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Bill Batchelor, www.facebook.com, january 2021: From 1984 to 1985 I published a freestyle zine called Tricks 'n More. The first couple of issues were mostly photos of my friends, trick how-to's, contest coverage, product reviews and blatant homage to BMX Action and Freestylin. By the third issue I was shooting a lot of the pros and granted better access to contests and events. I grew up in Upland, CA and the Pipeline was my babysitter, so I had the privilege of being around a lot of the action. My dad had a legal office with a xerox copier and a nice typewriter, so I took advantage of that and printed many as many copies as he'd tolerate. This zine later evolved into another one in early 1985 called Shreddin' with a much larger print run of 5,000. As I have time I will post excerpts from these zines. Some of you have seen these before, but I've had them in a box for 35 years.
tricks'n more bmx zine 1984 issue 1 - july 1984
tricks'n more bmx zine 1984 dave vanderspek issue 2 - august 1984
Dave Vanderspek on the cover.
Ramp plans.
Drawing contest.
tricks'n more bmx zine 1984 issue 3 - september 1984
Unknown at Pipeline on the cover.
Torker Magnum test.
tricks'n more bmx zine 1984 issue  4 - october 1984
Deric Garcia (?) on the cover.
Pipeline locals.

Bill Batchelor, www.facebook.com, january 2021: Lots of Pipeline shots again and coverage of the AFA Finals in Huntington Beach which I was only able to cover one day (the contest coverage story explains it all...I was 13 and couldn't drive myself from Upland). Scott Freeman and Dave Nourie rode. Personal to me, this was the first time I met Bob Osborn and gave him copies of the zine. Besides meeting Bob Haro, it was a peak moment for me having grown up on BMX Action. This issue also had an art contest, ramp building tips, and in the news section a mention of Mike Dominguez breaking his leg, and Robby McCreary getting picked up by GT!
tricks'n more bmx zine 1984 brian blyther issue 5 - november 1984
Brian Blyther at a bike shop demo in Cucamonga and Eddie Fiola at the
KOTS Finals Pipeline on the cover.

First Ramp of the Month went to Robby McCrary. Looking back, it's amazing how primitive these early ramps were.
ing of the Skateparks 1984 Finals were amazing. Everyone starting getting big airs and trying crazier stuff. Bob Haro was judging that day.
tricks'n more bmx zine 8 steve mccloud woody itson issue 6 - january 1985
Steve McCloud and Woody Itson on the cover.
Mike Dominguez interview.
Woody Itson interview.
Steve McCloud profile.

Bill Batchelor, www.facebook.com, february 2021: By this issue my production values and photo skills were improving and I was devoting more coverage to the pro riders. I was 13 going on 14 I couldn't drive, so I managed to bum transport from the various riders like and industry folks. Steve McCloud had burst on to the scene and was getting really impressive airs at Pipeline. For BMX Plus fans, that's John Ker shooting him on page 21, and where John learned he had photo competition from me! Ramp of the Month was now "Danny's Ramp" supposedly made from the wood from the now-dismantled "Robby's ramp" from the previous issue. This was the first issue with pull-out oversized centerfold. As I mentioned in previous posts, I was really trying to compete with Freestylin' I think we shot the Woody Itson and Mike Dominguez piece behind my dad's office in the same shopping center where JT Bikes (?) had a quarterpipe stashed. I can't remember for sure, but I think later that same day we went to the Colossus jumps in Anaheim or Whittier (this appears in the next issue). "Leftover Shots" had Eddie Fiola farting around in the Pipeline parking lot and a comment from the editor about the "owner of Redline's Mercedes." Also Frame 36 featured Eddie's tricked out camouflage 4x4.
tricks'n more bmx zine 1985 issue 7 - february 1985
Art by Bryan Hull on the cover.
Masters Freestyle series round 1.

