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Chris Rye, freedombmx.de : After me and Chad Degroot met Hilson and those guys, we got into screen printing. Chad and I had built these three stupid little ramps and we called them Baco 1, Baco 2, and Baco 3. I think it's because Chad liked eating Bacos (bacon bits) and that's just what we named the ramps. Very stupid. When we started printing shirts we called the whole deal Baco Designs. In the beginning it was mainly me, Chad, and Hilson doing the shit. Then when we made the videos we just used the same name, Baco. The name is so silly sounding, but it stuck. No one objected.
bmx.cc: Bad ass coping obstacle, bikers against common opinion, company created by Chris Rye, Chad Degroot, Mark Hilson, Dave Friemuth, known for making the best bike videos ever.
Shane Neville, www.backlashbmx.com: In 1990, I remember when Bacovision 3 came in the mail from Trend. I remember the first time I saw that video. Chad Degroot was an up and coming rider who was recently featured in Go magazine, Chris Rye was another ripping flatlander who like to mix music and make video, Mark Hilson was straight as far as anybody knew, and Dave Friemeuth was a pioneer in the new thing called Mini-Ramp. While I never managed to track down Baco 2 or 1, I have every other Baco video released, lining my shelf alongside the Dorkin' in York 1-10. I grew up with the Baco series and I picked up every new video as soon as they were released. You could always count on the Baco series for 3 things - Tech riding on all fronts, cute girls and crazy hijinx. Though the years you could watch the boys throw a box of bottles off of a bridge, light fire to a truck (and other things) and lead the way as riding evolved through the years.
www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: This was what started it all. Never officially released, we mostly gave it away and sold a few. Edited with just a VHS camera and VCR, we threw this together in the early days of Baco, thus establishing ourselves. Many thought we were a joke back then (fuck we were), but you have to start somewhere and start we did. Highlights include the Baco Destruction Crew. This classic and rare video was released in 1990 or so. This video is no longer available...Rye wouldn't dare let any more copies get out. A Hilson/Rye composition. Early early riding from Chad DeGroot, Chris Rye, Mark Hilson, Mark Fluette, and others. baco bmx 1
BACO 2 - 1991
www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Cover layout and design by Chad D.
We had so much damn fun making our first video, we made another. We came out with this video shortly after Bacovision, still with the VHS camera in hand. A rare video to find, no longer available. Early Baco days with some silly antics/acting attempts.
baco bmx 2
BACO 3 - Ride for Life - 1992
www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Cover layout and design by Rye.
The third video in the Baco series. Some great flatland riding for it's time, along with some other good riding. Named "The sleeper of the summer" by GO The Rider's Manual. A classic video that's no longer available. Rare.

www.propsbmx.tv, january 2014: This 23 year old snip from Baco 3 of Rick Moliterno riding the Rampage bowling alley is wild. Considering it was 1991/92, Rick was already doing fakie to nosepick, fakie to double peg to fakie, nose wheelies forward and back, backwards manuals, lawnmower abubacas, double barspin abubacas and other innovative lip tricks on a mini-ramp. Also some flatland moves like a no-handed spinning backyard.
baco bmx 3

Rampage part 1 from krtschmidt.com

Rampage part 2 from krtschmidt.com

York part from krtschmidt.com

Rick Moliterno part.
BACO 4 - Hardcore-Underground-Dope - 1993
Starring: Chad DeGroot, Chris Rye, Mark Hilson, Chase Gouin, Krt Schmidt, Dave Freimuth, ...
Events: Chicago BS Finals.
Tricks: canadian nosepicks to barspin, ...

