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Country: UK.
Publisher: UKBMX Publications Ltd puis Deltamere Ltd
Editors: Richard Grant, Nigel Thomas.
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK #8, december 1993: Its father was Official BMX magazine, and it lasted around eight years: some blame this magazine for slamming BMX into the doldrums due to its influx of skateboarding in the late 80's. Nick Phillip nudged his way and added a lot of life and colour into a previously stale mag, but gave himself 3 or 4 covers in the process, launched Anarchic Adjustment, and [along with Freestylin'] made being dual [ie. skating and biking at the same time] cool. At it's peak they claimed a circulation of 100.000 plus ; but then it sunk, turned into RAD magazine, ditched the biking and the rest is history. It was never really that good anyway.
The Albion #6, 2012: BMX Action Bike, it again was a bi monthly BMX mag and featured primarily UK content with quality US contributions too, if you were under the age of 15 you would probably have read it from cover to cover. If you were over 15 you’d have been reading the NME and listening to Joy Division, Echo and the Burmymen and the Human League, but if you were nipper it was streets ahead of BMX Bi Weekly in terms of its content and it really did try to look at the bigger picture. Unforttmatly it was run by a couple of blokes who looked like they went to grammar school, smoked pot and should be running a mag on amateur electronics not BMX. They tucked their corduroy trousers into their socks when they rode, and neither could ride a BMX bike to save their life. They needed a front man who could talk to the kids and James Black was the first one they got on board as their go-to guy for what was happening. They also had two good photographers in Richard Francis and Tim Leighton Boyce who were both nice fellas and took pretty good photos. It worked for two years and for the majority of young teens at the time was, along with BMX Bi weekly, all they needed to belong to the world of BMX. Then when the BMX industry cash cow dried up and fell over in ‘85 it, like all mags, died a death and was reborn only to make a sinister survival pact with the devil. Now, just like BMX Bi Weekly who were running into financials themselves, they decided to restructure and learn how to survive in a market where ad revenues from the bike industry were shrinking to an almost non existent level. For one man the temptation was too great, seeing BMX sliding into the wall that skateboarding had previously hit, 30 year old skateboard die hard Tim Leighton Boyce saw an opportunity: get the mag for a song from his friend and previous employer and re introduce skateboarding to a new readership and use BMX to help that happen. . . change the name of the mag, use the young but talented Nick Philip to design the mag and here’s comes Rad...
1 issue 1 - april may 1982 - 50p - 52 pages (download)
Profile of Bob Haro.
UK riders in the US
Endurance mountainbiking
Diamond Back Silver streak test.
Tricking out: fork conversion.
john tucker johnny mckinney bmx action bike 02 issue 2 - june july 1982 (download)
The flying ducks, John Tucker and Johnny McKinney, on the cover. Photo by Ian Smith.
Radness unlimited! Andy Ruffell bunny hop over a tennis net.
GT Pro 4 bike test.
Radness unlimited! Johnny McKinney cross-up.
Me and my bike: Kev Riviere.
andy ruffel bmx action bike 08 82 issue 3 - august september 1982 (download)
Andy Ruffell at the Harrow bowl on the cover.
Ripper test.
Tim March interview.
Me and my bike: Jason Maloney.
harry leary bmx action bike 04 issue 4 - october november 1982 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Harry Leary on the cover.
ABMX ears.
How to bunny hop.
Harry Leary interview
Euro championships in Holland.
Kuwahara KZ1 test.
Me and my bike with Wayne Llewellyn.
54 pages.
andy ruffell bmx action bike 05 issue 5 - december 1982 january 1983 (download)
Andy Ruffell on the cover.
Manx TT racing.
£100 bike shootout.
Me and my bike with Ben Cook.
64 pages.
bmx action bike 6 issue 6 - february march 1983 (scanned by kdw712 - download)
Racing from the Worlds on the cover.
Mongoose Pro-Class test.
Lee Cooper Grand-Prix.
How to break wheelie records with Craig Strong.
Jag indoor BMX World Championships.
Me and my bike with Terry Lloyd.
Track focus on Bournemouth.
56 pages.
bmx action bike 7 issue 7 - april may 1983
Huffy Pro lightning test.
Bob Haro how-to.
Indoor racing.
62 pages.
bmx action bike book BMX ACTION BIKE BOOK (download)
Authors: Richard Grant and Nigel Thomas.

Published in 1983 by Purnell Books, this book contains 48 pages of BMX Action.

It has different chapters like: BMX FEVER, HEROES IN HELMETS, FREESTYLE, TRICK STUFF, STREET AND BOWL, CRASH AND BURN, etc... There's a lovely picture of Bob Haro executing a lovely aeriel on a quarter pipe. The book is in A4 format.
bmx action bike 8 issue 8 - june 1983
80 pages.  DP Firebird test, NEC racing, Bob Haro, Sidehacks, Tyre shootout.
bmx action bike 07 1983 issue 9 - july 1983
The new aero burner test.
