro Q&A: Stephen Murray on 360 flips, luck, broken bones and bling-bling.
Chris Doyle, Van Homan and Leigh Ramsdell get a Hawaiian history lesson.
ABA Reno Silver Dollar Nationals.
Hidden treasure: Rick Lakin's trails rise like an oasis out of the SoCal desert.
Infinite progress: Amy and Chad Johnston interview.
Introducing George Kastrinakis.Drive: Mike Rotundo, Ryan Barrett, Mike Andrews, Sandy Carson, Quinn Semling, George Dossantos, Brian Foster, Smoker Dave.
10 spring cleaning tips.
2004 GT Fueler test.
The latest ABA & NBL racing news.
Inspection: Scotty Cranmer's Felt Pyre.
Gear spotlight: floor and hand pumps.
Scope: S&M Black Bike frame, Orchid Vandever shoes and MacNeil seat/post combo.
Video reviews: Props Road Fools 12, Square One Halloween tour, Fit Bike co. Puerto Rico.
Backside: Dave Parrick interview.
rooftop mike escamilla transworld bmx 06 2004 june 2004
Mike Escamilla, rooftop, on the cover.
Asian X-Games.
A day in the life of Dave Mirra.
Rooftop, Winkleman, Osato and Pinter in New Zealand.
Chris Doyle and Alistair Whitton poster.
mat hoffman transworld bmx 07 2004 july 2004
Mat Hoffman on the cover.
Toronto Metro jam.
Hoffman team on Mega Tour 3.
transworld bmx 08 2004 august 2004
Circle of Balance.
ruben alcantara transworld bmx 09 2004 september 2004 (1)
Ruben Alcantara wallride transfer on the cover. Photo Keith Mulligan.
Pro Q&A: Gary Young.
Vans Triple Crown, Salt Lake City.
Goodtimes contest.
La Revolution.
Latin X-Games.
20 questions: Chris Doyle, Seth Kimbrough, Kyle Bennett, Jason Enns and Jesse Puente.
Introducing Jon Saunders.
The latest ABA&NBL racing news.
2004 2-Hip Sub bike test.
Inspection: Morgan Wade's Mutiny Sinister.
Gear spotlight: detanglers.
Pull-out poster: Jim Cielencki and Matt Beringer.
transworld bmx 10 2004 october 2004 (1)
Austin Coleman one-handed tailwhip transfer on the Denver Vans Triple Crown course. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Employee of the month: John Povah.
Pro Q&A: Warwick Stevenson.
Vans Triple Crown Denver.
King Of Dirt Venice Beach.
The 50 essentials of BMX.
The latest ABA&NBL racing news.
Ruben Alcantara and the TWBMX ten.
brian wizmerski transworld bmx 11 2004 november 2004 (1)
Brian Wizmerski icepick on the cover. Photo: Keith Mulligan.
Employee of the month: Pete Demos, creative director at Haro bikes.
Pro Q&A: Morgan Wade.
Redline 2005 catalog.
Core Tour NYC.
S&M NorCal road trip.
2004 UCI world championships.
Michael Steingraber solo mission.
Introducing Eben Fisher.
Free Agent catalog.
X-Games X.
Ten years of the X-Games.
Smith grinds with Adam Banton.
Sequences: Van Homan, Brian Wizmerski, Matt Beringer and Ruben Alcantara.
DC poster: Dave Mirra and Allan Cooke.
Gear spotlight: brakes.
Brian Foster and the TWBMX ten.
joey whitesnake marks transworld bmx 12 2004 december 2004 (1)
Joey "Whitesnake" Marks downside 360-whip in SoCal. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Pro Q&A with Jim Cielencki.
Bike inspection: Ruben Alcantara.
Vancouver Metro jam.
NBL Grands.
Pull-out poster: Stephen Murray and Chad Kagy.
Bottom brackets explained.
Gear spotlight: magnesium pedals.
Backside: Bob Scerbo.
transworld bmx 01 2005 january 2005 - last issue (1)
Mike Day turndown on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
NORA Cup 2005.
Pro Q&A: Giant's Corey Bohan.
King of Dirt finals, Huntington Beach, California.
LG U.S. Championships of BMX.
Voodoo flat jam.
FBM Ghetto street contest.
Vans Triple Crown finals.
Gravity Games.
Private property: Brian Castillo's Volume warehouse ramps, TJ Lavin's backyard, Ted and Beeler Vanorman's backyard, Randy Stumpfahauser's front yard.
Cory Nastazio back from the dead.
Luke Parslow interview.
Method: Nosewheelies with Sean Hoskins.
Introducing Erik Garza.
Drive: Jon Peacy, Mike Parenti, Michael Cleveland, Bo Schatschneider, Matt Colisch and Grimaldo Duran.
Inspection: Jamie Bestwick's signature GT.
Test: Diamond Back Reactor Pro.
Jason Richardson and the TWBMX ten.
Brad McDonald, october 2004: TWBMX is being combined with Ride. January TWBMX will be the last issue. We'll be taking the best aspects of that mag and using them in Ride. Should be good.
Jon Fine, AdAge.com, november 2004: Time Inc.'s Time4Media shuttered two youth-oriented titles november 1st and internally announced plans to start up another. Time4Media's action-sports unit TransWorld told staffers that it would cease publishing its ski title Freeze and its TransWorld BMX magazine. Resources and employees from TransWorld BMX will be shifted to another publication, Ride BMX, and related areas. Next spring, TransWorld will launch an as-yet-untitled magazine devoted to all-terrain vehicles. TransWorld BMX's circulation was slightly below 50,000, while Ride BMX's is 51,000.