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Country: USA
1990 Fat zine #20: Vic Murphy of Dirt Bros Industries reports that they've got their bikes out right now: Skyway T/A frames with Redline forks. they are totally strong. He's selling them for $ 115.00 F+F and $ 135.00 if you also want an Eddie Roman SPROCKET POCKET. They've also got T-shirts now. It is going well. You must also look out for a D.B.I. video+'zine.
2009 Vic Murphy, may 2009: dbi is set for a fall release of all new products as well as some old ones! We have cut a back room deal with a major international distributor to help us get out our 20 year anniversary products to the world so be on the lookout for the dbi world tour in 2010! The year of Dirt!
Vic Murphy

Gary Young