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Sources: Ride BMX UK, Ride BMX US, www.notfreestylin.com, BMXup, www.feeblebmx.com, www.fatbmx.com, www.youtube.com/user/benbmxfr, february 2009, ...
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Chief editor: Todd Fantz ?
Kent George started 20 inch video magazine in 1994.
Eric Skougstad, coloradocommunitymedia.com, 2004 : “Somebody scoffed: ‘Oh, you’ll never do that at least no one ever has done it’ he started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn’t be done and he did it.” –Edgar A. Guest in his poem IT COULDN’T BE DONE It was a song that had been sung to Kent George many times before. Growing up in the Southern Hills neighborhood of Denver, attending Thomas Jefferson High School, he and his friends rode BMX bikes and skateboards. “I remember teachers telling me and my friends we would amount to nothing and these sports would take us nowhere.” George said. “Can you imagine a teacher discouraging a child? I’ve heard the same story from other guys I’ve met over the years. Dave Mirra (professional BMXer) and Shawn White (professional snowboarder) where both told ‘It’s a stupid dream, and don’t think this thing will ever take you anywhere.’” George’s chance at success came by chance. He grew up close to Mike and Nick Chessnoe, who went on to found the Lip Lords BMX freestyle team, the main freestyle team of the 1990s in Colorado. Other members of the team, such as Pat Dehne and Jay Eggleston (who are both now making their names worldwide in the BMX vertical scene) also lived nearby, and would fall into the Lip Lords group later. The kids grew up riding at dirt jumps they built, or piecing together ramps out of scrap wood and bricks. But while the other guys in the group were becoming more and more involved in BMX, George still gravitated toward skateboarding, although he did both, he said.
“Nick Chessnoe, every time I got on a bike, would jokingly make fun of me, saying ‘welcome do the dark side.’” George said.
As time went on, and we got older, we seemed to drift apart from one another as people do. About the time I was turning 22 or 23, I had been enjoying marginal success in my college and work life, I started hanging out with the Lip Lords again we got together for a party one night and while sitting around and telling stories of mini tours, shows and other riding and skateboarding we had been doing, I told them about a guy I met in San Francisco who had been working on a project called 411 Video Magazine, featuring commercials, interviews and cool ‘how-to’s.”
George suggested they start their own video magazine. “It was one of those moments where everyone gets silent, and you know you may have touched on something,” he said. Their first issue came out early in 1994. “Kent George and Twenty Inch Video Productions has played a pivotal role in the Colorado BMX community for over a decade.” Joe Protowicz, said Right Bros. Bike Shop owner. “Their contributions have been present (in the BMX community) even in the early ‘90s when the sport was left to only the core that where truly dedicated.”
That’s when Twenty Inch Video Productions was created. (Twenty Inch being a reference to the circumference of a BMX bike’s wheel in inches.)
“Kent George with Twenty Inch Video Productions is a legendary filmmaker that’s known for his series of video magazines’ in the early 1990s,” Brian “Yella” Gavagan said.
(Gavagan is the owner of Yellow Designs, a clothing company, the manager/ owner of the Mile High Extreme BMX Team, and lifetime Colorado Resident.)
“Filming wasn’t nearly as mainstream back then, and to catch a glimpse of your favorite rider in action, you had to get one of these videos, or ride with them in person.”
The videos continued, backed by the Lip Lords until about 1996.
“I worked with the Lip Lords until roughly issue No. 7,” George said, “when one by one they got fed up with my antagonistic perfectionist attitude, and either got married and/or found that their interests where elsewhere in life, or became so busy with tours and contests that they could no longer continue the project.”
George continued the videos until issue No. 13. He then did his final video, “The BMX-Files,” and quit.
But only for a few years. He started filming again about a year-and-a-half ago, he said.
“His latest video, “Redux,” is an incredible DVD chock full of dirt jumping, vert ramp riding, street and flatland.” Gavagan said. “The editing is tight, the music is great, and the riding is amazing.”
The Lip Lords, however have dissolved their business, according to former Lip Lord Jay Eggleston.
“The good thing is that we all still remain friends and most of us still ride a 20 inch bike now and again. “ Eggleston said. (Eggleston can be seen often placing in the top 10 in X-Games contests.)
George is keeping busy these days.
“Things have been pretty crazy for the last week or so.” George said. “I have a contract with a company in California for some footage I’m due to submit, we just completed the Yellow Designs Stunt Team promotional video, Art Space 7 is heating up, I am supposed to get started on a new flatland video I have been working on producing for some time now, I spent the weekend announcing for the Yellow team at the People’s Fair in downtown Denver, plus the new Harry Potter movie came out.”
Just joking about the Harry Potter part.”
(...) “Ride forever, whatever that means to you.” George said. “Once it is in your blood, it will always be there-- even when you get to be an old man like me.”
Freestyle only video magazine.

