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Jamie Eksten, september 2005: The publication BMX Racer was produced by Hi-Torque publishers. Same as BMX Plus. I am positive as I have an old Hi-Torque magazine promoting the BMX racer mag.
bmx racer 12 1983 january 1981 (scanned by Paolo and shared by Simon 0910 - download)
Testing 20 of the hottest BMXers and Cruisers: Hustler Super Pro, Bassett Swooper BMX,Kuwahara, Torker, SE's PK Ripper, Cook Bros, Jag, CYC Stormer, Supergoose II, SE Quad Angle, Littlejohn, ...
Profiling the pros: Teams Schwinn, SE Racing, Mongoose, Cook, ....
Wheels: What's best for you ?Spoke wheels/Mag wheels.
How to fix flats.
Build your own bike in under an hour.
Racing: gettin' started in the bigtime!
bmx racer 12 1983 december 1983
On the cover: Toby Anderson (Hutch), Greg Hill (GT), Mike Dominguez (Vans, Skyway), Eric Rupe (Profile), Stu Thomsen (Redline), Brent and Brian Patterson (Patterson Racing).
Testing the top 37 BMX bikes, How to start racing ?, Unreal Freestyle Oddities, NBL Grands, 12 ways to trick out your bike.