www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Layout and design by Rye.
This is the classic video that set the style for all the other Baco videos to come. Wide angle filming, random background audio, great riding, unforgetable humor and sillyness, plus much more. Chad D, Chris Rye, Mark Hilson, Dave Freimuth, Joe Hurlburt, Rick Moliterno, Jeremy Verhulst, Krt Schmidt, Pete Brandt, Chase Gouin, and many more make up the riding content.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK #4, april 1993: Chris Rye over at Bacovision n the midwest USA sent me this video about three months ago, and Stuart Dawkins coverted it to PAL for me, and then watched it for a couple weeks, and then Rob Ridge borrowed it who lent it to Effraim Catlow who lent it back to Stuart Dawkins who lent it to Grant Smith who is sending it back to me. My copy is certainly doing the rounds. Anyway, that's not important. What is important is the footage on Baco 4: we are talking about a 40 minute tape here which is filled with the latest, freshest, hardest and raddest riding straight from the USA, on flatland, street riding, mini ramps and vert. Loads of Standard Army footage here, and these guys rule on minis right now - loads of burly/techno stuff like tailwhip 180 abubacas to nosepicks, canadian nosepicks to barspin ( !) and far too much to mention besides.
Flatland content is crammed with the latest moves from Chad Degroot and and Chase Gouin (rulers for sure). Again, too many tricks to name. There's also a bunch ot stuff filmed at the Chicago BS Finals and the riding is pretty incredible - Bob Kohl's loops are out of hand.
Anyway, Baco 4 is certainly a video to get - it's got a hardcore feel to it, and is also edited and produced to quite a high standard (but not quite Ride On level) and the tricks are pretty insane.
baco bmx 4

www.youtube.com/user/claybom24, january 2012: 1993 - Baco 4 (full movie)
www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Front images: Chad D, Chad D, Joe Rich.
Back: Hilson rape sequence, photos by Rye.
Cover layout and design by Rye.
This video still stands as perhaps the best biking video of all time. "I love to frolic in the water," exclaims Chad D as he splashes in a puddle. Unreal cutting edge technical mini-ramp, street, and progressive flatland riding that will make you understand what's capable on a twenty inch bike. Super dope flatland riding, sillyness, and humor. Great filming, mixing, and editing. Classic Baco style that will truly make you wonder. A great technomania soundtrack, plus Kid Rock, ICP, Ministry, Frankie Vallie, and more. Comes in a pink box with a flower on the side and a sequence of Hilson getting stripped down on the back. Don't let your parents find this laying around the house or they might question your sexual preference.

Ride BMX UK #9 february 1994: The 5th video in the Bacovision series is by far the best video we've seen from Chris Rye's Bacovision company.
Camera angles are totally new and spot-on, film quality is great as they use Hi8 cameras with pro lenses, editing is so fast, there's various fidge moments, and the tricks are bang up to date.
Here's some stutff you know you want to see, not in order:
1. Freimuth. Lip tricks. Framestand canadian, no foot toothpick, tothpick to fakie, toothpick to barspin entry, alley-oop feeble to toothpick to fakie. Etc. Etc.
2. Surf&Turf skatepark completely rules with indoor concrete bowls.
3. Much malarchy at Rampage with the Standard Army's latest mind-blowing funbox/spine tricks. 4. Dirt jumping from Taj Mahal.
5. BicycleStunts contests from Arizona and Oklahoma [Stuart King even gets a part]. The footage from Oklahama is so gnarly with the big funbox - the ramps are huge.
6. There's a ton of new-wave flatland including Day Smith [fast and smooth], but Chad Degroot stands out a mile. Just watch to believe the links, including the Darkside stuff.
7. Handrails. The biggest handrail ever is on this video - it's down a slope and it must be 150ft long, no joke. Plus there's a 40ish stair rail to boot. Jeez. There's other great street riding besides rails as well.
8. Big tricks. Unmissable tricks you can't help but rewinding and watching again and again include - Bob Kohl's double loop slam in Arizona and John Parker's body-varial air and a perfectly smooth 180 backflip on vert.
No doubt about it, Baco 5 is the radest American video in some time - it's slick, fast moving, funny, has killer riding, and cames in a pink box. Plus the soundtrack is one of the best. It's available from cooler bike shops at a reasonable price; put Baco 5 down on your list of 'Must Sees'.
baco bmx 5

La mieux avec Degroot déguisé ou pieds nus qui fait tout.

www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Back cover: Rye/DeGroot by Quade.
Cover layout and design by Rye.
Part six of the series. Cutting edge riding and ahead of it's time tricks that set the stage for what everyone else had to learn just to catch up. Dave Freimuth will make you appreciate a mini-ramp and Chad D shows you how smooth flatland riding can be. Add a select list of other great riders and you have simply the best riding. A great soundtrack that starts you off with a Jamco original, and ends the credits with Sly & the Family Stone's classic "If You Want Me To Stay." Watch as Kerry Gatt encounters his first chemical imbalance while dancing naked to the Bee Gees and a strobe light. "Mum, are we bored?" Rye and Freimuth put this one together, and they didn't let you down. Classic Baco style, filming, editing, humor, and sillyness.

