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Maurice Meyer: It was made by Mike Daily, Bill Bachelor and one other guy who's name I forget. I think it only went for one issue.

Matt Jones, december 2009: Hello, I am the "Other Guy" who started Shreddin, Matt Jones. Shreddin was all Bill's brainchild, talent, hard work and hs parents money. Mike and I tagged along... lol.

Bill Batchelor, www.facebook.com, february 2021: After the Tricks'n More zines I made one issue of Shreddin' which had 36 pages and a print run of about 5,000. The cover went to Jeff Carroll who was really on fire by that point. There's actually a unseen second issue of Shreddin' which I finished but never had printed. It mixed in more skate coverage.
07 1985 issue 1 - july 1985
Jeff Caroll riding for Free Agent on the cover.
Photo pictorial of Dave Vanderspek by Bill Batchelor.