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Sources: www.khe-bmx.com, BMXicos, ...
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Running time: 35min
Regie: Marton Szilagyi (Original Gypsy) 1997 ... 1999 ?

Profs: Albert Retey, Marton Szilagyi.
Tricks: old school, rollings, bases d'enchaînements, ...

Lee Musselwhite, server.byke.org/ukflat: KHE freestyle school This was the first vid I ever purchased, and was looked upon by me as a Flatland bible. KHE Freestyle school is an Instructional video. By two of Europe's hottest flatlanders; Marton Szilagy and Albert Retey. These guys take you through the stages, from beginner balance tricks to some of the most well known ground maneuvers out today. There's is a section for scuffing tricks front and rear wheel, a section for rolling stuff, a section on decades and boomerangs and a load of mixed stuff at the end. Then some rad linking put together at the very end from these two guys. Albert absolutely rips (he can do everything), he pretty much does most of the tricks on the vid with Marton popping up occasionally laying down odd moves like backward decades. every trick you ever wanted to learn is on here apart from a few moves like x Hitchiker and some of the 360 flip stuff out now. the vid is about 2 years old now but is a definite must for any Flatlander. The sound track pretty good too as well 'Rage against the machines', steve miller band a bit of cyprus hill and loads of other stuff to get you blood pumpin' and raring to ride. good camera angles of all the tricks done real clear picture perfect for the pause button. if you are a top pro and can already do all the tricks out there, this probably wont stoke you as much as it would a beginner or intermediate ride. however the vid is always fun to watch.

25 minutes long.
Learn how to ride ramp and street like the European top rider (world champion master) Benjamin Schenker.
Since the big success of the flatland school video we continued the school series with this ramp video.
Marton Szilagyi production.
This is a KHE team video, featuring a lot of great riders, such as Jamie Bestwick, Effraim Catlow, Phil Dolan, Martti Kuoppa, Stefan Geisler and a lot more.

BMXicos july 1998: La vidéo Cosa Nostra de KHE, plutôt orientée flat est d'un bon niveau (merci Martti Kuoppa). A voir... mais seulement une fois.