Chris Halverson, www.theflatlander.com: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is the (you guessed it) sixth installment of videos in the on going Baco saga. Baco 6 was produced by Chris Rye, and it is amazing, plain and simple. The riding, coming from Chad DeGroot, Dave Freimuth, Kerry Gatt, Dylan Worsley, Joe Hurlburt, Brian Vowell and countless others is down right incredible and way ahead of its time. If you enjoy bikini briefs, dresses, and barefoot riding you're sure to enjoy Chad DeGroot's riding. Watch as he pulls his patented Darkside variations and even pinky squeaks barefooted! Dave Freimuth's technical mini-ramp riding is dope as well with huge stalled out toothpicks and his famous, smooth as glass tail-whips. But don't forget the street insanity of the Gonz and the numerous rails Joe Hurlburt slides with ease. No matter what you're into, whether it be flatland, street, mini, or even girls, Baco 6 will not disappoint you.

LINK. bmxmdb.com(...)Baco-6-Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun-

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cindy Lauper
This THing Called Life - Jamco
Soul Doubt - NOFX
Temple Of Dreams - Messiah Brown
Eyed Girl - Lagwagon
Sessions - Offspring
Listen To The Music - The Doobie Brothers
Sympathy For The Devil - Skrew
If You Want Me To Stay - Sly and The Family Stone

RIDERS. Chad Degroot Dave Freimuth Mark Hilson Dylan Worsley Kerry Gatt Brian Vowell Joe Hurlburt Warren Watson Jay Miron Tony Craft Tom Haugen Gonz Chase Gouin Jeremy Verhulst Krt Scmidt Jim Rienstra Marco Massei Sandy Carson Chris Rye
baco bmx 6
BACO 7 - PRIDE - 1996
www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Cover layout and design by Rye/Freimuth.
Pride rainbow concept by Freimuth.
Two years in production, this video was long awaited and greatly anticipated upon it's release. This controversial and off the wall video series is always turning the heads of its viewers with classic humor and sillyness. Add the dopest 70's soundtrack, precise and complicated audio mixing and editing, Rye/DeGroot as the production team, and you get something that comes along only once in a while. Includes a rainbow pride static sticker to put on your bike as the Baco Seven symbol. Unreal technical riding and ground breaking flatland that you never thought was possible. Crazy involved split-screen credits that have to be watched more than once in order to absorb everything. You'll wet your bed while dreaming about this video after you see it. Buy this video and Tony Pots and Pans will be proud of you. "What kind of beat you want? Funky, I'll fool ya..."-Tony Pots & Pans. A video masterpiece.

Ride BMX US, june 1997: Baco seven is out and it is amazing. All the great quality footage and editing that you've come to expect from the Baco videos, with all the normal rider sections (Degroot, Friemuth, etc.). Plus this video comes with a "Pride" sticker that you can put on your bike! Whoopee!

Chris Halverson, www.theflatlander.com: Don't let the cover of Baco 7 fool you, these guys aren't gay. They're just damn good at riding bikes, whether it be flat, street, or skatepark. Chris Rye definetley knows whats up when making videos, and this one is yet another example of his editing talent, no doubt about it. Oh yeah, the riding is good, too. The classic Baco crew is in effect, and they do not let you down. Chad D's rolling darkside link at the beggining of "December 1963" by the Four Seasons is my personal favorite. That reminds me, the soundtrack sets this video apart from the others, with its 70's funk feel and an appearnce by "Tony Pots and Pans!" Dope! Dave Freimuth lets his ramp skills flow on the mini at Appleton, WI's now defunct Funbox Skatepark. If Chad DeGroot and Mark Hilson dancing on the Jerry Springer Show isn't enough for your viewing pleasure, then I guess the riding will have to do.