Released: 15 mars 1994
Running time: 45min.
Contents: 1993 BS finals, Chicago, Dennis McCoy interview, Barspin tyretap how to, 1994 Moreno Valley BS contest, Sean McKinney interview, UK footage, Crash section.

Ride BMX UK #12 august 1994: The other bike video magazine from America, this time from Twenty Inch, and with the difference that this video is strictly freestyle only - no racing. Compared to Props the picture isn't as clear, the production isn't as snappy and the graphics aren't as cool, but the footage is flipping great.
Starting out with BS contest footage from Chicago, followed by a completely rad interview with Dennis McCoy. As ever, DMC is on it, has some cool stories, does the sickest tricks, and has the quote of the video: "Ive got another ten, twenty years left in me still. »
A clearly explained how-to [barspin tyretap], Moreno ValIey Bicycle Stunts contest [Jay Miron rules the house], a check at a simple front break Canti conversion from Crusher, Sean McKinney interview [pro fladander from Cali], and even UK footage supplied by Mark Richards at Backyard (jumping at Crowhurst, etc). Finally, there's a crash section and a load of news.
Twenty Inch is a good length, and if you ignore the fact that production isn't quite up To Props standard this is a killer video.This should be your choice if racing on video isn't your gag and you want to watch the best American freestyle footage going. Issue 2 should be out right about now.

Ride BMX US august 1994: Although their second issue is out now, I've still only seen the first issue. It had some excellent riding and focused mostly on the BS contests (with very up to date coverage) and had pretty detailed coverage of various riders' runs. It also had an interview with Dennis McCoy, random tech tips, how to's, and many more. The footage of british rider Zach Shaw's flip with a 360 twist in the middle makes it a must see.

www.notfreestylin.com: This was 20"'s first video mag and i thought they did a good job. Good amount of all types of riding ,flat,street ,ramps ,etc... I was surprised how good the riding was in this video cause it was made in 94. The video quality wasn't the best but maybe I got a bummed copy. Another thing I like about 20" video is they're cheap which means you can buy more.Its got pretty good music in it also.
20inch bmx video issue 1
Released in 1994
Chuck's Bike shop and 2B contest at Shimerville.
Do it yourself: Fire-hydrant to walk over with Jake Umberger.
Under the spotlight: Mark Eaton.
Aroud the world: UK footage (Northampton BFA contest).
Do it yoursef: Manual with Pat Dehne.
Bicycle Stunts contest round 2 Kansas city.
1995 GT Freestyle bike.
Mel Cody.
VG ad.
edgar plascencia 20inch bmx video issue 2

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, march 2011: 1994 - Twenty Inch Video Magazine #2 (full movie)
Released in 1994

Ride BMX UK #14 december 1994: The green issue of the video magazine dedicated to everything but racing is out now. This one features jams from York (flatland jam), BS contest from Oklahoma, dirt jumping from the V (with a guy doing the sickest barhop jumps ever) and the Kill Yourself Jam, a scene check, plus extensive GT show section (surprisingly good), and there's a good long section from the Backyard Jam. There's also a fine slam section, a great took into the new Mongoose DMC bike, How-To grind to fakie, quick clips of action, some news, and a video review part which is a bit cheesy. Sections are good length, there's plenty to watch, fine camera work and OK music. All in all, this isn't as polished as Props, but if it's a pure freestyle video magazine you're after then go for it.