Bill Batchelor, www.facebook.com, february 2021: First issue featuring art on the cover. Art by Bryan Hull, and sorry, that's all I can remember about it. I think he was a subscriber who sent me a bunch of stuff. The masthead notes contributions from Kevin Foss who was sending me photos and scene reports from the midwest, and Dave Vanderspek, though I can't see any contributions from Vander in this issue except for some riding photos. He was a shameless self promoter, so perhaps Dave asked to be on the staff list. Dave was a great guy and probably a month later I flew up to stay at his house for a few days where I discovered Ride the Lightning. I was already deep into punk and knew of Metallica, but hadn't really listened to them at full volume with a madman like Dave Vanderspek. I was sold after that. The issue had a paragraph about all the rider sponsorship changes which I noted. Again, I was always trying to beat Freestylin to the news since I could publish faster than them. The Freestyle Masters competition in San Diego was fun. My parents somehow let me road trip with some older guys and we rented a room down there (2 hrs from Upland). The weather was grey but it was a good contest. I noted in my coverage that this was when all the bikes started coming out in crazy colors...turquoise, pink, yellow. Some of that credited to Bob Haro, but it was very representative of the mid-80s in general. My photos were a little shoddy that weekend. I was doing all my own darkroom work and loading film from bulk, so it was prone to mistakes and under/overdevelopment. Very frustrating when it went bad, but that's how I learned. Colossus was an undeveloped piece of land full of jumps and trails. I went there one day with Blyther and Martin Aparijo, Woody Itson. That's all I remember and maybe it's legendary spot? Ramp of the Month was Brian Blyther's ramp in Ontario. Decent ramp but I'm still blown away at how narrow and tight these were compared to modern ramps. 8-12' max. Another pull out poster, this time Brian Blyther crossing a canyon in San Diego. Frame 36 (always the last page in my zine) was Dave Nourie in San Diego.
tricks'n more bmx zine 8 martin aparijo issue 8 - march 1985
5.5" x 8.5", 28 pages, stapled, pink cover.
Cover: "When we called up Martin Aparijo for the shoot he said, 'Oh yeah, I can do some cool ones for you.' Well, here's one of 'em. It's a Miami Hopper variation. Photo by Batchelor."
Special Del Mar issue.
Contents: Skate Ranch, King of the Skateparks Round 1 (Del Mar), Haro Ramp Jam at Marc McGlynn's, Design Your Dream Skatepark Contest, Martin Aparijo (GT), Todd Anderson (SE), Dave Vanderspek (Curb Dogs), Hugo Gonzales (Skyway), Brian Blyther (Haro), Mike Dominguez (Hutch), Ron Wilkerson (Haro), Dave Nourie (Haro), Rich Sigur (Haro), Eddie Fiola (GT), Andy Shohara (Dyno), Jon Peterson, Kevin Foss, Art Page centerfold by Brian Hull.

Bill Batchelor, www.facebook.com, february 2021: This was the final issue of Tricks n More. I followed this with a larger publication called Shreddin'. Martin Aparijo gracing the cover and a story inside. I think we shot it at the Montclair Plaza not far from the Pipeline, or perhaps some strip mall. It boggles my mind how we managed to hook up these sessions without cell phones or texting. And I owe gratitude to all these pros who would oblige some 14 year old with a camera and typewriter. I love the cover photo but sure wish I'd picked a more scenic location! This issue featured Del Mar Skate Ranch and the latest King of the Skateparks contest held Feb 85. I was used to shooting at the Pipeline, and the halfpipe used for the contest was really tight and hard to shoot in. I had to bum a ride from my mom to this one. [After 36 years I have to make a confession. I took pride in doing all the zine graphics myself, but in this issue I cribbed the "Del Mar" logo from somewhere else, perhaps Transworld Skateboarding. I remember Andy Jenkins asking me about it, saying it was cool. I lied to him out of insecurity and said "I had a designer make it." This has bothered me for almost 4 decades. Andy, I stole it from Transworld!!] The same weekend I shot the Haro team ramp jam at Marc McGlynn's new ramp somewhere in San Diego area with Rich Sigur, Ron Wilkerson, Dave Nourie, Blyther, Marc McGlynn, and Tony Murray.