Stunting: front wheel hops.
greg hill bmx action bike 10 issue 10 - august 1983
Greg Hill on the cover.
Patterson V March European Championships
Greg Hill:World Champion (and his GT)
Haro's Freestyle Moves
Test on the Super Fox
Me and my bike:Stu Diggins.
bmx action bike 11 issue 11 - september 1983
12 issue 12 - october 1983
Clint Miller Kuwahara cover + feature, World champs at Slagharen, Holland, Diamond Back Viper test, Backyard quarter pipes, PATTERSON PRO!!!! Radness
bmx action bike 11 83 issue 13 - november 1983
Craig Campbell on the cover.
bmx action bike 14 issue 14 - december 1983 january 1984
Puch and Skyway on test.
greg hill bmx action bike 15 issue 15 - february 1984
Greg Hill on the cover.
The contents include bike tests of SE Racing's Floval Flyer and Race Inc. Theres an article on how to ride like a champion with Greg Hill, loads of great freestyle and racing etc etc.
bmx action bike 16 issue 16 - march 1984
Diggins in USA / Greg Hill Tells how / Me and my bike with Eddy King / Skyway ad / Torker Pro X ad / Diamond Back Pacer 500 ad / Freestyle with team Haro rider Mike Dominguez, Ron Wilton & Rich Segur / SE ad featuring all their models / '84 season preview / Curtis Test / How to win by Greg Hill.
eddie fiola craig strong andy ruffell bmx action bike 17 issue 17 - april 1984
Eddie Fiola (bottom right), Craig Strong and Andy Ruffell (top) on the cover.
Do you really need a freestyler to Fly
Review: Falcon Omega Pro
6 Pages of Eddie Fiola
Greg Hill Master Class:Race Tactics
How frames are made
How To put a coaster in your Tuffs
wayne llewellyn bmx action bike 20 issue 18 - may 1984
Wayne Llewellyn on the cover.
GHP and Yes Titan tests.
Andy Patterson's how to do a ramp 360.
Ron Wilton feature and photos
mark salisbury bmx action bike 20 issue 19 - june 1984
Mark "Sid" Salisbury on the cover.
Burners tested in Tenerife.
Kelloggs preview.
Skyway platform unvieled.
eddie fiola bmx action bike 20 issue 20 - july 1984
Eddie Fiola on the cover.
Special issue: BMX on TV.
Andy Ruffell, Bob Haro, Greg Hill, Eddie Fiola, Tim March.
david haynes bmx action bike 21 issue 21 - august 1984
David Haynes on the cover.
Hadley Bottom Brackets ad.
Car Jumping.
Dutch European Challenge Cup (6 page special) featuring all top US pro's - Eric Rupe doing a "one hander" in his moto's.
Peugeot Test.
Hutch Pro Raider test with awesome pic of Tim Judge pulling a one footed massive tabletop.
NBMXA National from Nottingham.
Very rare CW ad featuring Pete Loncarevich Replica and the freestyler.
Eddie Fiola and Mike Diminguez feature.
GT ad with Eddie Fiola.
BMX open Club Championships.
750 riders at Buckmore National.
andy ruffel bmx action bike 22 issue 22 - september 1984
Andy Ruffell (1E) on the cover.
Euro Champs, Ipswich, Pegs, User Guide to Air, Suzuki Shogun, framewhips, Bradford, JMC Darrell Young.
104 pages.
dave vanderspek bmx action bike 23 issue 23 - october 1984
bmx action bike 24 issue 24 - november 1984
120 page free radkap issue
GT Mach 1 ad / UKBMX National from Hounslow / Rickman Freestyler Test / Kuwahara ad / Big section on the history of BMX showing lots of famous riders in the mid seventies such as Greg Hill, Stu Thompson. A must have section for any serious vintage BMX fan.
Awesome double page full colour Shiner ad featuring the finest from Hutch "Pro Star Racer", "Trickstar" & all their accessories. Also the best from SE and Haro. These 2 pages alone are a must if anyone really wants to date their old school ride to perfection.
CURB DOGS Part 2. "How to Vanderoll"
BMX Beat feature. Mongoose ad (double page) / Club Championships / Ame ad featuring Torkers Tommy Brackens. National at Cocks Moor! Plus UKBMX rider charts. Kuwahara NOVA test. Me and my bike with Geth Shooter!
andy ruffel bmx action bike 25 issue 25 - december 1984
Andy Ruffell on the cover.
Why Ruffell switched to Raleigh ?
On test: Hutch Pro-Star and Supergoose,
Racing: Olympia Wigan Derby,
Freestyle: Curb Dogs,
Six different endos,
British freestyle Championships
UKBMX National.