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, march 2011: 20" Video Magazine #3 - 1994 - Flatland only.
Released: december 1994
Running time: 60min.
Interviews with Sean Peters and Rob Nolli.
Contests from the 2-hip jam in New York (in an indoor skatepark)
BS finals
Footage from Japan.
Ride BMX US june 1995: This issue is a compilation of some of the best material the Twenty Inch Video guys came across while putting out their regular issues. Showcasing some of the best contest action of 1994, you'll want to check this video out if you didn't make it to too many BS contests last year. It also has tons of dirt jumping and street riding extensive British coverage, a short Dave Voelker interview, and even some Japanese contest coverage. Although it would have been nice to have captions with riders names, there's still a lot of great riding.
75 min.

Do it yourself
Contest of Love Florida
30 Jump Jam Contest Oregon
B.S. Contest Moreno Valley
Leigh Ramsdell Interview
Product review.
20inch 5
How to flatland with Trevor Meyer.
Mullaly comp, New York.
New goods.
1995 Backyard Jam UK.
Play clothes in Canada.
Pro spotlight: Day Smith.
Redneck comp N.C.
How to: Mini Ramp.
Mysterious finals.
1995 Virginia BS comp.
Hall of pain.
20inch bmx video magazine 6

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, march 2011: 20" Video Magazine #6 - 1995 - Flatland only.

joe rich 20inch 7
Released in june 1996.

Play Clothes contest Chicago.
How to handrails.
King of New York.
GT tour and halftime shows.
Moreno Valley jumping comp.
New products.
Trevor Meyer interview.
Daytona beach BS finals.
Hall of pain.
20inch 8

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, march 2011: 20" Video Magazine #8 - june 1996.
Ol'School, www.notfreestylin.com: It has been awhile since there has been a 20" video. When I first heard about the name of the issue, The Hall of Pain, I was a little skeptical.That name is used in the bails section of every issue.On the outset I thought this is going to be all crashes. This is going to be real cool or really suck.Impressed with previous 20" videos,i decide to go with it.Just to let everyone know it is not all crashes.It actually turns into a game,trying predict what will end in a bail and what gets pulled.You cannot watch this video like you watch others.You'll wince,cringe and have crashbacks(bail flashbacks). I hate falling while flatlanding ,but it does make for humorous falls. Besides burly bails and rad riding (that called alliteration folks) you get a scene report from the great Northwest (also known as a warm up to Infection 4) by Scott Hagnas.Also included is an interview with Dave Mirra.Great hardcore soundtrack,excellent editing, and well worth the money.If you like previous 20" vids,be sure to add this one to your collection hall of pain
Jamie Maldonado, www.notfreestylin.com: That's not eh exact title, but that's close enough. This video is a masterpiece. From begining to end (about an hour or so), it showcases the absolute best riding from '95 to '96. It covers almost every B.S. comp from Moreno Valley '95 to San Diego '96 (and that's not even 1/2 of the vid!). It's got bits of interviews from previous issues with riders like Leigh Ramsdell, Rooftop, and Day Smith. There is all kinds of riding on this. You name it, it's there. The editing is excellent, the effects are rad, and the riding is amazing. The soundtrack ROCKS! Deftones, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Guttermouth, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Senser etc. all have REALLY good songs on it. My only complaint is you can't usually hear the riding, like in Props. This has SO much stuff in it I can't even start. Most importantly, it makes you want to ride, really really bad. 20inch bmx video magazine 1996 year end

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, april 2011: 20 Inch Video Magazine - 1996 - video annual - part 1/2.

