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The first rider owned shoe company
1998 Steve Caro, february 2004: Back in 1998 I went to Florida to visit my cousin. I went to the skatepark to ride and while I was there, I purchased a pair of shoes... I dont want to say the name but they were really popular then, and still are today... Its a signature shoe with a skater name, it was all black with a gum bottom.(Etn--s Val--ly) anyhow, after riding in the shoes for about an hour, the shoe started to delaminate/seperate along the insole on the left shoe. The guy at the shop called the company to get perrmission to give me a pair for warrenty, and they told him no, that the shoe was designed for skateboarding, not BMX bike riding... I got pissed off and figured I'd make my own damn shoe... hahaha here we are, five years later, still making shoes...
1999 SCG stands for Steven Caro Guzman
I am hispanic. It is customary to take the last name of your father, then mother... Steven Caro Guzman.

Steven Caro started SCG Shoe Company in 1999. It is the first rider owned shoe company. SCG products are designed for riders by riders.

My first shoe was the grey two tone shoe, called the O.G. That was done in 1999. I really couldnt afford to do any big orders at the time so I would get a few dozen here and there.
2000 When I finally had the money to get a bigger order, I did the black shoes... Bruce Crisman was riding for me then, that was the end of 2000.
2001 Bruce Crisman won the X-Games in 2001, you can see the SCG stickers on his helmet in the mags.
2002 Rick Moliterno
Rick was in Greenville for a charity event and a demo at the local park. I mentioned to him about carring SCG at Rampage and at Goodtimes. He told me that he would consider it only if he could check out the shoes. Ride in them to see " if they were worth a shit". He told me to mail them to Standard and send him the bill for one pair... I sent him the shoes but forgot the bill...lol Several months later we talked again and Rick told me that he was stoked and that they were great shoes. he said that he would carry SCG at his store, and park... There was a jam at Rampage, I drove all night with my friends from Soldier clothing from North Carolina to Davenport. I think it was like 14 hours... to deliver the shoes.
When I was there Rick told me he loved the shoes. I told him since he loved the shoes, I'd love to have him wearing them and that was that Rick's been riding for SCG since last years Rampage jam. Talk about being stoked... I could'nt believe it....Rick's the best. He rules...
2003 Steven Caro: Injury forced a slow introduction to the market place. As a result, SCG has taken a grass roots approach to marketing. We couldn't afford the big fancy ads, so we just went to contests, shops, and parks. This effort has gotten SCG to where it is today. I want to thank everyone who has suppprted SCG, as well as those who made fun of, and put us down. You all have contributed to SCG's success.

Steven Caro is Owner, Rider, Designer, Shipping/Recieving, Marketing, Janitor.
2004 I am re-releasing the grey shoe, and adding a brown shoe called the Citation. That gives us three shoes.. We have a bunch of soft goods too and my lady and I are putting together a hot girls line called SCGirl.

What do you think about all the bmx shoes companies around these days ?
Steve Caro, february 2004: I think its cool to see the bike riders finally stepping it up. It's good for all of us "bike riders". We need to take control of our industry , just like the skaters did 10 years ago. We need to own all the companies that support bmx riders should by from riders. Rider owned should be the only way. There is plenty of room in the BMX shoe market for several large shoe companies. Lets all make sure that they are large BMX rider owned shoe companies... Like this, we know that the sport we love will be supported, as well as the riders... but there is one thing I do want to make clear, SCG Shoe Company is the First rider owned shoe company....

Tyrant shoe grey
SCG team
Alejandro Caro

Bruce Crisman 2000 - 2001

Rick Moliterno

Pete Majoinen

Brian Huffman

Jason "Squeek" Dingress

Andrew Burke