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1979 DOB: june 1st, 1979.
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon, USA.
early years Bruce: My first bike was a Huffy. I was really into Flatland riding for the first two years and I always wanted to be the raddest flatlander. I was pretty competitive as a kid, so my friends and I were competitive between ourselves. Unfortunately, my friends were more jumpers so I kinda got out of flatland and started jumping and riding street.
1998 1st place stuntboy street @ BS/B3 Woodward, PA, august 1998.
8th place pro dirt @ CFB round 1, Merrit Island, FL, february 2000.

Interview: Ride BMX US march 2000.

17th place stuntman street @ BS round 1, Lake Havasu, AZ, march 2000.

3rd place stuntman street @ BS round 2, Louisville, KY, april 2000.
Portland local, Bruce Crisman got 3rd. He did a barspin over the gap from the top of the quarter to the wedge, a huge truckdriver to X up, and a decade air on the wedge.

12th place stuntman street @ BS round 3, St Petersburg, FL, may 2000.

4th place stuntman street @ BS/B3 round 4, Nashville, TN, june 2000.

1st place Pro Park @ CFB finals Woodward, PA, july 2000
Bruce experimented with going peg-less and actually won his first pro contest (the CFB Woodward in July 2000) with no pegs.

8th place pro street @ Gravity Games, Providence, RI, july 2000.

November 2000, Bruce decided to leave Haro (on good terms) to ride for himself.

December 2000, Bruce signs with Diamond Back.
Bruce: Scott Matual, the team manager gave me a call and we pretty much worked things from there. They understand the fact that I like to ride a custom bike... basically what I'm comfortable with, because I'm not just going to run anything that I don't trust my life with. They're pretty cool with that, they made me a custom frame... I run the frame and I run the pedals, seat, stuff like that.
2001 8th place pro park @ CFB round 1, Jacksonville, FL, february 2001.

12th place stuntman park @ BS/B3 round 1, Anaheim, CA, march 2001.

8th place pro dirt @ FISE, Palavas, France, april 2001.

4th place pro park @ CFB round 2, Perris, CA, may 2001.

2nd place stuntman park @ BS/B3 round 3, Grand Prairie, TX, may 2001.
Bruce Crisman is a ripper. He flows around the park like a river. One-handed fufanu on the sub, wall tap the shady signage and barspin manuals are a few tricks in this second place run.

5th place pro park @ CFB round 3, Woodward, PA, july 2001.

Bruce won the park competition at the 2001 X-Games.
Bruce linked every obstacle on the entire course with a combination of difficult and original moves and was the first rider to beat five-time X-Games park champion Dave Mirra.

Interviews: Ride BMX US march 2001,
Chase #10 summer 2001

Bruce Crisman was married to his fiancée Liz on september 26th.

2nd place really good @ Meet The Street, San Francisco, CA, october 2001.
bruce crisman
Crisman is on Road Fools 9 starting January 4th, 2002 from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bruce: I'm a Christian, and I like to inform people of my belief in Jesus Christ, and that anything I do is for the glory of God, and my mission in life is to spread the word of God. It crosses into riding as well, because I try to apply it to every second of my life.

26th place pro park @ CFB round 1, Merritt Island, FL, march 2002.

5th place stuntman park @ EXPN invitational round 2, Gwinnett County, GA, 2002.

40th place pro park @ CFB round 3, Joliet, IL, june 2002.

Cream #17 cover summer 2002.

Brakeless since the summer of 2002.

10th place pro park @ 2002 X Games, Philadelphia, PA, august 2002.
Bruce Crisman had a great stretch going where he cruised around the back of the course, jumped up onto the large sub-box to manual. He held the manual for about 15 feet, hit a small drop down then manual to a rail and peg grind down that.

After three years of support, Bruce now has a full ride with Adidas.
bruce crisman cream bmx
2003 February 2003, Hoffman Bikes is excited to welcome long time friend, 2001 X Games Park Gold Medalist and amazing rider Bruce Crisman to the team.

August 2003, Bruce Crisman représente la marque de pièces de Vic Murphy (Dirt Bros ind.)
2006 Interview in Ride BMX UK february 2006.
2007 Bruce going the wrong way down a massive set of stairs... January 2007.
2008 www.digbmx.com, march 2008: Bruce Crisman is at it again, now with Shola BMX, a new clothing company consisting of Davey Watson, Chester Blacksmith, Darin Read, Jack Maddock and Bruce himself. So far, they've only got one shirt design ready for sale, but if you know Bruce, then you know there's big things in store for Shola. Check them out here: www.sholabmx.com
Bruce Crisman, rideukbmx.com, march 2008: Shola BMX- is a group of 5 riders from the NorthWest. Our intentions are to create a Full-Length Video, some product, and travel as much as possible while we're at it.