Ride BMX UK, april 1997: Previous Baco videos have always been rated as the dog's bollox - but the latest, Baco Seven, definitely doesn't live up to its reputation. To be honest, this is little more than a Props Revisited - the only real hot stuff is Rick Moliterno's riding. Aside from that Baco 7 is already pretty dated, I mean, Chad Degroot is on there riding his blue Standard, and that was like at least 18 months ago. Sorry, Baco 7 just isn't worth it. Nice sticker though. And there's a couple of funny bits which have been taped off the TV.

LINK. bmxmdb.com/films/376-Baco-7-Pride

RIDERS. Krt Schmidt Chad Degroot Chris Rye Brian Vowell Sand Carson Joe Rich Mike Aitken Andrew Faris Jay Miron Dave Mirra Rick Moliterno Shaun Butler Kerry Gatt

Easy Livin' - Junk Food Fighters
In Dust We Trust - The Chemical Brothers
Brick House - Commodores
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
December 1963 - The Four Seasons
Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps
baco bmx 7
BACO 8 - Straight In '98
Released in 1998.
Time: 35 minutes.

www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: Cover layout and design by Rye/Freimuth.
Cover Photos: Top to bottom, left to right: Rye on swing, photo Rye, Brian Vowell flattie hip, photo Rye, Hilson hosed in tub, photo Freimuth, Kuhrt/Dave, photo Rye, Jimmer Reinstra icepick rail, photo Rye, Patie/Rye sharkbowl, photo Freimuth, Chad under his shirt, photo Chad D, Kerry Gatt toking, photo Rye, Freimuth Joe pick rail, photo Rye, Cochese playing game, photo Freimuth, Gatt and Chad, photo Rye, Dog through fence, photo Rye, Hilson smoking cigar, photo Rye, Dylan and Rye, photo Freimuth, Destruction, photo Rye, Dylan hosed, photo Freimuth, Gatt flatlanding, photo Rye, Kuhrt smashing a pumpkin, photo Freimuth, Rye and Hilson reflection, photo Rye (duh), Freimuth icepicking Oshkosh rail, photo Rye, Hilson naked handstand, photo Rye, Chad handrail, photo Rye, Dave and Chad pool table, photo Rye, Rye hosed, photo Freimuth, Hilson and stripper, photo Freimuth, Debbie fake boobs/Rye, photo Chad D, Rye xup, photo Freimuth, Chad mustache, photo Freimuth, Patie and Stan, photo Freimuth, Hilson anti-homosexuality picketers, photo Freimuth, Krt Schmidt bachlor party, photo Freimuth, Kuhrt and Rye, photo Freimuth, Brian Vowell turndown, photo Rye, Back cover, video by Rye.

Lee Musselwhite, server.byke.org/ukflat: Baco 8 This is the latest vid from the Baco crew. There has been a string of Baco vids over the years and if you haven't seen one oh boy your missing out. Its pretty much 50% Ramp and Street and 50% Flat, here are some of the flatland highlights. As usual chad goes off, showing of his nipple with a sun tattooed over it fully. Busting an array of turbine rolling stuff front and back wheel, and a killer tomahawk variation which I am not even going to try to describe (has to be seen). Kerry gatt shows his rear wheel skills with 180 bike flips and a load of bike walking stuff with his awesome underground style. Dylan Worsly busts out a load of is opposite way rear wheel scuffing stuff and a backwards scuffing straight foot elephant to a backward backpacker pivot to x Hitchiker. Alexis Desolneux from france make an amazing appearance with all his rad brakeless stuff and a tone of style x Half packer to Hitchiker, a x footed 2 footed Dump truck, and a brake less anti clock wise 360 flip. This is definitely one for the collection the sound track has a bit of every thing and the footage is all fresh and camera angles are good. Perhaps not as much flat as I would have liked and the price in England is a complete rip at £30. If you have got the Bucks it's Rad entertainment.

