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Eric Skougstad, may 2008: The Colorado BMX scene has always been amazing. The people who ride and live in Colorado are the nicest people and the best friends anyone could hope for. In the 90s, Kent George and the Lip Lords started 20" Video Magazine (before Props Video Magazine) right here in Colorado. Their premiers were the BEST ever. Everyone would show up, tell stories, catch up and just have a great time. It was a chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones. Clay Brown at Pusher Magazine continues the tradition of great gatherings. But there aren't really any set contests or gatherings in Colorado. That, coupled with the fact that in recent years there has been a disconnect in the Colorado Scene, Th' Link was started to try and LINK the Colorado Scene back together. Th' Link also hosts an 'Old School Page' and drops in photos and stories here and there from the 80s and 90s Colorado BMX scene. We chose the slogan 'Colorado BMX from the roots to the branches' for that reason. This is our gift to Colorado BMXers.
The mag started out with Mike O'Farrel, Harlan Raynes, Phil Morris and myself. The original deal was that as a journalism major, I'd do all layout, design etc., and they would compile articles, find advertisers, etc. We'd each pitch 25% of production costs, we'd each keep 10% of profit, the rest would go back to the mag.... yea.... O'Farrel kind of fell of the face of the earth. Harlan didn't really come through on the financial end, but has been doing good at compiling stories, copy-editing, etc. Phil Morris is amazing. The kid has been getting advertisers, etc. He never pitched any money, either, as far as the original plan, but he got advertisers and THEY pitched money, so that counts. I'm $1,400 into this project. We are going into our Fourth Issue. We have gotten so much attention, I had to incorporate into a business. I started Uff Da Media as a sole proprietorship. My mom happens to be a CPA so she is our accountant. I hired LOTS of people to help out with everything. Dylan Pfohl (Advertising manager, videographer), Chris Hughes (Advertising), Mike Meister (Contest/ event planning, freestyle shows), John Able (Contest/ event planning, freestyle shows), Tyler Mitchell (Contest/ event planning), Ryan Tuley (Videography), David McCullough (Videography), Zane Decker (Show Performer), Brian "Brillo" Wallace (Show Performer), Travis Heacock (Photographer), Brendan Dudley (Photographer).
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