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, april 2011: 20 Inch Video Magazine - 1996 - video annual - part 2/2.
By Twenty Inch productions.
Sponsored by Primo.

www.feeblebmx.com: First, a lame preview for some snowboarding. The first good part in this video comes from some guy named Zak Sprinkle. Wallride to tailwhip, wallride to fakie, wallride to tailwhip to fakie, and wallride to fakie to tailwhip attempt.
Then comes the Troy McMurray part. picture troy on his old school s&m war pig riding around your town, quick!
go get your video camera and film everything he does and edit into a 5 minute video part! Mainly you get shots of troy who is obviously a really good rider trying stuff and almost landing stuff and crashing on stuff and landing with one foot off the pedals because they didn't get enough footage to film a whole part. Even with all the sloppy landings and filler footage this is still a good part just because troy has a great riding style but really there is only about 3 minutes worth of cleanly landed stuff. there's one amazing shot of troy manualing a ledge, bunnyhop-barspinning and then riding into an icepick grind down a rail! yay troy! also, he rides to roni james dio which is a bonus. This video is 30 minutes long and is filled with great tricks here and there but it's really only a ten minute video with a 5 minute preview stretched out to fill the tape.

BMXup #18 février 1999: Venue de nulle part, ou presque (produite tout de même par 20 inch magazine), cette vidéo peut se résumer en deux mots: Zack Sprinkle. La majeure partie d'entre vous ne le connaît pas. Sachez que Zack vit a Denver, ville du Colorado, où réside également un certain Troy Mc Murray et toute sa clique. Les deux lascars vous en font voir de toutes les couleurs avec notamment du bunny hop tailwhip en roll back, du 180 bus, des rails de fous, des sauts de marches en Tailwhip, des 360 dans tous les coins. Il y a un peu de tout dans cette vidéo. On y voit le PAC Crew (Punk Ass Children. Et oui !) de Las Vegas ainsi que son fameux Planet Plywood.
Un truc qui vous laissera sur les fesses, quand vous le verrez, c'est Cody Talada, un môme de 8 ans à tout casser qui roule en 16 pouces et qui déchire en feeble, funbox (Tobogan, No foot) et sortie sur un banks. Continue mon gars l !
Pas souvent aperçu, Nyquist en champ de bosse avec ses pneus slicks et ses pegs.
La musique est plutôt pas mal mais laisse parfois perplexe comme sur le passage de Troy, un bon vieux hard des années 70-80 Avis aux amateurs. Quelques images des Bicycle Stunt Contests, du Warp Tour, plus rares, des images des démos du GT Air Show lors des matchs NBA et d'autres babioles de ce type font de cette vidéo une vidéo variée et intéressante. Donnez lui sa chance.
20inch bmx files

www.youtube.com/user/benbmxfr, february 2009: Intro.

www.youtube.com/user/benbmxfr, february 2009: Troy McMurray part.
Rick Thorne Interview; Loads of Flatland, Street, Vert, Mini, Park, Team Tours and Shows. Rider Appearances: Trevor Meyer, Dave Mirra, Cory Jarman, Rick Thorne, James McGraw, Morgan Wade, Brian "Yella" Gavigan, and tons more.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2004: Sometimes at a contest I wonder who the hell is filming for what. It seems like everyone and their uncle has a DV camera of some sort and wants to catch the action first hand. One guy blocks the other to get the best view but screws it up for everyone else. It's good to see that footage gets used for a final product. If you own a video camera and you're only using it to show it to your friends on your own TV, do everyone a favor and just buy a DVD that covers the contest you went to.
The Redux DVD came in as a surprise. It's not that Twenty Inch Productions have not done anything in the past. In fact, they were one of the first BMX video magazines out there and competed with the Props people for an issue or 12. After a long hiatus their first DVD showed up with footage from riding over the last couple of years. That makes the footage partially old, especially if you follow the BMX scene first hand. The quality is not all DV or 16 inch. When 20" started collecting footage for this DVD they were probably still on the VHS-tip.
Lots of the riders/riding would not make it to today's standard but that doesn't mean it's wrong. It's cool to put your friends in a video, even fully padded hucking Colorado riders. If you're into Rick Thorne you're lucky. He's got an interview in Redux explaining his tats and bro-ing down on the phone with his sponsors. Some riding too. Other than that there's not many So-Cal riders in the DVD and it covers everything from flat, park, street, vert to dirt. 50 minutes + sounds like a good deal but going by the 2 star score out of five you might want to spend your money somewhere else if you don't have to own every BMX DVD that comes out.
20inch redux