BMXup #18 février 1999: L'arrivée d'une Baco est toujours un événement et celle-ci ne déroge pas à la règle. On retrouve à la production: Rye, Freimuth et DeGroot. Du pur riding avec toutes les disciplines du BMX représentées (à part la race). La liste des riders est longue puisqu'on peut voir les producteurs bien sûr mais aussi Joe Rich ( qui nous montre quelques belles variantes de Tailtap), Luc-E, Chase Gouin, Jimmy Levan, Jason Ernns, Nathan Wessel, Taj, Mel Cody, ...
Toutes les images Trash que l'on retrouve dans chaque épisode sont présentes. A noter des voitures qui brûlent, une Party avec pleins de Demoiselles en String, la destruction d'une Jeep Cherockee.
Encore une fois cette vidéo frappe fort surtout que l'on y voir à plusieurs reprises notre confrère Alexis Desolneux qui évolue dedans et cela est bon signe pour le BMX Français. Bien joué de sa part. Cela nous démontre que les riders de l'hexagone n'ont rien à envier à leurs homologues Américains. Le son est plutôt Rap mais on y trouve aussi Metallica, Chemical Brother's. Une bien belle vidéo que celle-ci avec des «non remerciement» à étudier de près à la fin (surtout pour Todd Lyons) et un bonus track, qui dechire.
Durée: 35 mn.

Chris Halverson, www.theflatlander.com: When I recieved this video, I was stoked and had high hopes as I jammed it into my VCR. I didn't really think it was possible for the Baco crew to top there other videos, but they certainly did with Baco 8. The riding in this video is just unreal. Some people think that Chad DeGroot has been slacking since Baco 7, but you'll think differently after seeing this one. Chad is probably the best rider in the world, considering how good he is at everything, not just flatland. One of the raddet links in Baco 8 comes from him: a switch footed rolling perverted decade straight to the pedals into some forward peg manual thing. Nothing short of amazing. New Zealander Kerry Gatt impressed the hell out of me with super fast spinning bike flip things and Frenchman Alexis Desolneux does the most impossible links, all without ANY brakes! Dave Freimuth didn't really "wow" me like he has in the past, but he is still a badass with his icepick stuff on anything and his patented taliwhip nosepick variations. Basically, this video is pretty fast paced with non-stop incredible riding and the destruction of a pick up truck for your viewing pleasure. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best video i have ever seen, so please buy it because it simply rules.
Flat riders in this video include: Chad Degroot, Dave Freimuth, Kerry Gatt, Dylan Worsley, Chris Rye, Mark Hilson, Chase Gouin, Alexis, Desolneoux, Joe Rich, Brian Vowell, Jimmer Rienstra, Jimmy Levan, Luc-E, Nate Wessel, Jason Enns.
baco bmx 8
Baco Designs hold a contest on october 28th, 2000 at Area 51 skatepark in Appleton, Wisconsin. It was for amateurs only (novice or expert). After the amateur contest there was a Pro session with a best trick award.
www.bacodesigns.com, 2001: 35 minutes.
Released in May of 2001, this video brings the Baco Boys up to date after a 2 year hiatus. Starring Chad DeGroot, Dave Freimuth, Dylan Worsley, Jimmer Rienstra, Luc-e, Kerry Gatt, Aaron Behnke, Andrew Faris, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Kachinsky, and many others. Features many classic tidbits including Super Greg and the world according to Andrew Faris. If you were wondering why the Jamco video wasn't on there it's because it's going to be on the 10th Anniversary Baco 10 dvd out sometime next year.

Kieran Chapman, www.ewirezine.com: The latest installment of the BACO video series has more of what you've come to expect from them: girls, party footage, drunken antics ... and some riding, too. There's lots of skatepark (indoor, outdoor, and cement) and street footage, as well as a decent amount of flatland. Strangely, barely any dirt riding (not that I was missing it).
The flatland is supplied by Chad DeGroot, Dylan Worsley, and Kerry Gatt. Though there's not an abundance of it, the flat footage in Baco 9 is guaranteed to impress (or depress) the hell out of you. The park and street stuff is nothing short of amazing - we're getting to the point in riding where the real tricks are starting to resemble video game-style tricks. (Dave Friemuth's lip tricks alone will floor you.) And of course you'll get several Baco-patented "first we'll show you him crashing, then we'll show you him hitting it" shots.
There's a bit of Super Greg cutting up the wheels of steel, and you'll also see a drunken Andrew Faris sticking a condom up his nose, plus bonus footage of him acting like an idiot. As always, the soundtrack is quite an interesting mix, and is often as memorable as the riding itself. Fatboy Slim, Diana Ross, The Who, Skid Row, Beastie Boys - you might not like some of it, but it always works.

