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This first ever BMX publication hits the bike shops in California. In June 1974 in Orange, Ca. - USA, BICYCLE MOTOCROSS NEWS saw the light. Editor was Elaine Holt.
Publisher: Westword publications, Orange, California. (Elaine Holt)
rl osborn bicycle motocross news 06 1974 volume 1 no.1 - june 1974 (download)
RL Osborn on the cover (#99).
In June of 1974, the first BMX magazine, Bicycle Motocross News, began publication in Orange, California. The issue included an interview with Scott Breithaupt . Officialy listed in this magazine four tracks: Palms Park - Escape Country - B.U.M.S. and Dominquez Park.
bicycle motocross news july 1974 volume 1 no.2 - july 1974
Brian Ramocinski and Scott Breithaupt during Yamaha bike test for that issue on the cover.
Jim Emerson interview.
Test on the about 19 kg Yahama moto-bike.
How to lighten-up.
bicycle motocross news 08 1974 volume 1 no.3 - august 1974
Lots of classic ad's including; Matthews, Yamaha, Boss, Peddler's West and more. The Yamaha sponsored BMX Gold Cup series is covered with lots of vintage photos.
bicycle motocross news bmx 09 1974 volume 1 no.4 - september 1974
Exclusive interview with the president of Matthews Motocross.
How David keeps his cool.
How to measure your power.
david clinton bicycle motocross news bmx 10 1974 volume 1 no.5 - october 1974
David Clinton and Bobby Encinas on the cover.
The Yamaha bicycle gold cup Los Angeles Coliseum.
john palfreyman bicycle motocross news bmx 11 1974 volume 1 no.6 - november 1974
John Palfreyman on the cover.
Special interview with Ernie Alexander.
What makes a good track design ?
John Palfreyman: read experts talk.
david clinton bicycle motocross news bmx 12 1974 volume 1 no.7 - december 1974
David Clinton on the cover.
Special christmas issue.
bicycle motocross news 01 1975 volume 2 no.1 - january 1975 (download)
Dave Clinton, Bobby Encinas,  John George and Jack Shannon at Yarnell on the cover.
Results of Monoshock testing.
BMX teams: Who they are.
Where they race, how they win!
Taking the suspense out of suspension.

Seb Ronjon: Et page 21, une certaine Windy Osborn officiait déjà derrière son appareil photo du haut de ses 14 ans !
billy wouda bicycle motocross news bmx 03 1975 volume 2 no.2 - march 1975
Billy Wouda on the cover.
Testing Hardtail frame.
rl osborn bicycle motocross news bmx 04 1975 volume 2 no.3 - april 1975
RL Osborn on the cover.
Trials riding is a gas!
Testing Matthews TR-2
Power packed pics.
bicycle motocross news 05 1975 volume 2 no.4 - may 1975 (download)
First cover of Bicycle Motocross News with a Redline Fork on a bike; John George.
Testing the R&R sidehack.
John George, winner of Phoenix Winternationals.
Look out, California! Florida arrives in BMX scene.
john palfreyman bmx bicycle motocross news 06 1975 volume 2 no.5 - june 1975 (download)
Redline’s very first front-cover: Bicycle Motocross News, with John Palfreyman at Saddleback, aboard a 3-of-a-kind looptail Redline prototype.
A year of Bicycle Motocross News in pictures.
The revolutionary great race.
How to gear up your bike.
Saddleback's great race.
BMX News -one year ago today.
Preview of our new look coming next month.
david clinton bmx bicycle motocross news 07 1975 volume 2 no.6 - july 1975
David Clinton on the cover.
NBL races at Randall Ranch.
BMX 500 at WSA.
Testing the new Littlejohn frame.
Special interview: Gary Littlejohn.
A spectacular endo.
stu thomsen bicycle motocross news 08 1975 volume 2 no.7 - august 1975
Drawing of Stu Thomsen by Rick Troy on the cover.
Sidehacks unleashed.
Trackside talk with expert rider Stu Thomsen.
Testing the Red Line frame.
Special interview with Mr. Moto Mag.
At age 11, R.L. Osborn was part of the first ever “BMX test team” for Bicycle Motocross News (from late ‘75 to late ‘76)
rick bicycle motocross news 09 1975 volume 2 no.8 - september 1975
Rick on the cover.
First Annual Bicycle Motocross/Skateboard Championships.
Testing the Dan Gurney rigid MX bike.
What's wrong with Monoshocks ?
Is your bike suffering from metal fatigue ?
brian ramocinski bmx bicycle motocross news 10 1975 volume 2 no.9 - october 1975
Brian Ramocinski on the Kawasaki on the cover.
Team races at Saddleback.
WSA hosts Triple header.
Testing the Kawasaki BX-200.
NBA action Encino.
Spectacular Florida Nationals.
12 1975 volume 2 no.10 - november 1975
Dennis Dain on the cover.
The Mini Experts talk.
Hot new item: the Mongoose MX bike kit.
Scoping out the new Corona downhill track.
Endos; there's more than one way to go.
12 1975 volume 2 no.11 - december 1975
Free inside; the BMX Christmas gift guide
2nd annual Yamaha Bicycle Gold Cup.
Motocross pants for under $8.00
volume 1 issue 3 gift guide BMX Christmas gift guide - december 1975
This guide was coming with the december 1975 issue.