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Publisher: Merle Mennega (founder of ABA).
Denney Griffiths was the editor of the first issue.

vintagebmxphotos.blogspot.com, july 2008: In the early 1980's and Bicycles and Dirt Magazine was one of three leading publications covering everything BMX. The magazine was published by the American Bicycle Association and the editors were Brad Fanshaw and Denney Griffiths.
bicycles and dirt 09 1982 volume 1 number 1 - september 1982 (scanned by Paulo and shared by Simon 0906 - download)
PREMIERE ISSUE of the BMX magazine "BICYCLES AND DIRT". 84 pages.
On the cover: Robert Binkley (6), Van Argiros (1), Vern Latham (66), Erik Braeggar (4) and Todd Hoeft (22) go for it in the 15x class at Northern California.
Illustrated feature articles include "A Look at BMX in the 22nd Century", plus extensive coverage of official BMX races in Northen California, Oregon, Texas, and Minnesota.
All of this plus the illustrated comic strip "WACKO and FLEABAG" plus the usual load of great vintage ads (Pac-Man, Intellivision Home Video System, Team Diamond Back for Keds sneakers, etc.).
tim judge eddie king bicycles and dirt 10 1982 volume 1 number 2 - october 1982
Tim Judge of Hutch and Eddie King of Diamond Back on cover.
Redline ad showing the new Redline Flight Crank 400 and 401.
bicycles and dirt 11 1982 volume 1 number 3 - november 1982
Schwinn Grandnationals.
How to maintain your chain.
xmas bmx bicycles and dirt 12 1982 volume 1 number 4 - december 1982
jeff kosmala bmx bicycles and dirt 01 1983 january 1983
Jeff Kosmala on the cover.
bicycles and dirt 02 1983 february 1983
It covers races in Phoenix, Washington, OKC just to name a few. Also, it has a color poster inside of Factory Schwinn rider Mike Poulson.
bicycles and dirt 05 1983 may june 1983
A talk between Brad Fanshaw and Hutch team manager Rich Hutchins
Brad Fanshaw: How would you describe the job of a team manager?
Rich Hutchins: I arrange all of the travel,which usually takes two days,so I make sure I arrive first so I can meet the team members. I also make sure there are three of four rooms side by side at the hotel so we are all together. A team manager must make sure the riders are well-fed. That's very important.
Brad: What do you between National races?
Rich: Being the owner of Hutch,I'm usually occupied with the business.
Brad: What do you expect from your riders?
Rich: I want my riders to be congenial and appreciative. I want them to realize they should be grateful,other riders are looking up to them. They should be good losers, such as congratulating their competitors if they lose.
Brad: We all know that a factory sponsorship means that you gat a lot of benefits. What does Hutch do for their riders?
Rich: I consider a factory sponsorship with Hutch to be an elite ride. My riders get top-of-the-line products, and we do things like our race B.B.Q.s that make our team special. We aren't a racing team, we're a family.
Brad: Most of the teams have quite a few riders and go to almost all of the National races. What about the Hutch team?
Rich: I have 10 factory members if I include my wife, and about 100 co-sponsored riders. We also have 10-15 factory support riders. We will probably be at a race every weekend this summer, because we're going to all of the National races.
Brad: Just about every team wants to be number one. That goes without saying. What one goal Hutch have for '83?
Rich: We would like to have the best public relations of any team, by having polite riders.
Brad: Who are Hutch's co-sponsors?
Rich: JT, Oakley, Bell, Vans.
bicycles and dirt 07 1983 july 1983
Getting it Done - Trick riding growing in popularity.
Hot Tips - Trick mods for your ride.
ABA/ProGard Lonestar Nationals/Lubbock, Texas
Wheaties Gold Cup Qualifier/Lubbock Texas
1983 Wheaties Gold Cup/Tempe Arizona
Profile - CW's Debbie Kalsow
Atlantis 2025 - 20,000 BMXers under the Sea
BMX Word Search
ABA Track Directory
bicycles and dirt 08 1983 august 1983
stu thomsen bicycles and dirt 09 1983 volume 1 number 12 - september 1983
Stu Thomsen and fellow racer 10 year old J.D. Finney on the cover.
Oregon Gold Cup in Clackamas
Levis Spring national
Hutch's Lil' Holeshot bicycle
Stu Thomsen interview. "...for some unknown reason I was dropped from the team (DG). I never really found out why."
Bakersfield Gold Cup.
bicycles and dirt 10 1983 october 1983
tim corwin bicycles and dirt bmx 11 1983 november 1983
It's Tim Corwin on the cover. Photo by Denny Griffiths.
noel christmas bmx bicycles and dirt 12 1983 december 1983
pete loncarevich bicycles and dirt 01 1984 bmx january 1984
Pete Loncarevich on the cover.
BMX biggie in Vegas Wheaties Gold Cup Championship.
Richie Anderson interview.
bicycles and dirt bmx 02 1984 february 1984
Interview with ABA president.
Shawn Texas speaks out.
darrell young bmx bicycles and dirt 03 1984 march 1984 - volume 2 number 6 (scanned by Paulo and shared by Simon 0910 - download)
Darrell Young on the JMC frame that bears his name on the cover.
Lightest Mini Ever - Building the lightest raceable mini.
'83 Levi's ABA Grands - Tulsa, OK - Doug Davis Dominates.
Race Under Fire.
JMC & Darrel Young - A look at the rider and the Bike.
ABA Track Directory.
Advertisements for: Hyper, Powerlite, Radkaps, Navajo, Kuwahara, American Bicycle Association, Ultralite BMX, Goldline, Hutch, Bandito, Ace Plates, Gear Racewear Maximum, Gold Line, JMC, Champion BMX, Vans.
jim roberson bmx bicycles and dirt 04 1984 volume 2 number 7 - april 1984
Jim Roberson of Phoenix on the cover.
Racing: Hutch superbowl.
Professional profile: Tracer Finn, CW's pro showman.
Holy Toledo: The superbowl of BMX.
bmx bicycles and dirt 05 1984 volume 2 number 8 - may 1984
Racing coast to coast.
Brian Pascal.
bmx bicycles and dirt 08 1984 august 1984
Covers ABA Nationals in Northern California, Arizona, Texas and North Carolina. Hutch Pro Star Trick Star Tim Judge and Woody Itson are profiled. Brian Blyther tailwhip.
bmx bicycles and dirt 09 1984 september 1984
Test - Kuwahara Laser Lite - Cook Bros. Pro
ABA/Free Agent - Lumberjack Nationals/Salem Oregon
Profile - Cheri Elliot
Mini Kids - A look at the Future
ABA Great Lakes National - Detriot, MI
ABA Kam-Champion Lone Star Nationals - Lubbock, TX "The Perfect Track"
ABA/CW Us National - Bakersfield, CA
Results - Honeycomb Gold Cup Series - Chandler,AZ-Detriot MI-Austin/Lubbock,TX
ABA Track Directory