Shane Neville, www.backlashbmx.com: It had been a while since Baco 8 was released and the infamous Baco Uncut was only shown privately to those who ventured to the Baco jam last year. Chris has been busy building the Props empire, but watching him unleash 3 years of hijinx, riding and hot girls was well worth the wait.
Baco 9 is the best video I've seen in a long long time. It filled with incomprehensible riding from the leaders of today, edited with an experience hand and laid out to the hits from the last 30 years. This is Baco.
Compared to previous releases, Baco is pretty light on flatland, but Chad Degroot, Dylan Worsley, Aaron Behnke and Kerry Gatt lay out some insane bombs for everyone. For those who picked up Groundwork, you can count on new links from Chad, Dylan and Aaron. Many have said that Chad has been taking it easy lately, but Chad proves that he has a lot more up his sleeve than you see at contests - he dominates the back and front wheel with quick switches and lines people have never even thought of. Dylan and Aaron both lay out some new lines, with Dylan throwing down some amazing backwards halfpacker g-turn lines and other rolling switches. Kerry's lines are few but very intense. His patented whiplash g-turn lines are hard enough - now imagine them brakeless - yep - brakeless. One of the most amazing things I've seen on a bike - ever.
If you want to check out the latest in park and street tech, then Baco will feed your needs. Jason Enns, Dave Freimuth, Nate Wessel, Krt, Chad DeGroot, Ruben Alcantara, Mike rooftop Escamilla and many others let you now exactly what is going on. Skateparks and street spots across North America are shredded by the best the world has to offer. Some of my favorite lines come from the Crazy Chicken, Friemeuth and Enns. Seeing the best in the world away from the Contest scene and the Road Fools spotlight lets them show you the way around a park.
Of course the part that everyone (especially your mom) will remember about Baco 9 are the girls and hijinx. Scantily clad women are littlered throughout the video and the hijinx are the stuff of legend. Andrew Faris stars as people get to know who this Billy Boo/Monster guy is. When Andrew drinks, he tends to get loose and let things get out of hand. That's all I have to say - Andrew got loose. Let's leave it at that. Plus the Baco crew continues their love affair with people in oversized, funny costumes.
So what's the verdict ? This video is amazing ! Cutting edge riding on all sides, excellent editing and hilarious antics. Flatlanders on a budget might want to get a flatland focused video, but street park riders won't mind the short flatland sections and I know that everyone will enjoy this video.
baco bmx 9
BACO 10 - Take it for Baco
Released in 2004.
Take it for Baco! progressive riding (and partying) from the likes of Kevin Porter, Tony Mortenson, Brian Kachinsky, Dave Freimuth, Chad Degroot, B.V., Jay Miron, Ruben Alcantara, and Dave Osato
Réalisation: Dave Freimuth et Chad DeGroot
Support: DVD
Durée: avec les bonus, environ 50 mn
Distribution en France par Asphalt.

