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Bob Tedesco was publisher and offices were in Pittsburgh, PA.
v1.bmxne.com: East coast magazine put out by none other than former NBL head honcho, Bob Tedesco. Coming out of the state of PA, Total covered the east coast extensively and gave a lot of coverage to the north east riders.
greg esser total bmx 05 1980 first issue - may 1980 (scanned - download)
Greg Esser on the cover.
Central Florida shootout.
NBL winter Nationals.
Powder puff power.
total bmx 06 1980 issue 2 - june july 1980 (scanned - download)
FBMXA/Schwinn sunshine special.
Niagara falls doubleheader.
Pepsi team challenge.
Opening day Pittsburg.
How to get that #1 plate ?
total bmx 08 1980 issue 3 - august september 1980
Roland Veight on the cover.
NBL War of the Stars III
ABA National
Test Skyway Tuff Whell II.
total bmx 10 1980 issue 4 - october november 1980
NBL War of the Stars
ABA East Coast Nationals
NEBA Classic
total bmx 02 1981 february march 1981
Mongoose grand national.
total bmx 05 1981 volume 2 number 2 - may 1981
62 pages long. There is race coverage from The NBL War Of The Stars IV in Orlando and the MCS Silverdome Spectacular in the Pontiac Silverdome.There is also coverage of the ABA Jersey City Double Points race. There is a test on the 16" Skyway Tuff Wheels. There is an interview with powder puff Bridgitt Bohren.
total bmx 07 1981 volume 2 number 3 - july 1981
NBL War of the Stars Memphis.
bob hunt mat harris total bmx 09 1981 september 1981
Bob Hunt (Cook Bros.) and Mat Harris (Kuwahara) on the cover.

Features advertisements from Shimano DX, GJS, DG, Jag, Cook Bros., Torker,Bike Brokers, Saber, Hot Plate, AMF, Thruster, Mongoose, BMX Products, Hutch (full page ad shows very early fork and frames), 81 Haro Freestyle Tour, Skyway, Powerlite 26" cruiser, RedLine, Zeronine, MCS, Cinelli, Regina, Campagnolo and Schwinn (Donny Atherton) back cover ad.

NBL War of the stars IV Springfield/Lansing/Millington/Griffin ABA Iowa Hawkeye National.
This magazine has articles on Thruster Tri Power Speed Unlimited. Advertisements for Skyway Hutch Mongoose Powerlite Cruiser Haro 81 Haro Tour Schwinn Ultima BMX from Italy MCS Pro tec Zeronine riders from Kuwahara GARY Tal Powerlite riders MCS Team Kerensky Bullar Jamie Burrows David Argyle Ellie Mckinnet Todd Capstick Shelby James
Adverstisements for Hawk bmx from AMF
Saber Racing Products
Clint Miller interview
Thruster Sping national
Total Racer
Powerlite cruiser test
ABA Iowa
Entry forms for 1981 NBL Grand National ST Louis Mo sponsored by Schwinn. War of the stars registration for Onley IL Sept 13 1981 International BMX Championship
Thruster War of the stars registrations in Howell NJ September 7 1981 Trenton NJ September 6 1981 Philadelphia PA September 5
Articles on THruster and Terri Fregoe blazing her way to a first in the fifteen and over Powder puff class
dave dechert total bmx 11 1981 november 1981
Dave Dechert, “Dollar Dave”, is shown on his Thruster on the cover.
dave dechert total bmx 01 1982 january 1982
bob haro total bmx 03 1982 march 1982
Bob Haro on the cover.
toby henderson total bmx 07 1982 july 1982
Toby Henderson (5) on the cover.
total bmx 09 1982 september 1982
Team Murray World Cup with Bottema riding the track with the SBC SPorts Helmet Camera on the cover.
Publisher: Ken Burnett.
Editor: Pete Reynolds.
Art Director: Wright Morris.
Photography. Buddy Birdwell, Tom Gibert.
brad birdwell total bmx 01 1983 january 1983 (scanned by poupa lee july 2007 - download)
"Bad Brad" Birdwell sailed a big 10X win in Pittsburgh on the cover.
Total News. Lee Van Ormer heads Thruster, International BMX Commission, Amateurs join Team Murray, Raleigh signs Lee Medlin, Eric Rupe to ride with JL Leathers, BMX on Wall Street, Pro-tec sponsors BMX racers, Redline.
Notes from an Adult Cruiser.
Total rider. Bill Green of Miami, Florida.
Schwinn NBL Grand National, Pittsburg september 1982.
A BMX mom tells it like it is. Gail Gardiner.
Track of the month.
Pro talk. Missouri outlaw Bob Hunt.
GT NPSA Grand National Daytona.
ABA East Coast National New Jersey.
Powder puff power. Julie Klimek.
Charlie Litsky.
Sneak preview. Magic Mountain.
Total pick. Todd August.
New products. Redline Stu Thomsen replica, ACS Z Rims 24" and 26", ...
Total end. Bionic Buns.
Ads. Skyway T/A, Hutch 1983 models, Kasaka racing, ...
march 1983
Steve Veltman (HUTCH) & Brian Patterson at  the ABA grand national gold cup championship on the cover.
total bmx 05 1983 may june 1983
Frankie Chirlo on a Thruster frame on the cover.