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Cast: Trevor Meyer, Troy McMurray, Jay Miron, Nate Hanson, Paul Osicka, and a brief appearance by Edgar Placentia. ...

Troy McMurray truckdriver to fakie
Nate Hanson hang five with a 360 bar-spin thrown in.

Brian, www.theflatlander.com: Velvet Taxi is a bizarre incarnation of Flatland, Street, Vert and Dirt. While this video contains many ridiculous vignettes in pretty poor taste, including a pseudo money shot, and the opening credits soaked in urine - the flat riding is outrageous, and exactly what we have come to expect from Nate Hanson and Trevor Meyer, the two Flatlanders most prominently showcased in this weird Jinx release.
Hanson busts some real nice links, among them, a hang five with a 360 bar-spin thrown in at his leisure, before launching into more front wheel scuffing insanity. His roll to scuff links are clean, slick and very pro. Nate's also no stranger to street as Velvet Taxi just barely highlights. Enter Trevor Meyer, who pulls some eternal links and combos that are nothing short of spectacular. For instance, a real nice cross footed hitchhiker combo, his deathtruck move dropped into a stick bitch - Meyer's links seem to keep going and going... and going. His final combo, in which he masterfully executes some one handed elephant whips, is one of the most impressive on the whole tape. Osicka and Edgar P. drop in on the Velvet Taxi as well to round out this most unusual video.
Flat riders in this video include: Nate Hanson, Trevor Meyer, Paul Osicka, and a brief appearance by Edgar Placentia.

Claybom24, www.youtube.com, february 2012: 1996 - JINX - Velvet Taxi (full movie)

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