BrownHours, www.bmx-test.com, april 2004: First section was Tony Mortenson. This guy is sick. He does a big 540 to fakie on a 6 foot spine and does a 720 on a big box jump. The first attempt for the 720 he fell pretty well. He does big transfers and a big alley-oop to wall-tap, which is really sick! Finally he does a 720 out of a cement bowl and over a fence onto a grass hill.
Next part belongs to Dave Freimuth. He does A LOT of tech stuff. Footjam whip to fakie. A lot of tail whips. It's hard to explain his part because it's so good! But he does a 360 nosepick to fakie on a jersey barrier.
Next part is random. Kevin Porter was doing his usual tricks. Had a couple of flatland shots in it but it was still good stuff. Next section is the Baco tour demo in Florida. There is a lot of good footage in this. Dave Freimuth double peg stalls a wall and it stick out like an inch. Tony Mortenson does the furthest abubaca I ever seen out of a quarter onto a subrail and fakies back in and a barspin 540 tail tap to icepick. Brian Vowell does his usual hang five variations. Dave Osato does a toothpick footjam whip all at the same time. Pretty good section too.
Next section is Chad Degroot. He does a lot of park stuff and a little bit of flatland. He pulls a lot of tech shit at his own skatepark. It's hard to explain his part too. It's so tech, but it's awesome.
Next section is another random. Biz pulls a truckdriver to manual. Pat Juliff pulls a nice big air flattie and he pukes on Jerry Bagely's 22's (hah). A lot of good footage in here.
Next section is Brian Kachinsky. He does a lot of gaps to icepicks and manuals in this section. Pulls a barspin to icepick on a subrail to hop-over at Woodward. Pulls a high as double peg stall on this hangover piece of wood at a skatepark. His part was sick too.
Next and final section is another random. Some kid at Woodward tries to backflip this big box jump outside and it was wet out too and as soon as he hit the jump he flew further than his bike and landed pretty bad but he got up but was still in pain. Ruben pulls a big hip transfer, also pulls a big 360 to manual and drop back in. This section was great also.
All in all... this video is worth to buy. Dave Freimuth and Chad Degroot edited so it's really good. I give this video a 10/10. Awesome video. Baco doesn't mess around with videos. Get it or Die !!!

Mel C et Manu M., www.agoride.com, june 2004: 10 séquences au sommaire. Intro, Tony Mortenson, Dave Freimuth, BOC, Baco Tour, Chad De Groot, 909, Brain Kachinsky, Final, credits + les bonus (des gags digne de la camera cachée). A regarder en priorité 711. Que les gens sont cons mon dieu !
Vous aimez Little Devil ? Et bien vous allez être servi !! On n'a pas fait mieux depuis dans l'esprit bière- gerbe- cassage de voiture. Baco 10, c'est fort en connerie. Mais pas seulement.
Question riding, avec les deux têtes d'affiche derrière la caméra (Dave Freimuth et Chad De Groot), forcément ça promet plein de featurings de stars. Entre autre: Axle Jurgens, Mike Ardelean, Nate Wessel, Ty Stuvesant, Dave Osato etc. plus une section avec un Dave Freimuth au top de sa forme.
Du gros riding donc: over toothpick whip entre autre..., wall to hang 5... (quand le flat rencontre le street...). De plus, c'est assez varié: park/ street/ flat et les images proviennent aussi bien de contests (worlds 2003 à Beja, Urban Games 2001...) que de sessions privées (Nasty dans son jardin)...
De ce côté là, Baco 10 remporte la palme de la diversité. Le riding est varié et il y a tellement de bons riders que l'on peut regarder la vidéo plusieurs fois d'affilée sans se lasser. Par contre, c'est parfois filmé maladroitement. Sur certains passages, les sursauts de la caméra sont particulièrement désagréables et c'est vraiment dommage. De plus le montage n'est pas très soigné. Mais ce n'est pas dans l'esprit Baco de faire des lancements léchés comme dans la Scared To Look par exemple. Ici, on ne se prend pas la tête avec ce genre de détails. On aime ou on n'aime pas. A chacun de juger.
Verdict: Baco 10 est une bonne vidéo à conseiller à ceux qui veulent voir le plus de pros possibles dans leur riding de tous les jours et à ceux qui attendent fermement une nouvelle Little Devil.
Flat: à l'inverse des premiers numéros, Mr Chad (qui est un flatlander en principe) a privilégié la qualité à la quantité, donc pas beaucoup de flat mais est assez pour calmer les énervés du bitume. DYLAN WORSLEY, de plus en plus impressionnant (kick flip backward crack packer !) ainsi que SCOTT POWELL (decade upside wheelie en partant de la pédale) et AARON BEHNKE (dont le riding est aussi original que relou à regarder). Donc un contenu assez original et intéressant. C'est sûr que ça vaut pas une Intrikat mais la vidéo est assez marrante dans l'ensemble et les gars en street/park font pas semblant d'être forts, donc je valide sans soucis, vous pouvez y aller en confiance.
baco bmx 10
Props bmx, august 2014: @bacodesigns new documentary movie #pushitto11 went live today on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu and Xbox. Check it out for some legendary #bmx characters, history and good times 25 years in the making baco bmx 11