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The Albion #6, 2012: The UK’s first BMX only magazine by a matter of months, Official BMX was one of those “could be” magazines fortunate enough to have some serious names behind it to get it out there and make it happen. Without three or four key people OBMX would never have had the impact it did when it did in the UK, and that’s 'nothing to do with magazines at all, but they saw the need for a mag for the kids as essential to their message. Certain people wanted it to work, people in the right places, people who had been planning the nationalized marketing of this exciting new kids sport that just looked like a whole lot of fun. Richard Grant, the Editor of OBMX explains the machinations of the people involved in setting the stage, it was a serious business, tracks had to be built nationwide, an organization had to be created, PR needed to be addressed and it would take these people and their army of unpaid supporters three years of planning before BMX was ready to be rolled out to kids all over the UK and the last essential part of the plan was to make sure the first issue of Official BMX rolled off the printing presses without so much of a hitch. The magazine was the last in a long line of goals that had been set and defined by Messrs Rushton, Wiles, Jarvis, Duffield, Grant and Thomas. When OBMX came out, BMX finally had a chance to showcase its rising stars and the scene that they were taken by and influenced by, OBMX was a UK mag that tempted and teased every rider to “Get Rad”. Then it went bust because there weren’t enough people to support it with ad revenue. but whilst it was here, it was the mag to have.
Gerrit Does, University of BMX: 1981, first issue of "BMX Official". Britain's only bicycle motocross Action mag, was issued for the first time. Editorials by Richard Grant and Nigel Thomas, pictures by Richard Grant, consultants Geoff Wiles and Alan Rushton. Later on in October 1981, this magazine did have a circulation of about 25.000 copies.
BMX Official is the fore runner to BMX Action Bike Magazine.
andy ruffell bmx official issue 1 issue 1 - january 1981 (scanned by kdw712 1109 - download)
Andy Ruffell with Nicky Mathews on the cover.
UK League news.
bmx official issue 2 issue 2 - february 1981 (scanned by kdw712 0712 - download)
This issue includes article and double page picture of Tim March getting 8ft of air out of a skate park!
Interview with Alan Woods (master of the planned Moto apparently!)
Race report from Southport.
"Exploder" bike test featuring Nikki Matthews at the "new" Eastway Track.
Adverts from Ace, mongoose,Puch Murray,Everything Bicycles and more old school legends.
bmx official issue 3 issue 3 - 1981
This issue includes interview, riding hints and double page picture of Greg Esser (one time Floridan Skyway/MCS factory rider).
Interview and classic picture with the one and only Andy Ruffel
Official UKBMX rider charts, noticeboard and race calendar.
Race at the Redditch International and Londons earls court Motorcycle show.
Bike test featuring Cav Strutts "grifter Special".
Adverts from Ace, Mongoose,Alans,Puch Murray,Everything Bicycles/Gecko and more old school legends.
andy ruffel bmx official issue 4 issue 4 - 1981
Andy Ruffell (188) with the legendary Jamie Vince on the cover.
Eastway action.
Fireroad burning.
Street stunts.
Gearing for speed.
mike chilvers bmx official issue 5 issue 5 - 1981
Mike Chilvers on the front cover.
This magazine has features on Matt Oakley, The Halfords Anglo american cup, How to speed jump. Matt Oakley ripping a berm poster.
mike chilvers bmx official issue 6 issue 6 - 1981 (scanned by kdw712 1211 - download)
Cav Strutt "ace racing" on the cover.
1981 rankings.
UKBMX National from Peterborough.
Stu Thomsen interview.
Jumping Jack and Malc Stapleton jumping into a swimming pool.