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1968 DOB: september 19, 1968.
Birthplace: Whittier, California, USA.
early years Mike, BMX Action march 1984: I started riding ramps and skateparks in 1981. I used to ride skateboards at Skate City, and one day I was there and saw Fred Becker riding and just said 'that's what I want to do'. One of my friends brought his bike to the skatepark because he didn't have a skateboard. He got up to tile in the pool the first time, so I tried it, got up to tile the first couple of times and that was it. I was an old-time BMX'er 'cause I'd raced a few time, but then I just started getting out of it and doing freestyle.

Mike, Ride BMX UK february 2000: I got sponsored at my very first contest. I guess I was 13 or 14. I get first for everything I think. I came overall first, I was lust a little kid so I was stoked, that was really good. I got a sequence photo in a magazine doing a 360 flyout, I got hooked up with Premier helmets, and Vans hooked me up, and I went on tour with them the following week. It couldn't have been better.
1983 Mike is riding for Skyway and Vans.

14 year old Michael Domiguez at the skate park on the cover of BMX Action june 1983.

Cover of BMX Racer december 1983.

No.1, 16 and under Expert, 1983 King Of the Skateparks series.
mike dominguez bmx action cover

mike 1983

mike dominguez bmx racer cover
1984 Mike Dominguez one-hand one-foot Pipeline skatepark on the cover of BMX Plus! january 1984.

Mike Dominguez lookback on the cover of BMX Plus! february 1984.

Mike Dominguez profile in the march 1984 issue of BMX Action.

Roule pour Haro.

Dominguez comes very close to pulling 360 tailspin flyout in Upland's combi pool.
mike dominguez bmx plus! 01 1984

mike dominguez bmx plus! 02 1984

mike dominguez King of skateparks
Mike at the 1984 King Of the Skateparks round 1 in Upland.
1985 Mike Dominguez is riding for Hutch.

Hutch Freestyle Tour with Woody Itson and Donovan Ritter.

Mike during the Hutch freestyle tour on the cover of Freestyle summer 1985.

Around October 1985 Hutch offered the Trick Star in two special models fot fans of ground specialist Woody Itson and ramp specialist Mike Dominguez.
The Mike Dominguez Ramp Bike will come with a « futuristic finisch » black Trick Star frame and fork, Mike Dominguez Signature gray Tuff wheels, Dominguez Ramp Bars, and Mike Dominguez footsteps.

Covers: BMX Action Bike october 1985 and Freestylin #8 november 1985.

Dominguez is making 540's in the combi pool at Upland.

3rd place pro @ 1985 King Of Skateparks finals.
Mike Dominguez was dropped by Hutch a few weeks before the contest. More than a few factories offered him some hefty bucks to ride for them just for the day. But Mike opted to wear jeans and ride his old Hutch. he rode to a Run-DMC record that he scratched himself. He pulled off 540's one-footed one-handed carve-airs, tail tap re-entries, and the trick of the day--a no-footed can-can. Sick.
mike dominguez freestyle summer 1985

mike dominguez bmx action bike cover

mike dominguez freestylin cover

krtschmidt.com: Mike Dominguez first and second run at the 1985 AFA King of The Skateparks finals. The first No-Footed Can-Can in a contest!
1986 Cover: BMX Plus! march 1986.

Invité de Bercy 3

Mike roule pour DiamondBack

Mike Dominguez introduce a new air that will soon push vert riding to new levels. The no-footed cancan.

Interview: Freestylin #15 august 1986.

Cover: Bicross magazine #51 december 1986 @ Upland.
mike dominguez bmx plus cover

mike 86

mike dominguez bicross magazine
1987 Eddie Fiola and Mike Dominguez on the cover of Freestylin january 1987.

Portrait: Bicross magazine #53 february 1987.

1st place pro ramp @ AFA Masters finals 1987 CA
540 transfer
photo Spike Jones

Mike is being rumored to be pulling 900s.
I know everybody doesn't believe it. I was riding by myself, tried it and pulled a 900.
mike dominguez freestylin

mike dominguez fakie
AFA masters 1987 round 5

mike dominguez masters 87
AFA masters 1987 finals
1988 Interviews:
American Freestyler january 1988,
Freestylin #42 november 1988.

Mike Dominguez buys a house and builds a ramp. The neighbors complain about the ramp, but Mike continues to ride.

Diamond Back drops Mike Dominguez
Diamond Back ne soutient plus Mike Dominguez à qui il est reproché son manque de professionalisme et d'exactitude ajouté au fait que Mike a un goût plus prononcé pour les sessions entre potes dans son backyard que pour les tournées de promotion de Diamond Back.
Diamond Back has sent Mike Dominguez a letter informing the 1987 AFA Pro Ramps champ that they have terminated his sponsorship due to contract violations on his part. Among the offenses of which he was accused, Diamond Back cited Mike for wearing Haro pants in a contest, using a Hutch stem on his bike, not being a team player, and allowing his phone to remain disconnected for an extended period of time.
1989 Mike is riding for Bully.
1990 Mike Dominguez on his new ramp in Devore, CA. on the cover of BMX Plus! april 1990.

Video Bully "Slow Ride".
mike dominguez bmx plus cover
1999 Old school Mike Dominguez is back on the bike. Hoffman Bikes hooked him up with a new rde. Mike is getting ready to return back to the bike stunt contest scene next year riding the ESPN bike stunt pro vert. His ultimate goal is to qualify for the 2000 X-Games mike dominguez 1999
2000 Interview in Ride BMX UK #45 february 2000.
On September 29, 2011, '80s vert legend Mike Dominguez, along with BMX racers John Purse and Donny Atherton, and BMX industry icon Russ Okawa, will be inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame at the San Diego Hall of Champions in San Diego, California.